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Seventh Ray

Seventh Ray

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Published by Joanne Jackson
Saint Germain
Saint Germain

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Published by: Joanne Jackson on Mar 26, 2012
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The power to think that lies within the consciousness of man is one with the
Creative Faculty by which the Godhead molded the unformed substance of the
universe into stars, planets and systems of worlds. As soon as man thinks a thoughta
form is made. The degree of development of his mental body determines the clarity and

perfection of the thought-form.

The life which fills the thought-form and makes of it a living, breathing, palpable
presence is released through the feeling body of the individual. The quality, nature and
development of the feeling body determines the purity and strength of the energized

These creative centers of Thought and Feeling are energized by the director of a
group in cooperative visualizations, whether for the focusing of certain activities of the
Sacred Fire, such as the Cosmic Fiery Flame of Freedom around the individual, group,
or nation; or the establishment of the mystic “ring pass-not” which forms the protective
shell around anyone's aura.

The ability of the Director to create a clear thought-picture and to stimulate the
cooperative feeling nature of the assembly will determine the efficacy of this portion of
the Service.

Builders of Form and Angelic Beings assist in this portion of the Service. Into
these thought-forms are poured the actual substance and essence of the spiritual
energies released from the blessings of individuals serving in their particular locations
and gathered up by the masters and the Silent Watchers of different localities who
utilize these meetings toward this end.

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