Everyday consciousness development - 31 days alligned to the according day of the month

audible 31 meds : http://www.yourshiningpath.com/concentrationrecordings.html GRIGORI GRABOVOI : CONCENTRATION EXERCISES These exercises contribute to the further development of your consciousness; they influence the unfolding of events in your life in a positive manner; they will support you in achieving perfect health and perfect harmony with the heartbeat of the universe. As you study the concentrations you will find that Grigori Grabovoi encourages many options. he maximum benefit is in the exploringof the numbers, so when we align the concentration with the day of the month, we get that much more. The concentration codes are for you to play with, to sense into, and to discover your vocaulary with the frequencies and more important to create your path back to your higher you as it were (my words not GG's) the one who is eternal and whose birthright includes these abilities. These exercises will help you to develop health, consciousness, wealthy events in life, and harmonize your life with pulse of Universe.

I suggest accomplish these exercises everyday. For everyday of month, we provide three exercises for management the events. Basis of exercises is concentration on the goal, which will be achieving. You can choice a goal of concentration, for example, healing of illness, world understanding, etc. Mainly, you must regulate the information for everybody’s salvation and harmonic development. You accomplish world salvation job, and; therefore, this regulation can realize the information war against disaster. Practically, concentration will accomplish in following actions. 1. You define goal of concentration in some geometric shape, for example, sphere. That sphere manifests the goal of concentration. 2. You spiritually prepare to build the necessary events as God realizes that. 3. You control sphere location during the concentration on the objects, and move that sphere in most enlightened area of perception via will effort. That is only one of possible variants of concentration. You can find many other. Very effective concentrations based on genuine world understanding.

In first exercise, you will concentrate on element of outer or inner reality; in second exercise, on sequence of digits; and in third, on word form of concentration.

The item 4.8 is essential important for second and third exercises. Efficiency of concentration depends of your relation to it. Try to use creative approach, and hear your inner voice suggestions. You can write digital series on sheet, and then concentrate on it. Another way of concentration is following.

Concentrating on nine digits series, you can imagine that you and goal of concentration as some ball locate in sphere center, and the digits had been writing on inner surface of sphere. You must find the most enlightened digit, and; after getting the thoughts about it, you must connect that digit with inner ball. Concentrating on seven digits series, you can imagine the digits on some facet of cube, and you can move these digits according to your feeling for succeed maximum effectiveness.

Let describe another way of concentration. You can connect each digit with some element of inner or outer reality. For example, you can connect one digit with some feeling; and another, with some tree. That is up to you. Thus, you manifest the digits with reality elements or your consciousness elements.

These examples give you some management possibilities. You can change the concentration structure, mood of it, and symbolic manifestation of digits. As result, you will achieve more efficiency, and better time management, which is very important in everyday life. When requires fast salvation, your concentration will provide it. If your goal is harmonic development, then time is not so important. Base factor is here harmony (in any circumstances), which will be providing by your concentration. We assume individual character of these exercises. Choice of your development system cannot accomplish based on logistic level. Surely, you form your goal, you intent to realize it, but goal already existed in your soul, and that goal formed earlier. Therefore,

for example. will realize goals of your soul. but also the development of society. You are the one who must do the work of creating the outcome. This can also mean going on a crusade. the healing of an illness or the development of a theory of knowledge. The concentration exercises initialize a process that leads to a guiding of events in your life. you can undertake the concentration exercises in the following manner: • Visualize the goal for your concentration efforts in the form of a sphere. This new awareness is able to produce or to maintain health on all levels of your being and create harmony with the heartbeat of the universe. During the concentration process always keep the concrete goal that you wish to achieve in mind. The most important aspect here is to always guide the information in the direction of a resolution for all concerned and harmonious progression of events. on the level of Creator) that this is exactly what your must realize in first step. . • In a practical sense and according to your own abilities. I recommend that you dedicate a little time each day to the exercises in this book.e. You could take as goal the realization of a desired outcome. firstly. which are goals not only of your development. This isaccomplished through a number of various techniques. For each day of the month there are three exercises that correspond to this day.concentrating on some goal. °°°°°°°°°°°°°° The following exercises for every day of the month serve the development of a consciousness that is able to give a positive and pleasant direction to your life. Accomplishing these goals. i. you will feel (on the soul level. Clearly see the goal you want to reach. one resulting possibly in the destruction of the conventional understanding and structure working behind the scenes of your reality. a geometrical form.

