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Saurashtra chmical

Saurashtra chmical

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Student’s Signature (SADIA JAYSUKH) 31-




I, the undersigned, SADIA JAYSUKH the student of F.Y.BBA here by declared that project work presented in this report is my own work and has been created by me. This has not been previously submitted to any other university.

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This is to certify that Mr. JAYSUKH C SADIA Student of F.Y. BBA has carried out project work embodied in this project report under my guidance and supervision and it is his own contribution.

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This report has been prepared on the basis of practice training undergone at “Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd”… the various departments visited by me are Marketing Department, Personnel Department, Research and Development departments etc. The information printed in this report is a perfect math of theoretical concepts and practical applications. Most of the information has been received directly from the concerned officers. Information has also been received taking interviews from the Managers and Departmental Heads of the organisation. .

I am very much thankful to manager. I am Date Place ::- Student’s Signature . who has helped me in guidance and collecting necessary information.SAUKEM 5 Acknowledgement I feel great pleasure to present this report before you. I am thankful to all the members of the unit. officers and workers of “Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd” who have provided as proper guide and gave necessary information about the unit which incorporating in this report.

8 9 17 41 49 61 62 83 85 86 .SAUKEM 6 INDEX Sr. No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 Particular General Information About Industry General Information Personnel department Production Department Marketing Department Research And Development Department Financial Department Summary & Finding Conclusion Bibliography Page No.

dye intermediates and plastics. The public sector unit manufactures a wide range of chemicals.86. Production control and safety measures are other vital aspects of chemical industry. The order of 10. pesticides.SAUKEM 7 GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT INDUSTRY This industry is mainly in private sector. dyes. The Hindustan organic chemicals ltd. is the only central public sector unit engaged in the manufacture of basic chemicals on a barely large scale used in the manufacture process of drugs and pharmaceuticals. which heed improvement in his field. In India chemical industry has a high rate of technological obsolesces and there is an urgent need for up gradation of technology. and also to obtain higher yields. . which requires careful consideration. A major trust also requires to be given in R & D activities in chemical industry in seventh plan to bring improvements in the existing process and technology.000 tones phenol projects were to be commissioned by 85. Thus there are many important aspects.

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 .SAUKEM 8 GENERAL INFORMATION Sr. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Particulars Introduction History And Development Location Factors Company’s Organisation Structure Size Of The Organisation Company’s Mission Corporate Goals And Objectives Page No. No.

Khaitan & Co. (NIRMA GROUP) LOCATION PRODUCT Regd. Office & Works :::PORBANDAR Soda Ash. Bhagat Singh Marg.SAUKEM 9 INTRODUCTION NAME :SAURASHTRA CHEMICALS LTD. Lodha & Co.360575 GUJARAT Regd. Chartered Accountants 12. New Delhi—110 001 Solicitors :M/S. Bromine NIRMA LTD. Porbandar . Kolkata . Trade Mark Motto Bankers :::SAUKEM “The Name That Inspires Trust” UCO Bank State Bank Of Saurashtra State Bank Of India Union Bank Of India Central Bank Of India Auditors :M/S.

As far as position is concerned Tata chemicals starts first. Soda Bicarb.000 tones per year. It started with installed capacity of 66. Caustic Lye and Bromine. Today is has achieved 3. SAUKEM situated besides the Arabian Sea of Porbandar (Gujarat).SAUKEM 10 HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT “Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd. . well known as the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi.” Porbandar which is known as SAUKHEM is one of the largest Soda Ash manufacturing units in the country. Its main products are Soda Ash (Dense & Light).65. It started its production December 1959. SAUKEM has come a long way since then firmly establishing itself in high quality product and making remarkable improvements both in service and quality of products. then GHCL is second and SAUKEM stands third in India. It was established in 1956 under flagship of Jiyaji Rao Cotton Mill Gwalior.000 tones per year.

.  Porbandar is well connected by road. which is obtained from limestone’s.  Basic need like electricity is cheaper in Gujarat as compare to other states. is near to factory.  Other necessary Raw Material like Salt & Sea water are near due to sea cost. & airways to major cities.SAUKEM 11 LOCATION FACTORS Selection of Porbandar as a site for the location of this factory was easy availability of raw material. The factors are: Main raw material. sea rail.

Senior Vice President Personnel and Administration :.Joint President Operation :. V. (o) Sr. V. Legal/ Adm Quarry HRD/ Personnel ant Adm Marketing Sales Commercial Finance Salt work J t. (o) Maintains Process R.V.P.P. (P) Sr. M.D Technical Dept. S. (P/A) G.P. Project E.General Manager :. V.M E.Executive Director :. P. P (P) Sr.SAUKEM 12 COMPANY’S ORGANISATION STRUCTURE E.P. (O) :. T.D Jt. E.Executive Vice President . (P&A) G. & D.V.Senior Vice President :. V. G. P. (O) Sr. M. P. P.

   .S.I (Large Scale Industry) This organisation is large-scale industry (L.I (Medium Scale Industry) L.SAUKEM 13 SIZE & FORM OF THE ORGANISATION Every industry is divided into three size.S.S.S.I) with huge investment in machineries. This organisation has adopted line & staff type of organisation.I (Small Scale Industry) M. S.

. both present and future:-  Employees  Suppliers/Customers  Related Agencies And Society At Large Continue its march towards progress and retain its front line position.SAUKEM 14 COMPANY’S MISSION (1) To provide ultimate value satisfaction to its customers in terms of Quality commensurate with price through:-  Excellence In Technology  Management Expertise  Total Quality Management (2) To make it a preferred organisation for its.

systems and results with international best towards KAIZEN which means continual improvement and ZII i. Bench mark SAUKEM products. Company has fixed its goals and laid down some certain missions to achieve them.3 to No. 2 in Soda Ash business. Zero Investment Improvements. CORPORATE GOALS Maximum return to shareholders.   . 1 in global market.  To keep a slim & trim but fully satisfied management term to operate faster and to achieve higher levels of growth effectively. processes. It is the effort of company to maintain this identity & be No.SAUKEM 15 CORPORATE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Company has its own culture & identity in business world.e. To improve company’s position from No.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 Particular Introduction Personnel Departments Org. Selection And Induction Job Description Performance Appraisal System Training And Management Development Promotion And Transfer Policy Motivation Tools Wage And Salary Administration Welfare Activities Grievance Handling Procedure Page No.SAUKEM 16 PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT Sr. Structure Recruitment. 18 19 20 22 23 27 29 30 31 32 40 . No.

