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Chasing Reality

Chasing Reality

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Published by Joshua
Only you can control your life.
Only you can control your life.

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Published by: Joshua on Mar 25, 2012
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You hid in the corner, Burying your face, ashamed by all the lies.

You plead, the voice spoken from inside your head. So many times you’ve heard it before. A knock on the door gave you permission to be somebody. You seized the opportunity and set out to find who you really are. “Are you willing to give your all? Sacrifice, relinquish every possession you own?” In order to start over, you must find the slate filled with the tragedies of your past. Erasing every last word, assuring, giving permission to become The man they never believed to succeed. Go beyond the bounds. Travel past the river. The sand. Mountains and uncharted roads. Run ‘til you no longer feel the earth below you. Watch the stars, the absolute brilliance. They continue to glow, but they moved on long ago. Created to spark a flare, burning brighter. Destined to succumb, a natural process of expanding to a shade no longer its original color. Tarnished, fading along with age. The message is clear. Like the stars, our time is limited. Doubting yourself will only add to the stress. It’s hard enough to live on your own. Words shouldn’t be used as a weapon, Ignore all the empty threats, push it to the corner of your mind. Chasing reality is your priority, Don’t let them fool you. They’re the ones who shield their identities behind the mask, enveloped in their sentimental beliefs. Your fate is who you wish to be, not what they want you to become.

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