South Asian Association for Regional cooperation.

Maldives. social and cultural development.  Secratariat: Established in Kathmandu on 16 January 1987.Bhutan.  Members : Sri Lanka . India. Pakistan and Bangladesh. technological.Introduction The South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation is an organization of South Asian nations founded on 8th december 1985 and is dedicated to economic.  Afghanistan joined in 2005. Nepal. .

Which started operating from 1st january.  Trade liberalisation programme. 2004 between the eight SAARC nations at the 12th SAARC summit held in Islamabad. 2006  To create a free trade bloc among the eight countries.SAFTA SAFTA is a pact signed on 6th january. .  Ensuring equitable benefits to all.

Benefits to India Greater access for Indian goods in the neighbouring countries. . Brings down trade costs.

17th SAARC summit Intra-regional trade in SAFTA has touched US $ 1. India assumed presidency of the business chamber of SAARC.4 billion. . Slashing of sensitive list to 25 tariff lines.

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