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We Deliver Dot Com First Five Rough Pages 032512

We Deliver Dot Com First Five Rough Pages 032512

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Published by Christie Taylor

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Published by: Christie Taylor on Mar 26, 2012
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Written by Christie B. Taylor

(First Five Rough Pages Version 3/25/2012)

Christietayloronline@gmail.com ChristieTaylorOnline.com

INT. SPRAWLING ESTATE - BEDROOM - NIGHT MOONLIGHT falls upon HUNK OF A MAN fast asleep. A nearly nude STRIKING BEAUTY, in her thirties, slides out of bed. INT. SPRAWLING ESTATE - OFFICE - NIGHT Striking Beauty rummages office. She spots and retrieves a DVD labeled BLACK OPS: EXTRACTION. She freezes, glances toward door then slides DVD back into place. INT. SPRAWLING ESTATE - KITCHEN - NIGHT Striking Beauty pours a glass of wine. From the shadows steps, NAMELESS OPERATIVE, dressed in all black. STRIKING BEAUTY Why are you here? NAMELESS OPERATIVE For the program. Striking Beauty faces him. STRIKING BEAUTY I meet Beard tomorrow. NAMELESS OPERATIVE steps into moonlight. NAMELESS OPERATIVE Sorry, word is, he’s gone rogue. Striking Beauty studies him quickly. STRIKING BEAUTY Are they sure? NAMELESS OPERATIVE nods. Hunk of a Man enters, frowns. HUNK OF A MAN What’s going on? Who’s this? A moment later, blood spatters the wall. Hunk of a Man falls. Nameless Operative, holding a gun, turns to Striking Beauty. In a split second, she lunges forward, disarming him. They fight. He sidekicks her into the wall. She recovers and grabs the wine bottle. He lunges. She breaks the bottle and thrust.


EXT. CITY STREETS - DAY Messengers on bikes, skateboards, roller skates and in electric cars dizzyingly crisscross city. A bike messenger delivers a package. The messenger turns, waves and smiles. A logo swirls into view: WE DELIVER.COM. Scene freezes. INT. THE WENDLES - MARC’S ROOM - DAY MARC WENDLE, a twenty-something classic nerd with billionaire dreams, wearing comic pajamas, peers at a large monitor. MARC So? DOOZER “TWIX” HARTMANN, (20s) a ruddy gamer with swagger, and LAIA SPACEY, (20s) a brainy beauty, on -- video chat: TWIX Nice. LAIA So who’ll do the voice-over? MARC I will, using a pitch adjuster. Twix raises eyebrows. TWIX Uh, so not cool. Let Roxie do it. LAIA Roxie would sound good. MARC Hmm. Okay. LAIA And the swirling logo is-MARC Too much? Laia nods. MARC (CONT’D) Okay, I’ll fade it in. TWIX With our new ad campaign, we’ll hit our budget goal in two months.


Marc reclines in the chair for a moment then leans forward. MARC My brothers called me about a job. TWIX At the brewery? LAIA In Wisconsin? Laia scowls and shakes her head. LAIA (CONT’D) They, of all people, know it takes time to grow a business. Marc absentmindedly fiddles with his black nerd glasses. MARC It’s more Harold than Jack. Something about mom, dad and an empty nest. TWIX Not your fault your birthday came 20 years after theirs. A TAP on the door interrupts the conversation. MRS. WENDLE (O.S.) Breakfast is almost ready. MARC Okay Mom, I’ll be out in a sec. TWIX I wish I still lived at home. LAIA Twix, you do. TWIX But I don’t get breakfast. Marc rises from his chair and leans into the webcam. MARC I’ll see you two at HQ. LAIA Don’t forget Casey & Associates.


MARC Roger that, dispatcher. INT. THE WENDLES - KITCHEN - DAY MRS. WENDLE, (early 60s) a motherly wife, hums about a rooster theme kitchen. MR. WENDLE, (early 60s) a retired postal worker, channel surfs a mounted TV. Marc strolls in. MARC Morning. MR. WENDLE Set the table for your mother. MRS. WENDLE No, that’s your father’s task. finish the orange juice. You

Mr. Wendle grunts and powers off the TV. Marc heads over to the juicier sitting on the island. Mrs. Wendle whips eggs. MR. WENDLE Harold tells me you’re considering the management job at the brewery. Marc contracts his brow. MARC He did? MRS. WENDLE I thought business was picking up. Mr. Wendle retrieves plates from cabinet and walks to table. MARC It is. MRS. WENDLE You need money? Have you been bidding on comic books again? MARC No, Mom I don’t and I haven’t. Marc slices an orange in half. MR. WENDLE What’s wrong with the brewery?


MARC Dad, I like being a bike courier; besides, We Deliver dot com will be a Fortune 500 company one day. MR. WENDLE Son, turning your senior paper into a business is a novel idea, but... MARC What’s wrong with being a courier? MR. WENDLE I just think with your degree -MARC You were a postman for 35 years. MRS. WENDLE He’s got a point, dear. Mr. Wendle sighs. Mrs. Wendle resumes cooking. Marc places a halved orange in juicer and lowers handle. MR. WENDLE Okay son, no pressure. Mr. Wendle sets the table. Mrs. Wendle rinses mushrooms. MRS. WENDLE You want mushrooms this morning? MARC Just cheese. MR. WENDLE So, I’ve been thinking about taking your mom on a yearlong cruise. Mrs. Wendle beams as she flips the omelette. MRS. WENDLE We’ll island hop and everything. MARC Sounds like fun. I’ll keep things nice and safe on the homefront. MR. WENDLE Umm, that’s just it son, I’m planning to sell the house to pay for the cruise then buy a condo when we return.

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