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Performance Management of the Company

Performance Management of the Company

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Published by: Swati Khandelwal on Mar 25, 2012
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Introduction:GLOBAL PUBLIC RELATION:Global public relation is an independent public relation consultancy, established in 1993.

Over the years, Global Public relations has been of corporate assistance to a number of Indian as well as international majors in effectively communicating with their publics. Global Public Relation offers traditional communication solutions in 24 states of India in terms of public relations initiatives, Advertising solutions, Media relation management, Government laisonong, Branding BTL Promotion and most importantly contingency plans and crisis management strategies and damage control activations. Wisdom from the good old days, methodology thinking from of leading consultants and zeal of flawless execution from the young generation is what Global Public Relation attributes its success and credentials to. Global Public Relations‟ emphasis lies on finding the Relevant Solution‟ rather than best solution. WHY US Wisdom from good old days, methodology thinking from of leading professionals and zeal of flawless execution from the young generation is what GPR attributes its success and credentials to. This is what we believe, Makes us relevant for the current times- like we have been in the past and we hold our belief for the future as well. Success is the consequence of our efforts. OUR SERVICES Just as the world „communication‟ is beyond descriptions, definitions and details, So is our scope of service. Our services Since the time it was conceived, Global Public Relations has adopted and seen the following policy reap tremendous benefits: Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn:Is policy this policy has enabled us to keep pace with the changing times and hence, blessed us with an opportunity to create a sustained relationship with our client over the years.

 Performance management of the company:- Overview Performance management is the systematic process by which an agency involves its employees. and Rewarding good performance.Formulating & Executing PR strategy:We engage in a wide array as tools of mass communication with the simplicity of flowing water and with logic and understanding of the news absorption. in improving organizational effectiveness in the accomplishment of agency mission and goals. as individuals and members of a group. developing the capacity to perform. periodically rating performance in summary fashion. Media relation management:Managing media relations so as to ensure that listen to what you actually say or have said. continually monitoring performance. . Employee performance management includes:      planning work and setting expectations.

Use of a selection process maximizes input from potential coworkers and the person to whom the position will report. Providing effective orientation. Feedback is a two-way process that encourages the employee to seek help Conducting quarterly performance development discussions:. an excellent understanding of product and process use and requirements. and complete knowledge about customer needs and requirements. the following should be understood for a working performance management system. Providing on-going coaching and feedback: . planning meetings. evaluative. If properly designed and implemented it can change the course of growth and pace of impact of organizations. Designing effective compensation and recognition systems that reward people for their contributions: . he or she must have the information necessary to perform. and company-related information.If supervisors are giving employees frequent feedback and coaching. Great care was taken to ensure that the requirements those regulations establish would complement and not conflict with the kinds of activities and actions practiced in effective organizations as a matter of course. Selection: .People need ongoing. This includes jobrelated. consistent feedback that addresses both their strengths and the weaker areas of their performance. Effective feedback focuses more intensely on helping people build on their strengths. education. Organizations exist to perform. This is the process of matching the skills and interests of a person to the requirements of a job. one-sided presentations to positive. performance reviews can change from negative.  Developing clear job descriptions: . Additional background information on performance management can be found in the following articles:   Chronology of Employee Performance Management in the Federal Government Setting the Stage for Performance Management Today Performance management system (PMS) is the heart of any “people management” process in organization. Finding a good job "fit" is exceptionally important.The revisions made in 1995 to the Government wide performance appraisal and awards regulations support sound management principles. Performance management could be defined as it begins when the job is defined and ends when an employee leaves the company. and setting that person up to succeed Job descriptions provide a framework so the applicants and new employees understand the expectations for the position.Job descriptions are the first step in selecting the right person for the job.Jobs have different requirements.The power of an effective compensation system is frequently overlooked and downplayed in some employee motivation-related literature      . position-related. Between these points.Before a person can do the best job. and training: .

and planning and organizing skills.  Methods of Performance management in the GPR:The first step toward carrying out performance Management at GPR was the evaluation of personal skills for the tasks assigned to an employee during the period of appraisal. quality of work carried out by the employee. 3. decision making. peer satisfaction. This feedback will help the company improve its work environment for people. different criteria like timeliness. 360-Degree Feedback: . 2. To evaluate the performance. customer satisfaction. Is trusted to be fair by employees Both managers and employees see that they have something to gain from using the system. . An improved work environment for people results in the retention of valued staff. change management. Each of these criteria was measured on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 signifying above the expected performance level and 5 below the expected performance level). The results of the survey (the rankings and comments) are then aggregated and published online for everyone to see. Is aligned with a company‟s corporate direction and business strategy Objectively measures performance.The supervisor plays a key role in helping staff develop their potential. communication skills. Especially from customers. were considered. Growth goals. and business potential. it is necessary to understand why the person is leaving.When a valued person leaves the company. problem-solving skills. The personal skills of the employees were also evaluated based on their learning and analytical ability. 4. changing and challenging job assignments and responsibilities.The employees also look at aspects of the managers' performance. Assisting with exit interviews to understand WHY valued employees leave the organization: . ability to communicate. strategic vision. responsiveness. A performance management system will only be effective if it: 1.  Providing promotional/career development opportunities for staff: . and cross-training contribute to the development of a more effective staff member.