as it gives you prompts for the practical side of working with these concentration exercises. however.it receives more light. will of course be most effective. check on the location of the sphere of your goal. In the third exercise you find a verbal description of techniques for influencing the events in your life. Listen to your inner voice. where . Pay attention especially to the following: you must absolutely understand that the effectiveness of your focus is primarily dependent upon being able to access your ability to concentrate. . In the second exercise you focus on a sequence of numbers. which that are based upon an understanding of the world through concentration. you move the sphere of your goal into the region of your conscious perception. first a seven-digit number and then a nine-digit number. or on understanding reality. through the power of your mind. In the course of experience you can discover many more possibilities. Open yourself to this creative process. Those methods.in the moment of concentration . This is.• Tune into the thought that you are creating your desired life events just as Creation (the universe) has planned and you would like them to be. • While concentrating on different objects or concrete numbers. In the first exercise for each day of the month you focus on an arbitrary element of your outer or inner reality. only one variation of the concentration techniques. • In this way.

For example. Then mentally connect the inner ball. You can also rotate the symbolic equation of the numbers to the elements you have chosen. you can achieve better control over the amount of time needed to manifest your intention. for example. You can imagine the content of your goal within this sphere in the form of a ball. You must focus on identifying which number is shining the brightest. your concentration must bring immediate results. with the more brightly shining number. This enhances the effectivity of your concentration. You decide this yourself with this method you equate the numbers symbolically with a chosen element of reality. With these exercises everything must be adapted to the individual. This means that they can also be visualizations. another with a feeling. Where instantaneous resolution is needed. Of course you are the one who determines your goals and strives to . it is important to pay attention to the following: The choice of one’s personal self-development method cannot be made through logical considerations alone. on any one of its sides. What is important here is to ensure a harmonious development of events while taking all possible circumstances into account. you can imagine that the numbers are on the outer surface of a cube. Mentally connect each number with any element of your outer or inner world.. This is precisely what the concentration exercises are meant to accomplish. picture that you are in the middle of a sphere and the numbers are on the inner surface. As soon as you notice that any particular number written on the inner surface of the sphere is shining brighter than the others. These elements can always be either physical or mental. focus just upon this number.. in working with numbers you can write a sequence of numbers on a piece of paper and concentrate on them. Here it is not absolutely necessary that these elements be of similar type.development process. the goal of the concentration exercise. You can move the numbers around in any which way until you reach the maxi. one number with a tree. You canchange the structure of an exercise as well as how you attune to it. In this manner. Associate. Within the various exercises you will find additional ways of directing your focus. This is very important for the practical concerns of life. In this regard. While focusing on a sequence of nine numbers. the time factor does not need to play an essential role. Everyone should seek out his or her own personal growth or self. When concentrating upon a sequence of seven numbers. When you are concerned with your manifestation being harmonious.mum effect.

The concentration exercises can help you to exert an active and guiding influence on any situation instead of just remaining passive. The concentration exercises are setup for 31 days. which does not even permit a threatening situation to occur. on the level of the development of the soul. This is what fashions general. situations. when you are confronted with an unavoidable event. but in your soul there are tasks for you that were established at an earlier time. They should contribute not only to your personal development. With the practice of these exercises you will experience a harmony that makes your path joy-filled without end » and you can create a resolution of your own issues as well as those of others together with a life eternal. You can do the concentration exercises at any time of the day. which has only 28 days. you can skip this one and practice the other two. Do the exercises first. You will still get results and with time the first exercises of the day will become increasingly more understandable and simpler to carry out. The concentration exercises for each day of the month that l have created and tested lead to this. . If you are working in the month of February. The number of exercises and how long one focuses during the day is up to you to decide. . or appointments. the evolution of creation itself. you can sense the imperative of working on just these tasks first. If the first exercise of the day seems too complicated.And now let us turn to the exercises. universal progress together with your true personal happiness. opens to you a portal to creative freedom. This is true even though the main task of harmony is to secure a development of events. And of course you should create your harmonious growth such that it is ongoing. then on the 1st of March you should move on to the exercise for the first day of the month. It is useful to do the exercises in a systematic manner as well as before important occasions. Recognizing that with the practice of the concentration exercises you are effecting in a very real manner a process of resolution for all concerned and ongoing harmonious development. the day of the month from the list of exercises should match with the calendar day.fulfill them. which you understand and like. These earlier tasks can be brought to completion while you are concentrating. Here you must understand that no matter how greatly a situation is demanding intervention. In other words. but also to the development of society as a whole. As you fulfill these tasks. becoming harmonious with the situation always is the resolution. And this is the reason that when we speak of concentration we are above all speaking of the harmony of and between all things. You sense this in your deepest inner being.

