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I. Mie:rE"~'eD~r;e " s made to our r,ecent C,Or'irve['sat i.on cQrLc:,ernlnl!1; the t,elepi'loldc report wh,i.e!'! Wllajor Oeneral 3!ERTRAl'lD,IIIS made to Lt Gene'ral C~A..lG nl.:t ti ve to an ae-riai d,ev,ice' which M.a.jQr' General DE,R:'FR:tllrDI'AS ,oibse,f"v,ed in tbe officle ,of t~H;!' TOHNS:ENID ER!01~~ PQUMDA'T'IO,M I [,.05; ."1.11,!\:,de's" C' Qi"l.l o'flla f . .2 •. Follol.\!] n,;c th,Q r-ep('li,"t which Maj,or GeneNl flERTRAfiW,U,S mllde 1.0 Lt aerllH~31 CBIIHi ne,tiollill and local ,agency chec:kswer-e conduc't~dI on 'the ~'()~~'H;i,,:ru i:iIHU~N'FQ'lI~nj\'l'IO~., "I'hcs('! w,e',re ncr;a.ti".,€:, tI:~~lt i.t 'Has dctermin~,d, 1i.h~t tilt! L,(;!::,. ;"Iur,·(!l'c:1:(')ffll~'Q' oi' DUNN ~.mj !1:t:IIDS'rR'flg"l' WOoS Cll.nlpi.linr. 0. 1:',OPO t. on t. he FQUtIUA'j[' ,1Of~• r'n-Ii s relP or tn,as now been ;r'cc~.i \I' ad :lull caril's ,:lfP.' h"io~ forw:u:,del'i l1iH'!'tUi'.tn't to your r"CqUi@S:t,. ..


Major Ceneral.
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t p~;('pa t'~d l.Iy ~~' 1 (I !.!,~h M. Cady of The 0 rJ.'i ce 4) r ~jl::t al I~m.:n by v Q::!:t'Ch, i '.l:::Oi,atm:1. c;iI,J!.,ifQ·rn:!..o", on 'i:1'l@ :suhjec't "jiI,n ~.rpoi'ft~t.il";JI.1..i,otl I~ol<!,'ti ve ~o .:h@ ~o""nsendi !:!I'OWr'I FO\lnda tio.n'" •

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.office ~.Dp1.:l C. of S, /tie".

if the Germans could have had a jet engine in the stage of war they did. I am of the oplnlon that if all I heard the other day. As I say.A.fri~htened me for the fact that it is being held or conducted by a private er9up.Well E- c- B. and the thinG frightened me. to a place called the Towlls~nd Brown Foundation. whether or not someone could really have this further advanced than these people have. C:. I thought I should report it to you. etc. this 'is going to sound very screwy to you. c- And they are privately financed? 3. CB-1 I see. Well I will look into it and see what I can find out. I was quite concerned about it.IVERSA'l'lOII d':1'~Jl~Eil MJ C. Yes.\\lel1 it is the Townsend :'Rrown Foundation.Who the people are and whether the thing is legitimate in development in this country or the formula is such that it is being conducted privatelyif it ever gets away I say it is in the stage in which the atomic development was in the early days.it was conducted in rather an elaborate office in Los Angeles and I understand that this man who had been at it for some 20 to 25 years and the way I evaluated it. But I tell you after hearing it and all the other things that I had heard. I was told that I was not to say anything about it.. CRAIG March 1~52 General Ber1:randias-***supporting a potential field something that I think I should mention to you. There was a lot of objection to my GettinG in there by the party that took me and there were several people in there who identified themselves (censored) and some scientist. I saw a model of a flying saucer. and there is a group of enGineer. and somebody occupies . I made the inquiry whether the Air Force or the Navy knew anything about it and I was told. but I thought I should report it. General CraigNo.: CEIJ1~IIAL r 24 V. we will certainly take a look at it Vic.Yes. E. C. UER'I'HArHHAS AND LT CEilI::HAL M.s. t was quite frightening. but Friday I went down with Lehr. Now I can't tell you much about the background. It sounds terribly screwy. B. a man named Lehr.:.They are privately financed.TELEl-'HOI!l:. I was in there from about 1:)0 until 5:00 in the afternoon and I saw these two models that fly and the thing has such a terrific impact that I thought we ought to find out something about it. but I'm afraid that all that I heard made me believe in it and these were not longhand school boys.no. they were quite objective to my getting in there and seeing this demonstration.I don' t know who these other people were at all. and believe it or not.if it ever comes true. but this Townsend Brown Foundation has been working on this flying saucer development for a long while.