. they should never be separated. In modern industrial system. Land.SAUKEM 17 INTRODUCTION Management is development of people sand not the direction of things. Management of personnel and administration is one and the same. the production is the result of the joint effort of all factor of p0roduction i. This aspect can only be satisfied by personnel management. Unlike other factor of production is an active factor and control all other factors and co-ordinates them to get the maximum output at minimum cost.e. Labor. Layout is unimportant element of cost also and we can very easily reduce the cost of layout buy the best necessary to seek the co-operation of the human farce to get the maximum benefit out of the efforts it puts in.

SAUKEM 18 PERSONAL DEPARTMENT’S ORG.P. V.&A) HRD PO/TO/Fir st Aid Legal Sr. Mgr Officer Staff Dy. Officer Staff . Dy. Mgr Officer Staff Jt. GM Legal ASST. Mgr Officer Jt. Mgr Dy. STRUCTURE Sr. Gm (P & IR) Dy. Mgr PO First Aid TO Sr. (P.

it has been regarded as the most important function of the personnel department because it is necessary that proper person hold proper position. SELECTION & INDUCTION Recruitment :Recruitment is the process or searching for prospective employees and stimulates them to apply for job in the organisation. It means recruitment deals with discovering potential employees for actual organisation vacancies. The recruitment policy of the company is— 1) 2) 3) 4) Publication In Newspaper Campus Interview Internal Recruitment Consultants (Placement Agencies) Selection :Selection means putting right person at the right place. Therefore. The company’s selection procedure is:1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Screening Of Application Preliminary Interview Written Test Group Discussion Final Interview Offer Letter Reference Check .SAUKEM 19 RECRUITMENT.

To overcome the rovlem. by which new employees are rehabilitated into the changed situation and introduced to the practices. policies and purposes of the organisation. . he enters in the new surroundings. the induction technique is followed.SAUKEM Induction:- 20 When a new staff joins an organisation. He has always confusion. Induction process followed by SAUKEM is as follows:1) 2) 3) 4) Introduction In Department Introduction With Head Introduction In Interrelated Department To Inform About Rules And Regulations.

So the job description means providing guidance and the information to the candidates about their job for which they are selected. working condition and hazard. The statement of job description of SAUKEM is very useful to the employees of the company. It is a statement describing the job in terms of its duties. Thus. where and how to perform the job. Manager of the company for all types of employees middle level employees as well as executive employees at managerial level gives job description. SAUKEM the H.R. job description provides knowledge about what. responsibilities and requirement of particular job. They can easily aware the organisation relationship and duties on a given job. .SAUKEM 21 JOB DESCRIPTION Job description is a written record of the duties.

External. . From The Designation (11) Training Attended Internal. Name Of The Org. SI No.SAUKEM 22 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM The performance appraisal form of the company is as under:- PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FROM NAME OF THE ASSESSED: DESIGNATION: DEPARTMENT: Employee’s personnel particulars (to be filled by assesses himself) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) Name (In Full) Father’s Name Date Of Joining Present Designation Date Of Birth Qualification Present Address Permanent Address Date Of Last Promotion Experience Before Joining This Org.


SAUKEM PART 2 A (To be filled by assessor) 24 ExpecTation (8—10) (A) knowledge of company’s philosophy (1) know the company’s goal & mission (2) contribute to achieve the goal (3) follow the company’s mission in his day to day working 15 (B) customer delight (1) does he know his customers (2) he make effort to delight his customers (3) right first time approach in his day to day working 15 (C) cost consciousness (1) does he differentiate cost and value (2) value addition in his work (3) use “JUST IN TIME” in his area (D) quality of work (1) know quality parameter (2) stick quality of work Apply SPC & SQC in his Area Good (7—8) SatisfaCtory (5—6) Unsatisfactory Part 2 B Marks (A) Job performance (1) job knowledge (a) acknowledge of his job 16 Espectation Good SarisfActory Unsatis factory .

(written & verbal) (b) Listening capability (c) Interpretation of massage (4) Adaptability (a) Open mind (b) Flexibility (c) Transparency 25 24 ..SAUKEM (b) work accuracy (c) Achievement in assigned jog (2) Professional Approach (a) Pro-activeness (b) Effective resource utilization (c) Waste elimination (B) personality & behavior (1) leadership 6 (a) Decision making (b) listening capability (c) stimulation (2) communication 6 (a) Clarity in comm.

To meeting this objective management also developing an ethical and supportive culture in the organisation as well as employees development. NEED ASSESSMENT To achieve the above objective. training need for various levels of employee is identified to enhance the potential of employees and improve their strength by removal of their weaknesses. After proper analysis the HRD department decide the training need on given parameter. Prog.  Through Appraisal System  Through Employee Data Bank  Through Department Head’s Recommendation On the basis of the above data HRD department analyze the need of training to individual as well as department. Behavioral Technical Mgt. TRAINING CALENDAR financial quality system Mgt. Management is developing a team having clear vision of company and individual goals. Following methods are adopted by the company for training need assessment. Sys. To make it happen. It is the company’s objective to have a result oriented effective and efficient team in the organisation.SAUKEM 26 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVE The organisation has abundance of human resources as the BRAIN TRUST of the company. . Company’s objective is to convert these human resources in to its assets. Dev. company is continuously recycling the human resources through formal and informal training and development activities o update professional/technical knowledge and raise the sill level veracity and adaptability of its employees. Inf.

participants are required to submit a feed back report in writing to HRD department through V.P (HRD & IR ) for approval. such material shall be kept in the Training Center library for reference of other staff member.SAUKEM 27 After assessing the training need HRD department collects information from various external Training Institutes/Agencies regarding availability training facility in different areas. APPROVAL OF TRAINING PROGRAMMED HRD department will prepare proposal containing following details. participation and usefulness and shall deposit the training material if any with HRD department.  Training Brochure  Expenses Involved  Organizing Body All proposals for external training containing the above said details shall be forwarded to it Head through V. FEED BACK After completion of external training. competence of the faculty based on proven recorded and programmed cost. .P. Company has also developed its internal faculty to impart training to various levels of employees. (HRD & IR) about the contents of training. After collection of such information HRD department prepares the annual training calendar. While preparing such training calendar senior management team involved to make the implementation of the training calendar successful.