because that concentration provides harmonic development. You concentrate on world. are discussing the world harmony. Your basic point of foot is simultaneously the point of maintenance and point of creation. Seven digits for concentration are following 1845421 1845421 Nine digits f or concentration are following 845132489 845132489 3. the harmony always contains as necessary element the salvation. You can develop your consciousness based on point as point of creation. you will watch Creator’s harmony. you will feel slight wind from every object. We must care about eternal harmonic development. which gives you the solution. Nevertheless. . if a situation requires it. In your consciousness. and imagine event. You feel any object of world is part of your. According to that principle. You can only concentrate on your right foot. Perceiving that. You concentrate of right foot. firstly. and you will get the event in harmonic way. That understanding is basis of concentration. That is basic point connected you with outer world. Need to understand. You are basing in thoughts on Earth. you not need to think about that deep mechanism. You recognize the principle of development the plants and your physical body. Earth is basis. 1 day of month 1.You can execute that concentration many times in the day. you are able to create any outer reality.!!!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°!!! Thus. we. on all objects of world. in which never appear the dangers. Mechanism of concentration will work automatically. When you will get that every object has your consciousness particle. when we are talking about concentration. which meets your goal of concentration. Main goal of harmonic development is creation such conditions.

On this day the focus is on the little finger of the right hand. You can begin the new focus after 20 seconds or after an hour or more. The regulation of events is harmonized in this manner. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers: 1853125 1853125 Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers: . Have confidence in your intuition and trust your inner voice.2nd Day of the Month 1. You can undertake the focus twice a day often times a day or more. During this exercise you do not have to remain absolutely still.namely on the little finger of the right hand. at the same time you are concentrating on the little linger of the right hand. You also determine the length of each focus yourself. This applies to all of the exercises. you are being asked in this moment to concentrate on only one . You can use the little finger of the right hand to grasp or touch something. This exercise can also be done numerous times a day in intervals that are personally comfortable. 2. Learn to listen to your inner voice and to hear what it says to you. Besides the little finger mentioned here there are nine more fingers and many other parts of the body. Pay attention to the following: on the whole you have of course many receptive elements. As in the previous exercise. Do what you feel is right. keep in your consciousness the event that you would like to bring about. But from this multitude of receptive elements.

Look at the world and you will see the image of what will be. The plant can be physical . you actually construct it in front of yourself. Look at the world and you will see the image of what was. Look at the world and you will see the image of what is now and what you now are in this world. Concentrate and see the harmony in the world in relation to itself and to yourself. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers: 5142587 5142587 Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers: 421954321 421954321 . On the 3rd day focus upon a plant of your choice. you imagine how your desired result is forming in the light that is reflected back from the plant. 3rd Day of the Month 1. This concentration exercise employs the method of mirroring. 2.just as it exists in the outer world. Its importance lies in the fact that while you are concentrating on the chosen plant. Or you can imagine the plant mentally and then focus upon the form of the visualized plant. Better said. you see it actually in front of you. In this case. Create your world after the model that the Creator has left for you. The fact that the plant already exists harmoniously in the world is also helpful for this process. during the concentration period you can just look at the plant.849995120 849995120 3. An event that has been constructed with the help of this exercise becomes harmonious.