. I.PI AU rir'b ~ t~:I'Crnto (' 11l(·..1.1.. ~ ~ "' "" ""> '" .. FI...EVY.''.lLa. if1l:f. '.'* ••• '•• ' IrilAR 2:6 '. I .: (.. liil III' ". '" : z.~I*'*'**'*:.. *..... .' *' .'.ce U~<I:t ~'.o.. '* . : III! ''"..o~lOibe mQle iI:leYlOndithos. "" .I. "' III .:li. ][. Ch. ~ .)t .a Ji) 11. II! t!l!l ..1 D. . I.forwa.5 .11 nQW.".!"d ed th:i s eo Eleadlq ~arte['s by 'fttX: I1IO. i..'. 1l95·2 • Ir~1 irl~ e qll ir i..:ii"St:r-iClC (I....m be dev@l (: QiIfICeminii: 'owns@nd lllrowrn FOUlndiatiQ~..a: • mQ~OI'l'E!l' el~·e semc·th i. 1. .*"'tI' . '**..t late'l" than :2. .m~ wa:o in is. III to I~ '• " '" .ic PliUORITY .'. !I! '.'.:m '" '" ~ . t. ~ Californi. ..... C o ['rn. .. P..a.. " '" 01< ii!Il • I I " i" I .' 19':52 :**... oil •'-.d ) _.orma1:k!lcnwh ic~c.1.e re~1!lie$tedl a bQve • .'. . **'••.' '* .cy down tOt isa't c·~ ~ .ia • tln:'Qu~h UC 1lilflCl in'li uirl of D~]I:l!namd ~lir3dstr'~ t ice .**'. III! : :1:)::': : r ROM: ArCS[-6 Re>qj~e 5 . "" i J i.. !:oJ . i!i·. C .. Oi".( Mareh. ) t that" I went NJit on i....ef "~elch Gount@r Inte]!.t .. .z."od tiye • . : I..LlliE:R:T R.~ "" !I!I ':" : !If C ol!:lln!al1lderr' 18th QS.:iL hou'1.e).. '" '" 01< IjII.. " ..mOlY 'lj~ me 1M lOCi'ttiofli of tb@p.::iL ~o~ w It':' To'. .es :Sii:1. *.:st:r-.q USAF' *'.. I' !i1 J t Af'CSI-6 .i.~ 1. . t~. th. ~: IOl I .Ancd e:s.to'. '" .' '*'. !I! III iii • .~IOS:I ". 3:0':< )10 lfl1aJrl'!':cH:id.... :ti IIIi! I~ • l .ILII le.'...

