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Near field communication (NFC) is a technology to establish radio communication between two devices by touching them together or bringing them to close proximity usually no more than a few centimetres.NFC is similar to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. NFC is based on Radio Frequency Identification and ensures security by establishing a secure channel and also uses encryption for sensitive data. It has a wide range of applicability in many fields like commerce, Social networking and identifying documents. Near Field Communication (NFC) is one of the emerging and promising technological developments, provides means to short range contactless communication for mobile phones and other devices alike.NFC has become an attractive research area for many academics due to its exploding growth and its promising applications and related services. An understanding the current status of NFC research area is necessary to maintain the advancement of knowledge in NFC research and to identify the gap between theory and practice.


1. Introduction


2. Literature Survey 2.1 Research Monitoring 2.2 Results and Analysis of NFC Framework 2.3 Distribution of Papers by Survey Examination 3. Description 3.1 Types of NFC Tags 3.2 Modes of Operation 3.3 Security Concerns 3.4 Ways to Use NFC 4. Conclusion 5. References

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