Now imagine a sphere around it as you are focusing on it. In this manner you are imparting a direction to your events by concentrating on them. Choose the world that you need. Come close to it. Mentally see how all of the events that you need appear within this sphere. You can compare his knowledge to your knowledge and so gain entry no that realm beyond time and space. This is the information sphere. put your hands on it. You simply place the events you need into this sphere. and feel the warmth that it gives off. On this day concentrate on crystals or stones. Look at the reality around you and you will see that there are many worlds. 2. Let‘s say you have selected a particular stone. Step into this world and expand it. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers: 5194726 5194726 Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers: 715043769 715043769 . Listen to what he tells you and what advice he has for you.3. Look at this world with the eyes of the observer. Bring this world close to yourself and look at its Creator. 4th Day of the Month 1. You can even take just a grain of sand for this focus.

you see that every following step arises out of the previous one.in your unified world in the same way as it exists in the unity of the universe. When you are walking down a street. You will have chosen the common source. I will explain what this means: When you direct your attention to any particular object. This ideal does not need to be isolated. You can stand up from a sitting position and see that there are manifold possibilities for every movement. 5th Day of the Month 1. And you will see that you will leave the realm of time. the object gains access to a certain degree of your concentration and a certain amount of your knowledge. Hold the ideal of all people . you concentrate your consciousness on this element of reality. is then passed on by this object to other elements of reality. So when you have focused on some object. You will take it in your hands and your hands will become the world that contains your world. When you reach the unity with this world that these concrete methods for guidance of events provide. A part of the information that was received from you and something of your condition. this object will have . One exercise must follow out of the other just as the second step follows the first. your world will exist everywhere and you will enter into it. Notice the perspective that these methods give you. Through this connection with you.and yourself. you will touch the world of worlds and it will be one and the same for everyone. On this day focus on those elements of reality that come forth as a result of your working together with other elements of reality. They need to be harmonious. your energy. They develop out of a previous movement and can themselves become the next previous movement. Create this world so that it is an ideal world for you and for everyone else. Create the world in such a way that always and without interruption it is as if every movementof this world only concerns you as a unique person.3. as did everyone else. This is the same as when the light of the sun shines upon various objects and is partially reflected thereby illuminating other objects.

You can of course stay with just one object. These simple truths are the source of the world eternal. So with the help of logical thinking. you know that the earth exists. . Connect the sky with the earth and you will see that everything that is under the earth can also be above it. Rise to your spirit and find the risen ones where they are to be found. By contemplating upon this secondary element of reality while simultaneously visualizing the desired goal. When you look at the sky. you can imagine that the sky exists above the earth. When you look at the earth. you accomplish its realization. 2. What’s special about this method is that the concentration upon the secondary element you are visualizing leads to the realization of the desired goal.already given something of itself to its surroundings after its interaction with you. you discover just what the element you have chosen passes onto external reality alter its interaction with you. you can imagine that the sky exists above it. When you are under the earth. Your task lies incontemplating this and finding out what it is that each element of reality is passing on to its surroundings. Focus on the object while simultaneously imagining your desired goal. with clairvoyance or any other mental technique. This is the method. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers: 1084321 1084321 Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers: 194321054 194321054 3.

You just need to concentrate your awareness precisely in these surroundings. the realization of a desired event at a chosen location can be accomplished by concentrating upon distant elements within one`s consciousness.If you bring infinity to the truth of the world. You are the one that the he has seen in you.and at the time that you desire. when it seems to you to be unfavorable. When you know this. The Creator will give you multiple eternities for your deeds. 6th Day of the Month 1. you use distant elements taken from your consciousness. he loves you. You can use this technique just as successfully to accomplish the reverse when you do not want a particular event or situation to occur. you will find the true Creator . You can see actual physical objects such as you perceive with your normal eyesight or you can look at distant objects with your inner sight. As l have said. You only need to extend your arms inwards him and create as he does. In this case you must dissolve the negative information. Turn to him and harmony will come to you. This concentration technique is helpful when you would like the desired event to occur in a particular location. to remove your concentration from there and move it somewhere else. The Creator that is present in you is the same Creator that works through you in each of your actions. Be open to him and in so doing you will be ongoing in all of your own manifestations and creations. You have eternity to accomplish perfection. And when you also .the one who has given you what you have and you will create as he has created. On this day center your focus on the following: Change your awareness by changing the intensity of your concentration while focusing upon the perception of distant objects. You can always correct whatever you wish to change. you use elements from your consciousness that are responsible for the perception of distant objects. Dissolve means in this context to “defocus” your awareness in this location. In both cases. The release that results from doing this leads to the non-realization of the unfavorable event or situation. in which you see yourself. Only a Creator can create Creators. But you are also the one that wants that the Creator be embodied forever in his creations. Everything you want to create. He is very close to you. whom he has created in you. In practicing this technique. Be in harmony with the Creator. You are his creation and you are the Creator himself. you can create there where you are . He is your friend. you will see that the world is infinite.

Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers: 1954837 1954837 Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers: 194321099 194321099 3. You must understand that God's blessing is inherent in all of the “deformed.” ambiguous or uncharacterized conditions of the world." you must always remember that regardless of how amiss it seems. The essential point in this technique is the following: the more distant you choose the regions of your consciousness for the visualization of your goal. 7th Day of the Month .connect the event that you wish to realize to a particular location. When you look at the world me if it were somehow “amiss. it is still the world of unity. You can always have access to this harmony knowing that you have always been eternal. You can use the defocusing technique to deal with destructive forces. then it will occur in exactly that location. When you defocus your awareness. you can dilute negative information to the point that it can no longer be perceived. of harmony and of grace. And the event will occur at the right location. 2. as if it were not there at all. the better it will be processed and the more complete the realization of the event will be. are eternal nd always will be eternal. how scattered or compressed. No shallow judgment can change the will of God.

On the 7th day of the month focus upon maximally distant elements of your consciousness. you can quickly achieve the desired result and the occurrence of the event will happen in a harmonious manner. we are involved with such elements when we look at a distant cloud or distant objects such as trees and their leaves. the faster the processing you will achieve. you construct the desired event or result on this cloud (or alternatively on a leaf if you are looking at a distant leaf on a tree). Through using maximally distant elements of your consciousness. You see that the world is made in your image and develops through your cooperation with the will of the Creator. Everyone accepts that the world has been created. because the cloud cannot be an agent of destruction any more than the leaves can be. In daily life. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers: 1485321 1485321 Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers: 991843288 991843288 3. For the manifestation of any particular object or the realization of any desired event.1. And when . 2. The knowledge of these factors is used as follows: You look with your normal eyesight at a cloud or see the cloud with your inner vision and. Maximally distant elements of our consciousness produce the fastest processing of information. at the same time. The more distant the element you choose. it is necessary to process a large amount of information.

Your actions become powerful. The waves are a result of the action of the cutter. While doing this. On this day you will learn to manifest while you are concentrating upon a sequence of events. Let us look at a growing leaf of a tree. The raindrops can be seen as a result of the existence of the clouds. This leaf can also be considered to be a result of the existence of the tree. Imagine that you are sitting at the ocean looking at a fishing cutter quickly passing by.you want to change the world through your actions. Clouds appear and the first raindrops fell to the earth. your deeds will lead to a general blessing. This general blessing is the deed of the world that leads you into the realm of the divine and to that state where you acquire a universal and individual life forever and always. 2. In front of the boat the water is quiet: behind it there are waves. keep your desired event in your awareness . With its help you can also change past events. There are similar examples around you in great number. your health improves and a general blessing comes into your life. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers: 1543218 1543218 Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers: .and it will happen! This method is very effective. 8th Day of the Month 1. Take any phenomenon and concentrate upon the consequences it produces.