S. .1a:r-cn 1952"..or your iQCormat·i.re'E .~ 'th..:j. Ref'~rence . at.UQ!'I with Mr. CI"'!i'dit ratinG: fon.j' 'Counterintel."fa. t-.'\"• • KEtl'NETH W.lb..genc.e'tt I:JrQ~~t to tlil. • ClOyie' l~.0.o.::.!'..II'I"'! :I. ' ' !is... t.e'r'" .oll.e .•.'t..IfI~. _. Lt ~ Co.t@d2'2 Atll~st 1952 wl'ilic..1'.1 t .' ''> r I Ii! I.s't:.aval nese-areb :rej.io. dated.md en.ltfCSI-6 I .ll D' i i""" i.rm J1Jloil'OI'J'f~ FOm'U1A'il'[ON. 8.~n(':(!' Dlv. :::].n v . 1.l . 1-6 .~-l fVi-] U C.Ang'liiles" ~. to !"'Q!:'"JI:iIlrt!edherewi R&R.i1. Ac. "r.o.ECtAL UflQUIRY r......u. 24 V..p:!' I :Z:nsIl·e'c·'tol"G@nl. "'-j1'.·ll.e s: of' a.ge .a..ijllin & Bradstt'eet "sic. USAF Es.. c he ~ II..l/6 Oe1!...fut"th.la1. of Specia.e.r report by t..NDAT'H.rardied to YOllllr CI!:ritt. for . Cll1. T~e files of thi.:".e'ne['.bl is a s'lJIi!ilpl'eh~ent to tt.o.ra 1.n4SSN\[l'BROWN!fiOU.1I' t.. 'IIrO""'n GIUi~Ei1L" SNlfE·S.~~. tion 1.mI.l.l.they' .e'si !Cali.2) copi.be Office' of H. " !. IIJ(lI'J' JIIr~ l Top·k.. (j ~ Lor: ..r~(lit tlile 2. -).(! rile!! '.ted with negat.• IiIll'~eto.• inr" of Speciill In:Il'cs1.l~.'j(:Llil ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------_-----------------------------------------In tA:lnl(.ct-..N\ Z~~'-1l85 i(COhfidci1Itia! .i ve re5:vl ts...a. visi.i"ttet" al::lid: .'ting'pert'aini:n. .O~r:llfig· t:h!s. !1l. !(:o'!~c!'u:. .e'Si o.o.ei is lmade to R'R.te:s DCS'/Ih liiI'l'nh rl1laj Po-urn!et· Di'll •• DirectQca. ~~:aJ Snipes . U'SA1'" A. as .t G'ene:raJi. :Bertnnd. Zl'!~r:ilil. Free ""'" n-' r.ence lnlVe.. Jl.i."'tiCill' lI.. D'cputyDl~~.!·~" L 1·1'1'1 11'i:·r''''r~''''r.. rna j.c· °I:...ninG 'the' c.:~:~ 1 t It·.llr<l'dc:'t.e'rtromdia$ 1I. Inels'..s: Qo. .\iI['ity Informat. . di<ll.lg..a.i F.[Major C.g ~t .i@f.-ru. a D:1.t.dla"l:<1!.i:v . I I.g.!. ~~. 1.)V~ SllI'bji..anU! na ti.:O 1l!.o.I.to subje..'Ui.i1'urni:"li.or t-.ject. ref'erenced! _ incl. Estimates Id. SbOIV'e' Qf Sjp8'ci.wni'J.s a .'l:Hforni~ f. Cant." Cl"ed it Ila. E' Ct'EHlit I'fIF'C..Qf lE'st:i. is.er 'pertinl!nt Oli.or IntIl. 'r'OcWin~e:ndlSII"O'IVfI and! other sc:hnltist:s' wh'o disclo'c'sd that. .n.ie [l'un &....it. 2" Attached h~:rewith t.. ..onai ai~ncies was C oficl!ul.m 1. . da.b.I!'nd Br'own Pounf.fRor.r. two t 2) C opi.':a1 .it'@'ctorat.iona.te s:u.. !ClllQIW'in.l'ty Vir .. .ECURI'1'1 UiFORMIA'FIO.awa mo!llelr.) r'@'PQrt."l.KlrtG..lyi:ngs~o!li'u.al.i&ati.i:s: (lifice.g a v'isi:tto ttlB 'l'.:ut·e. 1tlll:lcl'!.aJ!.. in conv@'rsa.. [lGS'.c. .gag·ed. ill iii.c.52 ~'e:i":lt~I'~C:E:I Zi.h C'Qunt@'r!nt~:iI!. ? OctQber!l:19'5Z • t~ f'o't' your i'nfQirillla.tecl I.ef t Sabotage" iElrnneh.hnd be'Em worJ':ill'lg 'On th'l! project r..p. C.u'iI. LOiS An~el.~ 1 Ll . Dun!: :!b"adls:'tl"liii (s.cting' Ch.. fllI·G~le:ll.' 'I.tioor:."'~lr.n are two (. .tive to this..e at:tentiol'!l: oil tli1!lz oftic'e by .()wnl UIIICLAS:SIFlm GONFIDEN'U'[AL S.l Investigations.li'I) TO'. of ]. :IE. . ''1 m:T19 5.2 i .O\rIs :D.J) 'nl~mSI"~:...f'ic'e oC'C!ntain no .renVto tw~nty-rive (4'0 to 25} years . (I. .

