What does communication ( or tele communication ) means ?

The term communication means the transfer of some of information from one place ( source of information ) to another place using some System to do this function ( knows as communication System)

Basic terminology using in this communication course:Signal :
………. is function that specified how a variable versus an independent variable as speech , money ,

Analog signal :

are signals with amplitude that take any real value ( Amplitude)

Ex:- A sin2 || ft

Noise :

is an undesired signal that gets added desired transmitted signal at the Receiver .

the source of noise may be external to the communication or ( internal noise )

à signal to noise ratio ( S N R )

‫ حساب كمية الـ‬noise ‫ لو كانت الـ‬signal ‫ أكبر من الـ‬noise ‫.يبقى ما فيش مشكلة إنما إذا كان العكس فإن الشارة تنضمر‬


= signal to transmitted / noise added = power of desired signal / power of noise signal

à Rate of communication :-

is speed at which digital information is transmitted .

As Example:- lan : 100 M bit / s 56 K bit / s

à Modulation :-

is changing on or more of the characteristic of signal

‫تعريفات مهمة‬ ‫ الشارة بعد ما إتبعتت‬modulated -----------à

‫ الشارة‬modulating