N V Kalyan Chakravarthi
S/o N B R Acharyulu Plot no.66, Hastinapuram south, Vyshalinagar post, Hyderabad, Rangareddy (DT), A.P Pin – 500079

Ph: +918977855534

To be a part of a progressive firm offering opportunity for career advancement and Professional growth and which will help me gain sufficient knowledge

Course B.Tech. (CSE) Intermediate

Institution N.I.E.T Nalgonda S R Junior College Karimnagar Raman High School, Warangal

Board / University JNT University Hyderabad Board of Intermediate Education Board of Secondary Education.

Year of Completion 2012

Aggregate (%) 67







Languages Operating Systems Others

: C & Data Structures, c++ : Windows, UNIX : DBMS concepts, OOP’s concepts

Can Shift towards Any Sector and Any Work Including Marketing, Logistics…etc

ACADEMIC PROJECT: (will be completed by April 2012)

Title: Host-to-Host Congestion Control for TCP

The proposed solutions focus on a variety of problems. Vyshalinagar post. high-speed. and also include the problems of effectively using the available network resources in different types of environments (wired. long-delay. etc. wireless. This paper presents a survey of various congestion control proposals that preserve the original host-to-host idea of TCP—namely. Eclipse 3. Hyderabad. PERSONAL PROFILE: Name Date of Birth Father’s name Languages Known Permanent Address : N V Kalyan Chakravarthi : 28-09-1990. Performance characteristics of a particular version of TCP are defined by the congestion control algorithm it employs. starting with the basic problem of eliminating the phenomenon of congestion collapse.66.Duration: 3 months Software Requirements: Windows XP Phone No Date of Birth Sex Marital Status Nationality E-mail DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.3 Description: The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) carries most Internet traffic. : N B R Acharyulu : English and Telugu : S/o N B R Acharyulu Plot no. A. so performance of the Internet depends to a great extent on how well TCP works. Rangareddy (DT). Java Technology. that neither sender nor receiver relies on any explicit notification from the network. (N V Kalyan Chakravarthi) .). Hastinapuram south.P Pin – 500079 : 8977855534 : 28th September 1990 : Male : Single : Indian : nanduri2kalyan@gmail.