Airoldi and his men W- Hello and welcome at our quiz: Airoldi and his men.

Say welcome to our man: Ching Chang Létourneau. Hello Ching Chang. F- Hello, I’m happy to be with you man. W- So now it’s the time for the last quiz. For this quiz Airholdit and Éroldie can’t be here because they died in a car accident. Their car blew out. So we will take a few seconds to pray and to have a thought, so stop talking and hold still during a moment. (Wait 10 seconds) W- NOW IT’S TIME TO START! F- Yeah I am happy. W- Are you stress out because many people are looking on the TV show right now? F- I think nobody want to watch your TV Show, so I’m not as well. W- … First question my man: What is the most cut and dry class at school? F- I think its history.

I have no idea.The Melbo. (Ugly laugh) F. (Ugly laugh) F.The right answer is Brasilia F-Yeah I’m sad (tear up the question) .This is a good answer! F -Yeah I’m happy. Babies? W...No they make little music.No! It’s the Big Mac.What a guitar does with a piano? F.OK … W. W. W.W.Euh.What is the biggest Apple in the world? F.Yeah I’m sad. W.What is the capital of the Brazil? F. W.

F.OK ….Yeah I’m sad. do it! .Yes. F.Do you know what shut up mean? W.Yeah I’m happy.I think you are la lost cause. W. F. W. W.Really! W-No it’s a Joke.Well.This quiz was difficult but you pulled of! F.Because it’s boring. F.Why do you tear up the question? W.Who is the prime minister of the Canada? F. F.Jean Charest ? W. F.We will now try out your real talents.

his wife and his mother. W. .(look at his watch) W. W.I have a question for you.I have to go now.Ok let’s go.eeeeee… Stephan Harper W. F. W.Who is the prime minister of Quebec? F.Why? W.Because I’m tired out so now it’s time for the last question! F.So ask it. You are an idiot F. good-bye. F.No. W-But this one will be more serious a little.So that was the end of the quiz with our man and see you next quiz.Name the 16th president of the united states and name his killer.

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