Rakhines in Cox' Bazaar commemorate 1967 Akyab massacre
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Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh: Over 40 Rakhines in Cox's Bazaar today commemorated the 1967 massacre of Akyab, Arakan State. It was organized by Independent Forces of Arakan (IFA) and 43 persons from various organizations such as the Shew Gas movement, Arakan Patriotic Youth Union (APYU), 88 New Generation, National United Party of Arakan( NUPA), Rakhine Women's Union, Arakan Labour Association in Exile (ALAE), Youths Active for Human Rights( YAHR), Gisspa Bulletin and other independent persons participated. The function began at 9 a.m. and the participants received the Five Precepts of Sayadaw U Sandawara from Thaw Chaung Monastery in Cox's Bazaar. A sermon was delivered and prayers were held for the people who died in the 1967 massacre of Akyab when Arakanese people were peacefully demanding rice from the government of the Burma Socialist People's Party (BSPP). "During the demonstration, more than 300 people were killed including 100 who were burnt alive and buried. More than 100 people were injured including Rakhine, Rohingya and Khaman," said Dr.Khin Maung, the vice- president of NUPA. The rice agitation had more than 30,000 people peacefully participating on the streets of Akyab. The organizer, U Khine Paw Laung, Second-in-Charge of IFA, told Kaladan Press that the commemoration was meant to remember the people who gave their lives for the sake of starving Arakanese people and to remove the forcibly colonized Arakans by Burmese invaders from Arakan kingdom from them up to now.


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