Targeted Staff Development If done well. A performance management process forces managers to discuss performance issues with employees.In GPR appraisal done by the boss or superior. Outcome oriented Method: That technique that measures the outcomes of performance. Performance Based Conversations Managers get busy with day-to-day responsibilities and often neglect the necessary interactions with staff that provide the opportunity to coach and offer performance feedback.  Number of performance review done in a year:In GPR the performance reviewed in once in a year. All employees are on a development journey and it is the organization‟s responsibility to be preparing them for increased responsibility. a good performance management system can be a positive way to identify developmental opportunities and can be an important part of a succession planning process.The performance appraisal of ranking is used to assess the working performance of employees from the highest to lowest levels. Appraisal by boss or superior: . It is this consistent coaching that affects changed behaviors and employee development. increased sales or reduced turn over or they may be standard of goals for performance set by the supervisor. .  Merits and Demerits of PMS:Advantages 1. Managers will make comparisons of an employee with the others.Performance ranking method: . instead of making comparison of each employee with some certain standards. 2. these may be direct indices such as profit for the unit.

This motivates and encourages employees to perform at higher levels. 4. This is a document that should be kept in the employee‟s HR file. 6. An effective performance management system can help an employee reach their full potential and this is positive for both the employee and manager. Documented History of Employee Performance It is very important that all organizations keep a performance record on all employees. A good manager takes pride in watching an employee grow and develop professionally. Rewards Staff for a Job Well Done If pay increases and/or bonuses are tied to the performance appraisal process. Successful organizations have learned the secret to this and while not always perfect. Under-performers Identified and Eliminated As hard as we try. Time Consuming It is recommended that a manager spend about an hour per employee writing performance appraisals and depending on the number of people being evaluated. Organizations should take a global look at their performance management system and have very objective goals that are tied to strategic initiatives and the performance management process. Allows for Employee Growth Motivated employees value structure. 7. Disadvantages 1. development and a plan for growth. 5. allowing for a smooth transition if the relationship needs to be terminated. There should be no surprises if issues are addressed as they arise and not held until the annual review. it is inevitable that some employees just won‟t cut the mustard as they say. it can take hours to write the . An effective performance appraisal process can help identify and document underperformers.3. Encouragement to Staff Performance appraisals should be a celebration of all the wonderful things an employee does over the course of a year and should be an encouragement to staff. a constant striving to improve the process can help organizations reach their Vision. staff can see a direct correlation between performance and financial rewards.

We all struggle with memory with as busy as we all are so it is critical to document issues (both positive and negative) when it is fresh in our minds so we have it to review with the employee at performance appraisal time. 2. but also the positive things an employee does throughout the course of a year. 3. Inconsistent Message If a manager does not keep notes and accurate records of employee behavior. 4. it has the potential to discourage staff. Fairness Most employees resist being classified at the low end of the scale.department‟s PA but also hours meeting with staff to review the PA. Biases It is difficult to keep biases out of the PA process and it takes a very structured. The process needs to be one of encouragement. I‟ve know managers who had 100 plus people to write PAs on and spending weeks doing it. claiming that personal bias was involved in the ratings. even though limited workforce is a problem sometimes. objective process and a mature manager to remain unbiased through the process. 2. It is critical that managers document not only issues that need to be corrected. . they may not be successful in sending a consistent message to the employee. 3. A good manager can make an average appraisal system work and vice-versa. Effective communication:Effective communication is the very important part of the performance management system and in GPR this is the main function of performance management system 4. and both should be discussed during a PA. positive reinforcement and a celebration of a year‟s worth of accomplishments. Performance appraisal rater errors are common for managers who assess performance so understanding natural biases is important to fair evaluations. Managerial Efficiency The implementation of a Performance management System rests on the shoulders of the manager and he must ensure that it is done properly. Discouragement If the process is not a pleasant experience. Employees who are low rated are more likely to resist the evaluation of the superior and argue. The whole HR department is very well designed and organized. Findings:1.

The following could be incorporated.  Performance feedback: . Suggestions: Greater clarity has to be has to there in terms of job responsibility.The performance feedback sessions should be improved which would results in increasing employee motivation to improve performance. performance management is done on an annual basis which should be done Quarterly to make it more effective.  Make sure the employee understands the consequences of the problem behavior.  In the organization.  Performance management system should be made more transparent and rationale.  Pin point the problem behavior and make sure the employee is aware of it. The names & designations of the employees:- . Get employee's commitment to change and make sure he cares about the change. This is possible when the appraisal is done on the basis of the description.

(2011).opm. http://www.com/   . Advantage and disadvantage of performance management.S.Bibliography: Patricia Lotich . Office of Personnel Management. Introduction.gov/perform/overview.asp Global public relation.com/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-performancemanagement/ U. (2010). Performance management. http://globalprjaipur. http://smartchurchmanagement.

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