__ .a.is ·ot'n. fias.Dev. rat:1..own~dBd! frQm CmlPmEMIAL to UNCLASS:IFIED'.NSSrm BROWN POij\HD.__ ..l B..'. dated.:B!Rf E.e's . ..own$emi! . __ . a. Th. Count.onoe·rnin~ the 'il'ownse·nd .sHINC.:I r:nnFmF!~ITtl\ r. I! ___ _.__ ~.stigat.r.:n& ...A~Tr.ECIA..er Intidll. Col._.._.f:{ UIQ.ee has been fur...nIshed! all av. '!"'!O ~~ 13!_I . _ "..ade._'''''!!. ~ _.iIElr.if'.r I I lIlt .iG . 'The D117lecttlrate of' Intelli.D:moas 1.R r"ORCE H:EtWQ!lIA.~. l1'e.opment .. !-'or YOll:!:' int'o'J:'iII!ation there 1s at:1:ac. __ .n... ..!· Cra.~ . on nas 'been.'''''''!!iiti!ii.la. Oct..g~nce·Di:v..__ ..isor Deve lopment '0 £1' ic e..ti cli'litll af'iJimci..OM 2.. J:'I~part 'by the orfh:u ·of Na. Directtl:ra:te of fI.Eb'\Q""n'":ims been d.C. .lla 'C..!. DI1r....ol:'l!~\t l. .. __ ..ERS mmrm S~F'AI~~'jE::::: AIR FORCE W.e! of S taft' .special lnvll. '!!!!!.• !h!fler.. lU. AdJdHlonally •. USAF l\ctLng Cbie.gen... I.1'" CI' ruv.p.. frOlI!!! th1s._. Depl:!'tcy JR. tMs u t'ter.oe has Men advis. __ _'_'I!._.['·.ie.t..ies •.• c:f' .P·oWldation USAiF I. S'RCUR :liT' I. ll..albibiJ!..c.areay·!·..i.. _ .j" Genern.H:.II. SU:Bn:C'T.i. D..ial 2)4.IM. MEMOI1Antn.ed.:2 24~t8._ ..iption !h'llati:vetoTh....1._.!F'IDiEJlil'TiEAL SEC: URlI:T'! INFOFlWl..I eh ..smadl.~ __ """"='_. f"ree/e.'F·]'O~4 (Unc..eto Melllo'nmdum. ~._.cQnduc ted "".esearch ~ lette'rt.._. .val I~!esearch~ . inf·ormatioillpertalnin. ~ ). .t.__ .: Ad'll.F'C!'H-6 t.e·subjec'C "An Invest. .) i:n n.aI!:!·•.:::: §- '~cde 192/x 140/6.d by Otfice .bj 2 •.September '1'9'52 • .'oWfl.c:omp·iled 1Iy Du~n& Ilradstre'liit (:sic.cA~·I\U.e'seal"e.nr. __ .""..dii·t._=~ __ . .". A... .C·ol •.·6 [:ml.!iEON· L@$ An.• C·ol. .'_I_'_' -."ow:i"! 1 .::mel Ma.Offic@ of the lns.!!5ji.prdl to ·this :ma·tt@r.D iI'le'e to:rcs:t!e 01' SpeCialE nves ..s/UCSl!·-6 I._.. sallilll· " :subjl·e·ct as .. .. D. I' California Uo:t'ton Air Force !B~:e•. H3 ._. ·to...80. __ .. .s·e'nd B.ssifi@dlJ TlOW.R~ T'na..e.[. .ge._. __ ~ __ .lM FOR M'AJOR GENERAL JOSEPH P. Lt.".NFO:RiM'AI·Um . ~ee F KERNETH.:U:.i.L InQlJl.a 1.e .ti.se. LOM:l3liIm. SC. Cal~fornia. Re..ference· is ~etQ' "telephone' cClnversatiofrl between.5..'!e''8' ..'" :52 e'OWicerning abov~ :.._. and a cr._.ence i.g.__ . OIf'fic....e...llfiNIF'Oil" 'I'M ._. that tble: res'earc:b r<eport: Of!! ·th.. w.p'~ctorGene['3. a ch ee k. USAf Lt .. SP.l\l..epu'q ...e~ias Q'nZ~ Mali.of flaval fj._~.__ ~.LASSIF 1m DE.!!l.1·th rl1e'gativ'e res:lll ts..J..l3:rollln F ounda ti. o£ local and! rn-..el.!pec"to\[' G"neral". _...!!._.: ..".R'l'.__ ..