Couple this with seeking joy and we shall find it .. when it is suggested that in looking at "sequence" we can also change past events.. year and in fact eternity.) 9th Day of the Month .984301267 984301267 3. (Reflections on day 8 . If you take in each particle of the world as a general form of joy.. and so are you created by eternity... then we are essentially energetically rewriting history by seeing it in co.ntext? We know that history is written by the victors. In this case we re-write it by seeing the events through a . In creating eternity you will create yourself. you will see that joy is eternal just as grace is eternal and you can raise your hands up to receive God’s blessing as he calls you into eternity.. See eternity where it has always been and you will become a Creator of eternity there where it eludes the sight of another.. thenwhat power there is in re-writing our stories in order to allow for a more joy filled moment. just as the one eternity can create the other and as the Creator created everything at the same time.more sympathetic (perhaps) lense that allows us to see and feel the event or events in a more harmonious way. And when you connect your world with all worlds. You notice that the infinite movement within the lemniscate of the number 8 connects with those worlds. See eternity where it is. You are the Creator. While creating yourself you create eternity. you will he forever eternal in everything. day. perhaps best stated as a question . you will notice that you have as much joy in your soul as the world is diverse... in any eternity and any world. When you have seen eternity and have created it. which you have encountered during the past 7 days. See eternity where it is not.. in the form and image of God..

to the creation of harmony. because you can do this without thinking. It is simply enough to make a wish and things will happen precisely according to your wish. You work in such a manner that functions as I have described. As soon as you can accomplish this. This perception represents a specialized portion of your awareness. On the 9th day of the month occupy yourself with the following task: concentration upon maximally distant elements of your consciousness brought to maximally close points of consciousness. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers: 1843210 1843210 Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers: . I want to underline that this concentration technique emphasizes a particular form of perception. This transformation must occur in such a way as if your perception of maximally distant elements of your consciousness as well as maximally close points of consciousness were one and the same. you will become an adept in manifestation. You will then only need to hold the mental attitude that everything should be normal and everything will be normal. This concentration exercise touches deeper aspects of using your mind to influence events. to what is good.1. for example. This means that the focus consists of transmuting maximally distant elements into maximally close ones. This state is not entirely connected with your processes of thought. It can simply consist of being attuned. 2. The unifying impulse of which I have spoken creates a special mental state. Attunement to this state of mind leads in itself to a favorable unfolding of circumstances. This technique provides you with the ability to infuse the composition of any element of the world with a unifying impulse.

(Day 9: Maximum distance brought to maximum close points of consciousness .. at the same time . You are reality. Look at the world with your soul and you will see the world as it is and you will make the corrections that are needed and you will see the world in the way you must use it in order to attain life eternal. for example. that.. You will always know the way when you look at the world from within yourself and from without. When you understand that your world is a very essential part of the universe.. you will see that everything that exists in nature. The result of this momentary act of perception would be the awareness of all of these external objects.all of this has a unified and divine foundation that follows the mechanism of all creation. you can yourself create any and everything.point. You arrive at this point through the origins of your own "l." Limitless joy. look at it with your own eyes and you will see that your soul is the power of your sight. from all perspectives. power and responsibility.” you will see how your “I” works and unfolds in conjunction with the entire universe. every molecule or even that which has not yet been created . On this day focus on the following: concentrate upon all of the objects of your outer reality that you can apprehend at the same time during a single act of perception of these objects. When you have once seen how one creates. Look at this with the eyes of the entire world.918921452 918921452 3. You are the world.) 10th Day of the Month 1. an animal.. . the eyes of the whole world. And I love soaring with the "I" presence and bathing in "yours. You prepare yourself to perceive in a single moment all of the objects that are available to your perception. seems to me that this is the ultimate 2 ." If you move through the depth of your “I. look at it with the eyes of every person. a person. See this with the eyes of the entire world. a plant.

Here is an example of the results of this technique: let's assume that there is a computer in front of you. a premonition that a particular object is located somewhere. you learn to use the information from the object. You will then be able to perceive any particular object and have access to all levels of influence. the perception of all information about all of the objects can only be partially accomplished. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers: 1854312 1854312 Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers: 894153210 894153210 . you immediately know how to use this computer and what one can expect to accomplish through its use. Even when you start working with this exercise on the momentary perception of surrounding objects. 2. In the same manner. when you just start practicing this exercise. With time this ability will come more and more under your control. that it exists. for example. In order to receive information about an object. this practice immediately allows you to regulate a large amount of information. The concentration technique given here allows you to access information from any particular object. The final goal of your work is the complete awareness of all of the objects. you basically only need to find the right place to focus and to attune yourself to the task. This need not disturb you. And because this concentration technique teaches you to be aware of a large number of objects all at the same time. The access to the use of the information can be logical or illogical (intuitive).Of course. As soon as you cast a glance at its external appearance. you will gathers tiny bit of information from each object. with the help of this technique.