the personnel department has their performance appraisal system. more pay. Only the company’s employees are promoted to higher jobs and not the person from external sources. The promotion is given on the need basis as per the vacancy and employees performance. with the help of this technique the employee are promoted to higher jobs. status and compensation In this company transfers are also on the need base. So far as SAUKEM is concerned. responsibilities.SAUKEM 28 PROMOTION AND TRANSFER POLICY Promotion :Promotion involve movement of a person to higher status. . increased responsibilities and increased benefits in the same organisation there are many bases to promote the workers. If a person is not suitable at one place or deparm4ent then he is given transfer. required kills. Transfer:Transfer is a movement of an employee from one job to another without involving any substantial charges in his duties.

motivation comprised important elements such as the need or content.” Motivation is an important concept that has been receiving considerable attention from academicians.. reinforcement. On The Spot Recognition Certificate KAIZEN System (ZII) Special Increments Cong Service Awards Like Silver Coins Vector Service Award       . research and practicing HR mangers. internal or external to the individual that arouses enthusiasm and persistence to pursue a certain course of action. They are more productive. and performance-satisfaction. They are quality oriented. search and choice of strategies. The increasing attention paid towards motivation is justified because of several reasons. goal-detected behavior. In its essence. Any technology needs motivated employees to adopt it successfully.SAUKEM 29 MOTIVATIONAL TOOLS “Motivation is the result of processes. Motivated employees come out with new ways of doing jobs. Motivation tools of the company are……………. social comparison of rewards.

Generally. wage is calculated on the basis of working hours or quality of work done. basis wage rate is fixed. medical allowance etc. Salary and wages are paid to the employees as per the government rules & regulations. It depends upon the policy of the company. In addition to the basic wage rate various allowances as dearness allowance.SAUKEM 30 WAGE AND SALARY ADMINISTRATION Wage is the remuneration paid against the service of the labor in the productive process whether salary refers to the administrative and professional level. are added. The company is giving regular bonus @ 20% each year. At the time of selection of an employee. . A sound wage and salary plan helpful in mai9ntaining good industrial relations.

COLOR CODE Level of staff members (a) GM and above (b) By GM and below Color of Shirt/Bushirt Color of trouser Off white Dark Sky Blue Dark Gray Dark Navy Blue Sukem Logo is to be got stitched at top on the right side of the left pocked of the shirt / Bushirt. QUANTUM OF UNIFORM Staff members entitled for 2 pairs of uniform of prescribed colors in a year. Incase of staff members who were being issued top coat by the company earlier.SAUKEM 31 WELFARE FACILITIES  UNIFORM With a view of maintain discipline in the factory and to streamline the administration all staff members are being issued uniforms (permanent as well as probationers). the stitching charges of shirt in respect of such staff members will be born by the company and the stitching charges of trousers shall have to be borne by the staff members. In case of any staff member leaves the employment of the . STITCHING CHARGES (I) (II) Stitching charges of uniforms will be borne by the concerned staff members.

RAINCOAT One raincoat is issued to probationers/trainees and permanent staff members once in four year.SAUKEM 32 company due to resignation before expiry of the six month s from the date of issue of such uniform.10 Rs. away from the works.60 Paisa Per 100 Gram 1. CANTEEN Tea.shall be deducted from the dues of such staff members towards the cost of uniform. a token amount of Rs. such staff member is required to deposit back the raincoat in the Stores Dept. No staff member will be allowed to come on duty without wearing the prescribed uniform. The colony has a cosmopolitan base having residents from all parts of . failing which 50% of the cost of raincoat shall be recovered from his dues. If a staff member leaves the employment of the company before expiry of 2 years from the date is issue of raincoat to him. Nasta and Lunch are supplied to the staff members in the canteen being in the factor at subsidized rates as under :Tea Nasta Lunch 0. Per Thali  TOWN SHIP Company has built a very big and well-furnished colony BIRKASAGAR on the sea shore of Arabian sea about 1 km. 200/.18 Paisa Per Cup 0.

SAUKEM of the following types of accommodation. Executive Bungalows B – Type quarters C – type quarters S – type quarters G – type quarters D – type quarters Total Bachelor accommodation 11 100 128 100 4 294 -----637 52 33 country where plenty of amenities for human life are available. Colony consists .

Laxminarayan Temple. Board Delhi) Around 1350 students belonging to the employees of the company as well as residents of Porbandar are getting education in Birlasagar Education complex. Consumer copping-Operative store. This medical centre has a team of experienced doctors in various fields. Medical centre. It is well equipped with the facility for various pathological test. . X-rays etc. club for staff members and welfare centre for workers.000 patients in a years. Post Office. Very nominal fees are being charged from children of the employees. English Medium School from KG to 12th standard (affiliated to CBSE. this medical Centre provides its service to around 30. Board Delhi)  Hindi Medium School from KG 10th standard ( affiliated to CBSE.SAUKEM AMENITIES IN THE COLONY 34 The colony provides all basic amenities to the residents of the colony like English medium School. BIRLASAGAR EDUCATION COMPLEX Birla Sagar Education comprises comprised the following education institutions. ECG. student of the institution have been performing well in CBSE Board exams and have also secured positions. dairy farm etc. nationalized Bank (branch of Central Bank Of India). Staff and teacher are 65 in number.   MEDICAL FACILITIES SUKEM MEDICAL CENTRE Sukem Medical Centre is running a dispensary it provides primary treatment for minor ailments to the employees and their family members.

. It is an example of religious harmony since festivals of different religions are celebrated here such as Janmashtami.SAUKEM 35 SUSHILA BIRLA CHILD CARE MOBILE UNIT This mobile unit provides free of cost medical facilities to children of surrounding villages. Consumers society where ration items like wheat. company has planted around 60 thousand plants with a view to motivate the residents of the colony for plantation company has provident of the colony for plantation company had provided tree guards free of cost in the colony. The term visits the surrounding village once in a week and provides treatment to child patients.  FAIR PRICE SHOP Fair price shop is also running is Birlasagar Copping-op.  TEMPLE There is a LAXMINARAYAN TEMPLE in the colony. This mobile unit has a team of qualified medical practitioners. kerosene are sold to the ration card holders in and around Birlasagar Colony. Ram Navmi. With this objective in mind. and saraswati Pooja etc. sugar. This mobile unit is also well equipped with pathological and portable x-rays facilities.  WELFARE ACTIVITIES All level of employees and their family members with the objective of overall development of the colony residents. Ayyappa Pooja. Here colony residents come for their spiritual acquirement.  PLANTATION Company is quite conscious about maintating pollution free environment and ecological balance in the surrounding area of the factory as well as colony.

