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Hello Julia. What are you doing? Well, not much. I am scanning some pictures of my last trip. Really?.

Where did you go? I went to Ica . It was owesome. My family and me ate delicious plates. How was the weather? It was very sunny all the time. What is the best place in Ica for you? Definitly, The best place is Cachiche city. The legend of this city is just as scary as the legend the Matusita's house. Why do you say that? Because in the evening you can hear regret's voices. That sounds great. I like every kind of horror legend. Can you send me some pictures of Cachiche city? Of course. THanks

You know. I like to getting a new computer. Really? But your computer is working well. Yes, but the model is very old How about The Mac of Apple ? This model has integrated speakers and It is a ecologic design. Is this model cheap ? No actually It costs $17 000. Are you crazy? I am just a student and I don't have this money. How about the Sonic? Well, Sonic isn't quite as innovative as The Mac. But It is inexpensive