And this world. By considering the number 1 and enlarging it until. You must be everywhere for you are the shaper and mover of all things. Pay attention to yourself and to your thoughts. You must realize that your every action can expand your manifestations significantly. Resurrection is an element of eternity. You must be the creator of each and every thing. In so doing your actions must. both in quantity and quality. The union of two numbers. You must he where you are not. you will attain to immortality in all of your actions. It is enough just to become aware of it. 11th Day of the Month . You must be prepared for this and always remember that new tasks. the number 1 and the new number 0 has led to you at first seeing the world as though the number 0 were contained within the number 1. it becomes 10. And your harmony must lead into eternity. You must be where you are. through the addition of the number 0. You are the manifestation of the world. You are eternal and immortal. because you are already eternal. the next level of the world and the next level of the personality. the tasks of eternity that were born before you were and which you have set for yourself. according to this principle. a path similar to the connecting of 1 and 0. You must find for yourself the true eternity where immortality and resurrection are only special cases of eternity. you complete an activity. give birth to new worlds that you establish in your consciousness. You must grasp and form a precise picture of the implications of resurrection and immortality. Immortality is just as much an element of eternity. this world is what you will always have when you become eternal. in every manifestation and in every step you take. If on this level you traverse the path of accessible and understandable action. be harmonious. True immortality gives birth to the next level of eternity. of the true immortality.3. just as 1 and 0 equals 10. Your immortality is contained within you. Harmonize with that which you see.

for example. Share your experience and you gain eternal life. which all can’t see. 12th Day of the Month 1. concentrate on what one could do so that the feather returns to its place. 2. How could you put it back? Try to understand how you could create the unified whole or how you could recreate . Just like when you enlarged the number 1 by tenfold through adding the number 0 to it. which you have in your own development. allows you to find your way into the laws of manifestation of all of reality. a goose or a swan loses a feather.If for example. for him or herself. Is there a dog. Every person can have the harmonious experience. On this day focus on those things for which a question as to the creation of the whole can arise. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers: 1852348 1852348 Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers: 561432001 561432001 3. On the 11th day of the month focus on the events that manifest through the interaction of animals with humans. you get the next number when you add a 1 to the number 1. perhaps a parrot.from our point of view as well as theirs. Becoming aware of the thought processes and the perceptions of other participants in life. living with you in your house? Contemplate the deeper meaning that lies behind this contact with animals . You are the being that everyone can always see. The number 11 is the embodiment of your inner world. or a cat or some kind of bird.1.

You will see that the Creator. you can also take yourself as the object of the focus. In this concentration exercise. A woman once came to me for advice. You move. genuine and enlightening creation. Her uterus had been surgically removed. Unity arises in every moment of movement of divine. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers: 1854321 1854321 Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers: 485321489 485321489 3. as he gave us his blessing.this will. You can reconstitute any of your physical organs. as in all of the others.this woman again has a functioning and healthy uterus! 2. We should find unity there where divine evolution occurs In evolution lies the unity with God. desired to be 1 with us.it! Or take another example: a leaf falls from a tree. you develop yourself in the direction of eternity . I employed the same principles and methods that you now know . You can understand what that means to a woman. in your . If you unite with the world through how you assimilate it through your own actions your deeds are the essence of the world you will see that you are everywhere and always in harmony with the world. Practicing this exercise fosters control over the manifestation of events. How could you bring it about so that the leaf returns again to its place and that the tree together with the leaf appears in its original condition? We are concerned here with concentrating upon bringing together separated elements of reality into a unified whole that represents their normal condition.

will be4ever in your unity with the Creator. You act and develop yourself in the direction of eternity and this. . always be your unity with the Creator. Eternal life .eternal unfolding.this is the true unity with the Creator. in your progress through eternity.

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