TT. Club also organizes picnic and excursions for the members periodically. Saukem welfare Centre is organizing welfare activities for the worker and their family members on regular basis. on alternate days and a large numbers of employees and their family members are availing this facility. READING ROOM . Its main activities are as under:- LIBRARY A large number of gooks in Gujrati and Hindi have been provided in the library which opens for one from 6.m.SAUKEM (1) SAUKEM CLUIB :- 36 Company has provided a very good club building for staff members and this family with the facility of all types of indoor and out door games like Badminton.00 p. (2) SUKEM LADIES CLUB :Membership of the Ladies ins on voluntary basis. company is also giving contribution to Ladies Club is organizing regular recreational and cultural activities for its member. to 7. Games & sports are being arranged in the staff club on regulation programs at least once in a month. Carom. (3) SUKEM WELFARE CENTRE :Under the chairmanship of Vice President (HRD & IR). Lawn tennis etc. Hindi and Gujrati languages. Apart from subscription of the members. Staff club also organizes annual competition in all out door sports and games and gives prizes to the winners.m. Billiard. It has also Reading Room with the facility of daily newspapers and magazines. Staff Club maintains a well-equipped Library containing a large number of books in English.00 p.



Hindi, Gujrati and English newspaper and several magazines in Hindi and Gujrati languages are provided in the Reading room. A large number of employees and their family members are making use of this reading room regularly. This reading room opens in the morning as well as in the evening.

Around 25 to 30 children of the workers and staff members are making use of this TT facility in the evening daily.

Carom boards are provided in welfare centre and many staff members, workers and their fami9ly members are utilizing this facility.

Workers are provided to facility of using the community has at the welfare centre on the occasions of marriage of their son/daughter and for social and religious function.

Saukem welfare center provides the facility of outdoor games like football. Holly ball and Cricket. Staff members, workers and their children are playing these outdoor games in the Birlasagar Higher Secondary School’s ground in the colony. Saukem welfare centre provides all infrastructure required for outdoor games.



Saukem welfare centre arranges annual tournaments at a very large scale where in around 1000 participants takes active part in the games.

Company provided two D type quarter for running sewing centre in the workers colony on regular basis where in around 15 sewing machines have been provided.

A well-maintained children park is also provided in the colony for recreation of colony children.



Grievance handling is one of the most important tasks of management. Grievance arises in the company due to un satisfaction among employees and employers that results in disputes. There may be several reasons for arising such disputes. This company had adapted following grievance handling procedure There is three Tier System.

If there is any grievance, the workers will report to the superior. On the sport he head and the person concerned would discuss and solve the problem

If the problem is yet not solved then the department head will immediately report to the management.

Even after the second tier, the problem is not solved, and then the labor union and management will discuss and try to solve it. The grievance handling procedure should be so smooth that the industrial peace is maintained.



Sr. No. 01 02 03 04 Particulars Page No. Main Products & Raw Material And 42 Sources Of Raw Material Use Of Product Manufacturing Process Electricity & Power Plant 44 45 48

Bromine is mainly used in pesticides and Pharmaceutical Industry. textile and dying units etc. detergents. Sodium glass. Refined Bicarbonate Refined Bicarbonates is mainly used in Bakery and other Chemicals Industries. Salt Hard Coke and Ammonia Gas. Raw materials for manufacturing of the product :The main raw materials for manufacturing of Soda Ash are lime Stone. Soda Ash Dense Bromine Dense soda Ash mainly used in the manufacture of glass. (SAUKEM) are  Soda Ash (Dense And Light)  Soda Bicarb  Caustic Lye  Bromine The use of the product Soda Ash Light Soda Ash is mainly used in soap. The main production of Saurashtra chemicals Ltd.SAUKEM 41 MAIN PRODUCTION & RAW MATERIALS AND SOURCES OF RAW MATERIALS Production of company. SAUKEM has its own Lime Stone Quarries in the vicinity of around 20-25 kilometers away from the factory and also has its .

Main sources of raw material for this company are 42 own Salt Works in Jamnagar District. This raw material is important from Indonesia and also obtained from various mines few of them are mines in Dhanbad.SAUKEM Megawatt capacity for captive consumption. The Salt Works of SAUKEM are  Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd. are  Adityana  Dharampur  Bhakharala  Bharwada  Bhos  Boricha (Zinjarka)  Ranavav  Kajavadri ARD COKE Hard Coke is also important raw material for manufacturing of Soda Ash. SAUKEM has its won power House of 15 SALT :Salt is the important raw material in manufacturing of Soda Ash. Salts Works Gagva  Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd. Salts Works Sikka  Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd. Salts Works Khejadia  Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd. Salts Works Parodia LIME STONE The mines for the limestone. Salts Works Vadinar  Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd. Ranigani etc. Salts Works Bedi  Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd. . which is th source for the raw material for the SAUKEM .

Refined Bicarbonate is mainly used in the Bakery and other Chemical Industries. glass. detergents. . Bromine is mainly used in the Bakery and other Chemical Industries.SAUKEM 43 USES OF PRODUCT The uses of the product of this company are as under : Soda Ash light  Soda Ash Dense  Bromine  Refined Bicarbonate Soda Ash is mainly used in soap. Dense is mainly used in the manufacture of glass. textile and dying units.

where ammonia (recycled and make up) is injected to reaction hence the brine is cooled at various stage before it taken to the Carbonation Tower for Carbonation. magnesium is removed by adding Milk of lime and Calcium is removed by adding Soda Ash. which further required the purification to remove calcium and magnesium impurities. The calcined limestone is taken from the bottom of the lime kiln and stored in the carbonating Tower.SAUKEM 44 MANUFACTURING PROCESS The manufacturing process for the products of the company is as under. If the temperature is high then the reaction will be reversible. Two main raw materials are used viz. The brine thus produced is called crude Brine. Lime is calcined in the Biotical shaft Lime Kiln By feeding the mixture of limestone and coke from the top and blowing air from the bottom. The purified brine is first taken to Carbonating Tower exit gas scrubber in order to remove the ammonia and unrelated Co2 in a unit called LCL. Salt (Sodium Chloride) and lime Stone brine at a concentration of 304 gms / ltr. . Form LCL brine is taken to the absorber. These impurities removed in the form of sludge. thereby the efficiency of conversion becomes poor. Carbonating Tower the main equipment or the conversion of Sodium Chloride to Sodium Bicarbonate. the main reaction is as follows: NH40H+CO2 Nacl+NH4HCO3 NH4HCO3 NaHCO3 NH4CI   The above reaction can take place only at low temperature. Of Sodium Chloride.

