Grade 6 SketchUp Project Room Design with Labels and Scenes

Make a model of your actual bedroom; label it in either French or Spanish. Each text article must be on a separate layer. Make a scene for each layer and animate the scenes. Export the animation. In order to earn more than a B on this project, you must actually make at least 2 of the articles in your room.

        Your room must have 2 walls and a floor. The walls and floor must be appropriately colored with materials- paint/wallpaper/carpet/wood The room must be realistically sized: It may not be larger than 20’ by 20’ or smaller than 9’ by 12’ It must have at least 10 articles that are labeled in either French or Spanish. You may either make these or download them from the 3D warehouse. Each text label must be on its own layer. Each article should be in its own scene- adjust the orbit and zoom to show both the article and the text label. You can adjust the speed of the animation by going to Window>Model Info>Animations Export your animation. It must be named your name _room.

Due Date: TBA…. I anticipate that this will take approximately 4 classes to complete, and will set the due
date after we see how things are going.

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