8 Ui~t. Chie·. USAF.i'JD UM POii: (U::UIi::R:AL CAI'UloOr.i c.d ent :jl.:i.£ ·1..l [H! cOllipbt. r.e tha 't!:"epor 't.1":lir~u·0.nen:.e ve r" Ii t ~as d@'t:erminedt.al . DIR OSI I:M ~'''''qu t II~r (I 1"1[l l rf'!~ ."edit rep'~ O'JlJJ 1C.!.g and Il. ~jo roe'p'lt t<e.:i.rch 19S2 ~.~JR rr:!l'cr: I~E::S:ACi:: :'!\1[ S:[ Q!: t. Advise if Y()I. i). Los Jtn."CI. WAS}!" DC. 'tv j[n:forma tiOD DUEC'PO.a"lB. LAiC nesa.C.I'iI1.'ti.ing a cr'le·Qii"!:repol['1& O!l"i 'this or'€.\Hl U€! c'omp]e'tofld .s.r:lirt..ard tbe subs'ta.onQt .EJ.:pec teor Ce.hcnl..h.ndi IOh. SECIU~ ITY iI1NFOi'l!·~A.d in approld~ te. 1Ma] agency ..~~ !="QIINID.. .. DO#:U3: ~Ol!S also advised. o:l" Spec:ia[.I~EH·r :TAf'f' ig~. AH..es:i('€: t l'Ii.!lly tcwiO wee!!:::!>.d.5:2. OS. APCSI-6 24-185-18 28 M.gtQn 25.t.l Cn. C.I'!I~ n.hia't tl1ata.f. CDS~ tIC CClN?ID'EIMT.I dj.::l:ecords ..!)BRO''''.tiQn bet'io!leen Genera..ve..t report.I'e:r-.cl1ec:: 'l\!'as nep.I'1~H:·I· H.alif..t He<li. I 1.f" C oun~e~ Iuv.IlI['.~rweel'.1n Apr.II' ":Ii.i01'l which wU. 1 .i('J'~1 :.!:"._ al.!l:eles is proes'e!1'tly oomrpiJ1..i.{)I~'.is ca"Se (l.l!.t::C:J as.. ~ashin.li. G-2" <lind 'OS.i''''I(!.of' "the· CM'!.I .'t{!"".'I'I ON C onfi.IlU .ani"at. !n¥@s:U~tlons T'~e' I~u.!·I~ul·. T'IOI~.RATE OF S:P!(:. .r I.@ne..1~~ J I t. ~a(>t if:!!" d. 2:. CaU OHI j f• r"e!'.li~e~c@ D:lir. any it'l'f'oromartion c'Cinc@rning 'the TON&JSEnDERO~tl FOUr~DA'l'l O~!.Me r 0.n.$ ormn ~~illch ~'.rad!$ t~ee '.s 0< f'fi ee submit r'eS~JII.lr. 'whi.I'I<1. F'ij.INS\EN..~r.eruantil ias: on 24 r~arch 19'.o yo'U!r Hqs .a.:)h.:1I. ACT 1 0 ~~~: CSI r~FO.~: fy inG i f~(lJI'I~ 'i'Oi CIS.tive.L: s u EJ ECT ~ !. jil1:lst as SOon as it is availabl!@.~.res@nUy compiling c[!.l'e s.o. .dqlJ:8!.o!'ls:ide':t'EI'd:il:'U'C t.0 IJnn and! .. D LH""rl anderad!~1tr"!!e't p...I~: or 7HE .Ei·l0~Il. DOrn 8 is oei..Ch was '"h@ subj eel.:o:a... H 'O"'.wn Poundiatiom LO\SA.owns@ndi EN. Urmsg T..:i:t. LocS: AlIlge.'<lI!'. Cali. ~: I"YI·ft.Sec IJr:1.IAL I:NVES'rICATlOUS THE IMS?~CTOR (lENERA!.ng reCl~ested! to fo .':V't" !J iv.QC C~ I :~~~. ~i3ywOod. LI.

