Achievement of creating ourselves as a brand through succeeding managerial skills by practicing principles of management is possible only by if we pursue MBA. MBA was a unique program which develops an aspirant develop an icon of success by it is unique program structure. The first and foremost is giving exposure to the world of competition and employing us in the same by giving the best of knowledge and paramount of managerial skills. Generally people study MBA knowingly or unknowingly only for getting high paid jobs but the fact is individual turns into a self realization individual completely unique from others by practicing effective managerial skills in their daily life, this is only reason why MBA’s are highly recognized in the world and obviously get paid well. Going deep in to the working prospective of a company it has various departments of operations like finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing or sales & technical operations etc. These all functions can be managed only by MBA’s through their exceptional decision making skills learnt from their super specialization. Attributes such as learning to work under pressure, working in groups, career networking and also relationship making with customers of the company and completion of projects or tasks in a prescribed period can be achieved only through MBA program. As per various surveys done by economic times etc...An MBA’s have wide scope of transforming into an entrepreneur. As because only MBA program has subject called entrepreneurship and help aspirant to do some live business plan projects acting as a student mentor for the live entrepreneurs. The purpose of me doing is MBA is to apply these skills and concepts in my carrier and create myself in to a brand in the company where I would be placed and perform my best for the best of company which will not help myself

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