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Voodoun Holidays

Voodoun Holidays

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Published by Dwayne Baldwin

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Published by: Dwayne Baldwin on Mar 26, 2012
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Date January 2, 3,4 January 6 February 25 March 16 March 19 March 20 April 27 April 29 April 31 May 12 May 18 May 20, 21 May 30 June

24 June 28 July 25 July 26 July 29 August 25 August 29 August 30, 31 September 25 September 29 September 30 October 30, 31 November 1, 2 November 25th December 10 December 12,13, 14 December 25

Holiday Breaking the cakes (case gateaux), a communal form of mange lwa Les Rois (the kings) Ritual feeding of the springs (manger tetes d'l'eau) Loko Davi, eating of the ritual wood and of its guard Saint Joseph, an expression of the jurisdiction of Legba Legba Zaou (eating consists mainly of a black goat) Danbala Wedo Breaking the jugs (casse canarie), deliverance of the souls from purgatory Feeding the dead (mange-les-morts) Feeding of different loa Feeding of Grande Aloumandia Sim'bi blanc Sung masses (chante-messes) in the Roman-Catholic church Saint John M'sieu Guimeh Sauveur; Mystere Grande Delai; common table served for Maetresse Erzulie, Maetress Tenaise and Maetresse Mam'bo Papa Ogou or St. James the Greater (sheep and goats are offered) Common table for Grande Saint Anne, also known as Mystere Grande Delai and Grande Aloumandia Maetresse Silverine (who only very slightly tastes of the food offered to her) and Maetresse Lorvana (who smells flowers for her nurishment) Communion table for Danbala Wedo, also known as Saint Louis of the King of France L'Orient, one of the most important mysteres Agwe (offerings of goats, peppers and peppermints) Roi Wangol and Mousondi Manman Aloumandia Maetresse Delai Masses sung in the Roman-Catholic church; communion table of 40 scarves of different colors, exposed to the peristyle and "served" The Guede loa come out of the cemeteries, possess their horses and come into the hounforts to amuse themselves in the form of souls incarnated or reincarnated Eating the yams (manger-yam) Ganga-Bois Feeding the sea (agoueh r oyo) Bath of Christmas; leaf-rubbing for medical treatments and talismans for magic protection, ritual sacrifices of pigs and goats, boucans for amusement, to which the loa come to bathe themselves and their proteges; sacrifice of turkeys for Caplau

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