'CILlIER'l'R. - C:mdl". '!'b.ganiz:at. sex 31 (I r .ua.ga. f .iilCTORJ\'li"E OF SPEC JLAL I. !·t is r.tions Kq tlSAf".nt!ellig@lilc8 Di.: TOWNSEND BROWN :fOUi!IDA'T'IOr~ It_f THE INtS·PEC·~OR CENE:RAL US·IIF 18th DI5!F. W'. Du~rm and E·radis:tl"e·e't .in approxlma.t:reet is c red 3.a (IG) nUJJl. Distri. Y'OU1" .r Special I.t!ed CQilllpiledi by y.y j[nform..2.!£"1:lrj ty In(.l on.L SEClJift ITYUlFO'. cQrlcernll'l.oUl·c:e.bed IMiayw·Qod.e1v:in.f' lUID.a.n·ves·t.QIHR't if' • '.I~ IA.s can .:I Dunn andiBraa. 2. - r=EE:PE' en t KEEfE Col •..q. Q. by Dunn.ber J-U.• Cal.ifornia SPilt Ill!.@ttet' ·Oof 31 Maf'lcn 1'952 t He~d. Washin.' 1 TO I Los Angeles. and Bi:\8i. s:. r~pol"t.silr.e.ofide:n:t. I The: inspe~tor General.rs:treet jus·t as be .a:!! a r~sul '01' ds·ta.g the ar.u::l·eto ~X.mte:r·I.i( )·U)' Maywood..is D'istrict anti·ci'pateiS ¢'onCillcti:ng.AnSel es . lNQUI]~. ot its cOlllpila.cquit'ed fl"Qm.QI.te'r'.vestigatlo:ns: LEVY I I I I.o rna t.lh C • J ~pr"i.NVESTJC·Jl:T IoNS AiF'CSI-6 THE INSPECTOR G:E:NERAL UK MAl L ! '95·2' 2~-165-~8 S UIlJ ECT ~ "'ClL".S2 D li: R.~ t( :O'l.IlI·"'t·.ct ~ Con:fidl.Speoial In.t.e·lytw. j Chief COl!.etail.Wel'ch/ed/] 'i'6/wrtn 28 ~~ar . Cali rJ S}iiECIAL.RMIAn ON APe'S! -6/Mr.t.@ . cC!ncf1:fningthe t FOR THE DIRECTOr!.2 . a ta bll·iz.ers nle21+~1B5-H!. aitlo¥e @r~12..52 _ 1. t :rep·ol"t pre'p3re·t:! (lIn th. summary thedla..iJ. ree. M. Fl. This bead.1.ol'il .1. D1r..P. S .e'c·~ri.JSI!:~Ul' IlR01\IN .2"1 rlra:n::::h 19. 'being ~ yQur ·0f'f·. tlQn on th·e sul:d@~t orpnizat.fOUriD'.e·ted .I 0 istri·ct 'Commander Hltlil OSI Di~tric·t .no further inqui:ry on this mat. Cali!Qrni. (d' . furnish this headqua:l:"te1"s ""Uti.a t iOlrl • .AT'I c:m t Los .iili.ial I ·1 j.v. USII.r'.) Iw·eeks.:l. D·epot P.g.tion .as much d. w(illuM itle com.gton 2:5. Cal.a.ta~heiCll a eOlf'Y o·ra Dun and! tlradiii.i:lat the in:forma.r~.e!"e·rence· i$ m. a:t.us available to. :1.1!Ji~JECT. in C onf'·onlli ty with YIOUr" l.C o.i~tji.ee" da.er!01 is interestedln SOOn as F Qund.a.on.:i.'ti'on quart.:m:~~UL. SO.!'!'!!t:iLal.!f.1952 I I ~ .eques't·ed! t. t pl.Y Dir>ector o. .ar "''CD. 1&0 24-169 S.i.I~· comp."Im.r in which Y'OU stated! tha·t a. Of'F'IC! @F SViElC ItIL II"VIEST'• SpeCial.U@di. O.Qn. o.

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