The Shiurim Haggadah

In addition to the 4 Cups, matza, marror, korech, each item on the ka’ara, ascertaining appropriate degrees of angles required for heseiba, and anything related to cooking and preparation, Karpas may be the most difficult halachic situation that one faces at the seder. It cannot be adequately emphasized how many people err in their consumption of karpas due to lack of adequate understanding of the requisite shiurim. Now is also an appropriate time to remind the reader that, as the Chafetz Chayim writes in his introduction to Hilchos Shabbos, mistakes made out of ignorance are not considered to be b’shogeg. According to the Mishna Berura one must not, I repeat, MUST NOT, eat a kazayis at karpas, as that would obligate the eater in saying a borei nefashos. It is unclear from the Mishna Berura whether or not he is referring to the kazayis of R. Chayim Na’eh or the kazayis of the Chazon Ish. Therefore, according to this de’ah, we must be machmir to eat less than a kazayis of R. Chayim Na’eh, since eating a kazayis of the Chazon Ish would obligate the eater in a borei nefashos according to the standards of R. Chaim Na’eh. However, IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE. According the Rambam which is paskened by the GR”A, the eater MUST consume a kazayis of karpas. In this case one should be machmir to eat a kazayis, clearly according to the Chazon Ish. In addition, there is a machlokes achronim whether or not one says a borei nefashos if one does consume more than a kazayis of karpas, as perhaps we hold by the shita of Tosfos that is paskened by the Mishan Berura that the haggadah is not a hefsek between the karpas and the washing. Therefore, to be yotzei all of the de’os, one must do as follows: When saying Kiddush, have in mind that this Kiddush only counts if we hold the shita of the GR”A. Then at karpas eat a kazayis according to the Chazon Ish and say a borei nefashos. Then take a walk of minimum 68 minutes and make kiddush again, this time with the kavana that the Kiddush should only count if we hold by the shita of the Mishna Berura, then eat less than a kazayis according to the shita of the

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