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Date Coason ‘Srelaton (OMA) ‘ype Freaseny) Page eyo Monday, December 01,2008, IRVINE ca 505 (NM) Mogszne 1) 2 GLOBAL BARRIERS TO GLOBAL ENTRY be good aces is you're ready to go global, The ots good new? Grow ingbusineses tend tip ‘overcome he ‘eningintrstonal ie. bets. Hete are fe pial every ete rencu should ster clear of {ENO ESTABUSHING A CONTRACUML AGREE Por Sa: Payment erms and concitons ‘must be negotiated, agreed upon and tigned in writing ova prequte for losing ay del This fs important in any busines, but i anda Conducted in a foreign market. The worst type of agreement isan open a ours, th payment delays wt good tre muanufctured and shipped. That leaves you aturing too mich ik, cluding ably _2ToLATG UNPROTARLE CUSTOMERS. The 10-20 Rule, or Pareto Principle i The lin’ share of revenues comes from a seal percentage of estomers. Those ae the ones worth pursing and investing Inc The est ar lower pronto dso Abie they erode profi. I you doing things ight, ou wont ned every cus tomer and can cheery pick the best ‘ounts to do busines with, As you be ‘ome more seasoned in glib makes youl ale onthe accounts you ‘Son even want check ou. ‘nme THE BUSINES: Focus ona specific offering fora specific market and stick vidi "absdscipin to avid a sca ‘erguo appeoach? warns Kate Kazi) president of K Squared Marketing and Public elton "but succes sl by owing your market and delivering the righ produc ia the right way” Ths ex port strategy hast be ate ad exe fated in a elberstemanner not as sideline to shor up domes sles ras {desperate efor ‘tasting sTMALIONS: Expect middle men oatempt to take advantage of you ince you are operating «business ou fide our native land, To preven his find out fom distor what they alisially ania in ales forthe ist, eat Then arrange that thei ust order be 20 percent ofthat antiitedvlume, prepaid, That protects you and gives, them exclu. Yu should requtethe bulince of proce sales tobe oudered scoring to specific tine fame, FonAPuRTULAR MAKE Sues none ‘markt particlriyadometic one, has Teor no corzlation with success in another. Even gigantic mulkinationals fie-tane or econfigute ther oat and crackers forthe taste, custome and budgets ofeach market Youcan conduct, research by allowing prospective cus tomers to review your offerings for fee. You ca alo guther market ntl ‘gece through the US, Commercial Sere ke (yusa gowthomeexport hm), “Avoid thee pit, nd you can in vest your resaurces where they matter Account 21079 (209) Page t oft

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