2NaHCO3+ ∆ Ns2CO3+H2O+CO2  Co2 and water vapor are cooled in RGS gas cooler and gas is taken back to carbonating Tower through compressor and Ammonia Condensate is recovered back for the process in Distiller Columns. Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) from Calcined is taken and stored in silos land paced in gunny.SAUKEM 45 Sodium Bicarbonate is taken out form the Carbonating Tower in the form of slurry called Magma. Bicarbonate. Sodium carbonate is converted back to sodium carbonate. Sulphide and Iron is traces. Hence it is dissolved and calcined in DCB towers by using steam i. Ammonium Carbonate. Magma consists of a moisture of sodium bicarbonate in Solid form and other components viz. this grade is not suitable for consumption. the magma is taken filtration for converting it into Sodium Bicarbonate (Crude Bicarb) is taken to Calcined distiller for recovering ammonia and take to Ammonia Absorber. Sodium Carbonate. Ammonium Chloride. HDPE bags of various sizes.e. REFINED SODA ASH Since the Sodium Bicarbonate coming from the filter (mentioned above) contains ammonia and chloride impurities. . This sodium carbonate solution is further carbonate in Refined Bicarbonate Tower by using Co2 gas Sodium Bicarbonate thus produced inn the form crystals and separated in Centrifuge and dried in the Drier before storing in refined Bicarbonate silo. DENSE SODA ASH Dense sod ash in being manufactured by compacting light soda ash in Briquetting Machine and disintegrated by crusher and is packed in 100kg packing in gunny bags. in addition to unrelated Sodium Chloride. For bulk consumption 675 kg packing is also being done.

SAUKEM BROMINE 46 During the production of Salt from Sea Water Solar Evaporation the spent brine also called Bittern (Brine left after the harvest of Sodium Chloride Crystals) contains dilute Sodium Bromide. . This sodium bromide is concentrated by distillated and converted to sodium chloride by chlorination (displacement method) and the pre-bromine is distilled and condensed before bottled in 2kgs packing.

with 200 employees in the power plant. So overall. .SAUKEM 47 ELECTRICITY AND POWER PLANT SAUKEM has its own power plant of 15-magawatt capacity for captive consumption. Moreover. CAPACITY There are 4 generators with 5-magawatt capacity. The company started the power generation. capacity is 20 megawatt. the unit often gets electricity from GEB.

SAUKEM 48 MARKETING DEPARTMENT Sr. 50 51 52 53 54 55 57 58 59 60 . No 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 Particulars Introduction Organisation Structure Main Products And Its Market & It’s Customers Pricing Policy Packing Channel Of Distribution Transportation Advertising Marketing Research Other Information Page No.

policies. activities with a view to satisfying the need and wants of chosen customer group at profit. The term marketing is quite broad and comprehensive. marketing research. and includes the techniques and methods required for selling. market segmentation. In other words marketing is the process of planning and executing he conception. packing. pricing etc. promotion and distribution of ideas. .” Marketing is analysis of organization. planning and controlling of firms customers – impinging resources. It is the performance of business. gods to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organisation goals. pricing. Marketing is working as heart of business. It is the duty of marketing department of formulate systematic policies concerning distribution channel. In short marketing is an idea or thinking or philosophy that concern with satisfying the needs and wants of customers through exchange of goods and services.SAUKEM 49 INTRODUCTION ”The success of the organisation is very much depends upon the efficiency of marketing department of an organisation.

SAUKEM 50 ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF MARKETING DEPARTMENT Marketing / Sales GM Marketin g Export Marketing Excise Porbandar Zonal Bomba y Zonal Delhi Zonal Kanpur Zonal Calculatta Zonal Madras Zonal .

Srilanka. In India. The Soda Ash Dense and Light are used in Soap And detergent industries . while Soda Bicarb is used in food industries and bakeries.  Other Chemical Industries. Nirma was the major customer of this company.SAUKEM 51 MAIN PRODUCTS. ITS MARKET & ITS CUSTOMERS The main products of the company are  Soda Ash Light  Soda Ash Dense (NA2CO3)  Bromine  Sodium Bi Carbonate (NAHCO3) These products are industrial products and use as raw materials for further production in many other industries. Nepal. Dubai. But now they have started their won plant of soda ash. about 60% of the market of this company is covered by Hindustan Liver Limited. SAUKEM exports its product in Bangladesh. Kuwait. Oman etc. Main customers are  Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL)  Ghadi Detergent  Glass Industries As Year Glasses  Reliance Petro-Chemicals Ltd. . EXPORT :SAUKEM has vast market in foreign countries.

So price of the products are formulated considering the competition in the market. government interference etc. competition. It is one of the four Ps of marketing mix. . Company set ups it pricing policy considering various aspects such as demand. The objective of the pricing policy are For The Survival Of The Firm Maximum Current Profit Maximum Sales Growth Maximum Market Skimming Product Quality Leadership      The main objective of the company is product quality leadership.SAUKEM 52 PRICING POLITY & PRICE OF THE PRODUCTS Pricing is an important element of the marketing mix. Every company has its own pricing policy. pricing policy should be such which generates demand and stands in the competition. The company has adopted “Going Rate Pricing Policy”.

The product of the company needs extra care for packing because soda ash is hygroscopic. HDPE 50 Kg. .SAUKEM 53 PACKING The packing of the product of this company is done as under:For Soda Ash Light (1) (2) 50 Kg.   For Soda Ash Dense (1) (2) 100 Kg. High Density Polythene Bags (HDPE) 75 Kg. Gunny Bags  For Soda Bicarbonate (1) (2) 50 Kg. HDPE 50 Kg. Gunny Bags Soda Ash refined is packed in HDPE bags. Gunny Bags.

As these are large customers or contract based customers.SAUKEM 54 CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION The company sales its product by tow ways as Regional Sales Manager Stockiest Dealers Sub Dealers Customers Direct Customers They deal with customers directly form the head office. The regional office of this company are  Porbandar  Ahemedabad  Mumbai  Delhi  Kanpur  Kolkata  Chennai .

the consignees continue to sale and the company’s image is not adversely affected. Ahemedabad Kolkata Chennai 55 There are four zones and these regional offices are divided in to these     The company has appointed many consignees. North Zone West Zone East Zone South Zone Kanpur.SAUKEM zones. . So. when there is strike or stock pilling. Delhi Mumbai.

Here port facility is easily available.e. Also By Railway Country Crafts i. By Railway Wagons I.E. By Road Containers i. SAUKEM has very excellent transportation service. The transportation media for this company are Trucks i. . the importance of transportation can’t be overlooked.SAUKEM 56 TRANSPORTATION Transportation is an integral part of commerce. By Sea (Port Vassals      SAUKEM is located near to Porbandar.e.e. The trucks are available fro outside the company premises from Transportation Company. The railway facility is also available. In today’s business world.

In communication about the product and service but before the consumer and also the firm which manufactures the products. . in chemical magazines etc. In the present marketing advertisement has become an inseparable part of business. This company doesn’t advertise directly. The stockiest and dealers employed by the company mostly advertise at regional level.SAUKEM 57 ADVERTISING Advertising is spreading of information. advertisement is the media through which the customers come to know about the products of the company. They give advertisement in industrial pamphlets. In other word.

.SAUKEM 58 MARKETING RESEARCH Marketing research is the systematic design. SAUKEM has employed many dealers and marketing experts who take care about marketing tends. Through marketing research the company can obtain the information about market treads. analysis and reporting of data and findi8ng relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company. collection.

More over the production capacity of this company is about 900 tones per day. . which invites the suggestions of the employees.SAUKEM 59 OTHER INFORMATION There is a facility of suggestion box.

Study of environmental aspects for reduction in pollution levels.SAUKEM 3 60 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT SAUKEM has full-fledged research and development department where following activities are being carried out on regular basis: • • • • • • • fixing specifications for Raw Materials and their review from time to time to economies consumption. De-bottlenecking and trouble shooting of the process. Efforts for conservation of water. Conceptualization and development of new products and by-products. Work on energy conservation and material conservation. . Evaluation of efficiencies of equipments installed.

No 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 19 10 11 12 13 Particulars Introduction Organisation Structure Of The Finance Department Financial Planning Balance sheet P/L A/L Capital Structure Capital Budgeting Management Of Fixed Assets Management Of Working Capital Management Of Inventory Management Of Receivables Ratio Analysis& Interpretation Leverage Analysis Page.SAUKEM 61 FINANCE DEPARTMENT Sr. No 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 73 74 76 77 81 .

Finance management is the operational activity of a business i. So finance is very important for the company. Without finance we cannot run our business efficiently and efficiently. which is related to the procurement of finance and its effective utilization for the achievement of the common goal of the organisation. . In the modern age of organisation there is necessity to management of finance. responsible for obtaining and utilizing the funds necessary for efficient operation. Finance management is the specified function of general management.SAUKEM 62 INTRODUCTION Finance is the most important for the business because finance is the life Blood of any organisation.e. It includes every aspect of financial activities in the business. we can do all the work of company in a food manner. If the proper management is done.

SAUKEM 63 ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF FINANCE DEPARTMENT GM Finance Report section Accounts Employee Date process Costing Sales Accounts .

company takes decision regarding the circulating capital i. Financial planning is one of the most important functions of finance department. The basic purpose of financial planning is to make sure the required funds would be getting in time. sales. So far as SAUKEM is concerned. plans about expansion.SAUKEM 64 FINANCIAL PLANNING In each and every field of management the planning is required. Financial planning means to decide in advance the financial activities to be carried. MEDIUM TERM PLANNING In medium term planning.e. there are three types of financial planning based on time period. And where such finance is to be invested? While planning about the finance. The main objective of the firm is to get maximum profit out of minimum efforts from its available resources. We have to take care that there should no be much capital or shortage capital. use of funds. The duration is five to ten years. on the basis of objectives determined. purchase.) . modernization. SHORT TERM PLANNING The short term is made to keep an eye on cash. the working capital cycle to operate the business and current assets of the company. are done. the duration of short term planning generally for one year. technological changes etc. LONG TERM PLANNING In long term. The time limit for medium term planning is five years. cash flow etc. BALANCE SHEET (Lacs Rs. Not only in management but planning in necessary everywhere.

01 10.69 472.93 23.2004 31.428.63 .754.71.22 18.387.267.60 9.241.983.63 II 21.05 29.67 18.32 30.97 2.85 1.82 91.12 30.611.581.49 1.304.07 11.49 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 6.37 49.96 4.30 21.182.598.207.44 7.08 9.179.711.24 45.267.875.73) 93.13 238.477.74 84.22 3.16 22.44 (1.74 1.611.24 45.19 5.09.98 49.820.68 10.41 227.902.00 6.707.983.761.2003 I Sources Of Funds Shareholder’s Funds Shares Capital Reserve & Surpivs Loan Funds Secured Loans Unsecured Loans Total Application Of Funds Fixed Assets Gross Black Less: Depreciation Net Block Capital Work – In – Progress Current Assets.03.16 15.058.405.SAUKEM 65 Schedule As at As at 30.07 7.67 360.463.270.31 12.646.523. Loans And Advances Inventories Sundry Debtors Cash & Bank Balances Loans & Advances Less: Current Liabilities & Provisions Current Liabilities Provisions Net Current Assets Miscellaneous Expenditure (To The Extent Not Written Off Or Adjusted Profit & Lass Account TOTAL 1 2 3 4 5 31.71 12.22 1.122.428.

33 899.270.27 3.2002 41.23 23.80 1.65 184.67 885.98 370.387.585.174.2003 To 30.687.04 10.692.87 13 36.88 47.37 (8.548.021.33 29.04.16 (20.539.276.350.872.819.21 24.34) Sales Less: Excise Duty Recovered Other Income Expenditure Purchases Materials Manufacturing Other Expenses Prorate Premium On Redemption Of-Preference Shares Interest Profit/ (Loss) Before Deprecation & Exceptional Items Depreciation Profit/ (Loss) After Depreciation But Before Exceptional Items.04.523.60 195.33 2.2004 Period 01.45 1.93 24.66) 27.671.18 37.866.029.37 21.05 15.91 6.32 13.79 Exceptional Items (Returned No.32 6.03.86 6.SAUKEM 66 P/L – A/L (Lacs Rs) INCOME SCHED For The 18 Months Period For The 18 Months 01.28 2.99 25.436.15 2.523.98 5.76 16.20 43.206.31 3.90 3. 2007 Schedule 17) 14 15 16 .67 5.17 Of Schedule 17) Profit/(Loss) For The Period Add: Loss Brought Forward Balance Carried Forward To Balance Sheet Earnings Per Shares (Basis & Diluted ) ( Refer Not No.23 41.

Capital structure Particulars Share capital Reserve & surpivs Funded Debt Secured loan Unsecured loans 21122. The capital structure of SAIKIM limited is as follows.22 1611.63 44576.SAUKEM 67 CAPITAL STRUCTURE Capital structure of a company is the make up on form an composition of capitulation’s i.80 As on 31-3-04 (In Lakns) 18428. the type of securities to be issued and the relative proportion of each type at scarily in the total capitulation.69 . The nature at capital structure depends marrly on the circumstances and the environmental factors that a company is facing.93 4895.e.22 1611.98 19640.74 Total capital 45983.69 4820.74 Ason 31-3-03 (In Lakns) 18428.

Capital budgeting is employed to evaluate capital expenditure decision which involves current outlay but are likely to produce benefits over a peril of time longer than one year. It relates to selection of an asset. Net Present Value Pay Back In SAUREM manager prepares capital budgeting and company it with previous year for evaluating their financial decision they have consider interment and benefits of the project. 3.SAUKEM 68 CAPITAL BUDGETING Capital budgeting is a very important financial and investment decision of any firm. as investment proposal benefits of which are likely to be available in future. The methods of capital budgeting used by SAIKEM are as under: 1. 2. Average Rate Of Return. .

19 X 100 40. (1) Level Of Fixed Assets:Level of fixed asses = Net fixed assets X 100 Total assets 2002-2003 = 30. But the management of fixed assets.20 74.27 = 2003-2004 Net Fixed assets Total Assets = = 29. Which are somewhat. trademark. furniture & fixture. SAUKEMS fixed assets include goodwill. vehicle and computers etc.SAUKEM 69 MANAGEMENT OF FIXED ASSETS Fixed assets means those assets.304.49 40. factor building.643.557.72% . Two important ratios will clear the fixed assets management. plant & machinery. fixed on permanent nature and remain with organisation for long duration. We mean the efficiency issue to manage only because large amount of fund is block into them. equipment. tree hold land.463.

Hear as compared to last year his parentage is decreased.463.33x 12 18 = = = ? 40.  18 month net fixed assts 12 month net fixed assts 29. .33  18 month net fixed assts 12 month net fixed assts 40.463.642.47 = Net fixed assets X 100 Total assets = Comment:This ratio indicates percentage of fixed assets in total assets.20  270.33 X 100 27.49 = ? 70  19642.47 = 72.643.643.49 x 12 18 = = 29.SAUKEM Transfer into 12 months are as under. It indicates that declare in the amount o fixed assets in the current year.

350. It indicates efficiency of the company to make the sales and recover investment in fixed assets.90 X 100 30304.SAUKEM (2) Assets turn over ratio:Assets turn over ration= sales X 100 71 Net Fixed Assets.51778 19.642. .90 times Comment :This is ratio shows how many times fixed asset have been turnover daring the year in comparison with sale this is activity ratio.40 Times 0. 2002-2003 = 27.19 = 2003-2004 = 27.33 = 1.

SAUKEM 72 MANAGEMENT OF WORKING CAPITAL Working capital is the most important need of every company.68 181.e. account receivable and inventories and also the administration of current liabilities.077.4 7453. planning and controlling current assets namely cash and marketable securities.1054.253.14 – 8507.63 .80 – 10.” In SAUKEM Net working capital 2002-2003 = = = 2003-2004 = = Current Assets – Current liabilities 10. Whit the help of working capital management company can maintain right cash balance so that flow of funds is maintain at derirable speed not allowing any slow down an stop pages so objectives are achieves. Management of working capital usually involves in management or administration i. “Working capital is the amount of funds necessary to cover the cost of operating the enterprise.49 .

inventory should be turned over as promptly as possible. Inventory turnover ratio indicates how many time stock is purchases during the year.99 20 times 27.03 (Sales – G.64 2 2003-2004 = 1340.36 = 1299.040. Inventory helps in smooth and efficient running of business.96 19.P. of this ratio.) = 1126.986.09 2 2002-2003 = Net sales Average stock = = ≅ 2003-2004 = 25. In order to minimize the cash revilements.96 .SAUKEM 73 MANAGEMENT OF INVENTORY A large part of working capital in inventories. ⇒ Inventory turnover Ration = Net sales Average stock ⇒ Average stock = Opening stock + closing stock 2 2002-2003 = 1259. Inventories held the prime position among the current assets in any organisation. The purpose of inventory management is to keep stock in such a way that heather there is overstocking not under stocking.29 + 1340.64 + 912. Following is the calculation.30 1299.

SAUKEM 750. In the year 2002-2003 it is 20 times and in the year 2003-2004 it is 36 time which indicate the more efficient is the mant of sales.70 = 36 times 74 This ratio indicates the speed which the stock is turnover. .

66 26 days . To understand management of receivable. Management of receivable is a part of working capital management.SAUKEM 75 MANAGEMENT OF RECEIVABLES Receivables rater to selling good. Management of receivable is essential or it affects the profitability and liquidity of the firm. ⇒ Average collection period ratio = Debtors x 365 sales 2002-2003 = 3182. Son credit on different payment basis. It is an effective tool of marketing and aids and bridge tar the management of goods. there is average collection period ratio.78 = ≅ 25.21x 365 27517.90 = ≅ 2003-2004 = 42.4 42 days 1935.74 x 365 27350.

75 27517.78 = 1. it indicates company must investigate the causes and they to bring up this ratio. This ratio is low.60 x 100 27350. Liquidity. . it indicates that cost of sales is high or that the purchasing is in efficient. Both the year’s ration is so low so.74 % x 100 This ratio expressing relationship between gross profit earn in relation to net sales. ⇒ Profitability Ration:- (1) Gross Profit Ratio:Gross profit Ratio = Gross Profit x 100 Net Sales 2002-2003 = 1364.SAUKEM 76 RATIO ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION Ratio analysis is the technique with the help of which interpretation of financial statement is made.99 % 477. stock turnover etc measure the efficiency of the unit company a to last year.90 = 2003-2004 = 4. It is tool of evaluating profitability.

58 % x 100 77 The company doesn’t make the profit because it’s parses from heavy losses. So mgmt.32 x 100 27350.19 % -4014. this ratio decrease company to previous year ratio. (3) Operating Profit Ratio:Operating profit Ratio = Operating Profit x 100 Sales 2002-2003 = = 2003-2004 = = 2285.75 x 100 27350.78 = -14.36 % 1756. So its managerial efficiency is not good. x 100 Here.78 6. at company 15 required to improvement.11 27517. .90 = 2003-2004 = -8.SAUKEM (2) Net Profit Ratio:Net Profit Ratio = Net Profit x 100 Sales 2002-2003 = -2241.90 8.38 % This ratio shows a boat the management efficiency of the business.53 27517.

02: 1 and current year 0.88 % 6845.80 % .44 10071.08 8507.68 0. (2) Liquid Ratio:Liquid Ratio = Liquid Assets Current liabilities 2002-2003 = = 2003-2004 = = 8912.88 : 1.68 = 2003-2004 = 1.08 10071.14 8507.02 % 7453.SAUKEM ⇒ Liquidity 78 Ratio:- (1) Current Ratio:Current Ratio = Current Assets Current liabilities 2002-2003 = 10253. Its standard is 2 :1 but in the previous year there 1.63 0.63 = 0. This show the position of marking capital.88 % This ratio indicate the working capital position.

78 -1054.SAUKEM 79 Liquid Ratio is a better indication of liquid position of the company.63 0.12 10071.90 181.68 0.49 = -26.14 % The standers acid test ration is 0.17 % 1199. The desirable liquid ratio 15:7:1 against which in 2002-2003 this ratio comes 0.28 8507.09 times .80 : 1 (3) Acid Test Ratio:Acid Test Ratio = Quick Assets Liquid Liabilities 2002-2003 = = 2003-2004 = = 1683.88 : 1 where as in 2003-2004 the position has been versant by giving this ration of 0.17:1 shows deteriorating position for the company.50:1 against this for these company it sis 0.4 150. ⇒ Net Working Capital Turnover:Working capital turnover = Sales Net working capital 2002-2003 = = 2003-2004 = 27350.78 times 27517.

However. James Harne has defined leverage as “The employment at an asset or fords for which the firm pays a fixed cost or fixed return”. in the area of finance.27 = 2003-2004 = 49. The higher the ratio. Following the leverage ration calculator. this ratio is little clecrearecl compared so good situation. Here.SAUKEM 80 LEVERAGE ANALYSIS The term leverage refers to “an increased means for accomplishing some purpose”. the4 term leverage has a special meaning.47 = 49.97 x 100 27095. . the stranger financial position of the company.41% 13359.31 % This ratio shows the proportion of proprietors funds to total assets employed in the business.96 x 100 40557. ⇒ Proprietary Ratio:- (1) Proprietary Ratio = Proprietary Funds x 100 Total Assets 2002-2003 = 20039. It is used to describe the firm’s ability to magnify the retune to its owners.

19 = 2003-2004 = 0.78 19642.90 30304.90 times 27517.40 times This ratio shows how many times fixed assets have been turnover daring the year in comparison with sale. This is activity ratio. .SAUKEM ⇒ Assets 81 turn over ratio:= sales Net fixed assets (1) Assets turn over Ratio 2002-2003 = 27350. It indicates efficiency of the company to make the sales and recover investment in fixed assets.33 = 1.

Bedi. of Porbandar. I had visualized all the department of this company. . The products of this company are supplied in vast amount in Kanpur. Sikka And Salaya. sodium glass. Ahemedabad. direct workers. Delhi. Khejadia. workers a part from engaging employees in it queries and salt works. textile and dying units. The companies started with few workers and staff member who have now reached to 2400 employees including staff members. This company was established in 1956 and started its production in 1959. of the company and contract. Kolkata. it start’s whit installed capacity of 66000.SAUKEM SUMMARY AND FINDING 82 I had visited the saurashtra chemicals ltd. Dense soda ash is mainly used in the manufacturing of glass. Which is also known as saukem. Soda ash is mainly used in soap. The company is running in good profit and has a turn over 236 crores yearly. Soda ash is the main product manufactured here salt is one if the main raw material in the manufacturing of soda ash saukem has its own salt works situated in Vadinar. tones per year. The company had mode much progress during all these years. Hyderabad and in many other parts of the country. Mumbai. detergent. Gagva. So as for as I am concerned the company is in good state and is running on the right track.

3 to no. Employees B. 3. It is trying to make it a preferred organization for its. Share holders D. It is trying to keep a slim and trip but fully satisfied management tern to operate faster and to achiever higher levels of business and growth effectively.SAUKEM 83 FINDING The future of saukem is very bight the future plans of this company are as follows:1. 2. Suppliers /Customers C. both present and future A. 2 soda ash business. . 5. It is trying to improve ultimate value satisfaction to its customers in terms of quality commensurate A. Belated agencies and society at large. Excellence in technology breach through B. Continue its march to wards progress and retain its front line position. It is trying to improve company’s position from no. Management expertise C. Total quality management 4.

Presented an award for “industrial relationship” to Saurashtra Chemicals in 1983. the finance minister. Although from last few years saukem has suffered little bit of loss because of earthquake and other factors. And I also hope that the future years will be prosperous for them. But having a look at it sales and quality maintenance and also co-ordination among the management and its employees. .SAUKEM 84 CONCLUSION I had visited the saurashtra chemical Ltd. of Porbandar it is continuing its production maintenance it has created a very good reputation in national as well as in international market. So well that Dr. Saukem can attain the goals predetermined by it. This unit has maintained its quality image. I conclude that in further years. Manmohan Singh.

T.B. K. K. Shah Prakashan. Patel Mahajan Publishing House 4. V. Management And Industrial Relations:Prof. V. Savjani.SAUKEM 85 BIBLIOGRAPHY I had mad use of many books of accountancy and management for preparing this practical study report. A. Sherlekar Himalaya Publishing House All sort of management problems are solved by management related books and gross profit ratio. S. S. Shah. Financial Management:- Prin – T. Rana. Shah Prof. R. B. Dalar.J. Balyan Dr. . J. N. Prof. Thakore Prin. not profit ration and current ration are found out with the hop of company accounts. Prof. Rana Prof. P. A. H. M. 2. 3. Shah Prahashan. Company Accounts:- Prin. S. M. Marketing Management:- S.S. Prin. R. Naresh Jain B. Bhavsara And Prof. Jayshree B. The names of the books and author are as follows:- 1. J.

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