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Approaches to Learning (Process) Self-Assessment

Rate yourself in each of these categories in Social Studies for Trimester 2. Categories
Attitudes towards Learning: Independently and actively initiates and participates in the learning process; possesses curiosity and passionately delves into learning; challenges self and others; perseveres; thinks critically about learning, exhibits behaviours of an engaged learner, contributes to a positive learning environment for self and peers. Organization: Consistently focused, selfdirected; deadlines met punctually; always brings needed materials and always ready to begin work Problem Solving/Decision Making: Uses multiple ways to discover and work through problems; considers differing perspectives and potential solutions; aware of personal value system; considers the implications of decisions on others as well as long term impact of decisions; confidently decides a course of action Communication: Communicates relevant information that enriches discussions; organizes information into a well-developed and logical sequence; skillfully seeks and evaluates evidence and thoughtfully articulates ideas based on that evidence. Presentation through different media and manipulating a range of technologies:Creates suitable products using media and technologies appropriate to assigned purpose and intended audience; original ideas employed Collaboration skills: Regularly contributes positively; consistently listens to, shares with, and supports the efforts of others; recognizes and appreciates individual and group similarities and differences; interacts with others in open, honest and respectful ways; is a problem solver Reflection : wholeheartedly and realistically embraces the self-reflection process; accurately identifies areas in need of support and/or improvement; makes connections relevant to future learning and growth; regularly and effectively applies feedback

Exemplary X




Comments: I gave myself exemplary for the attitudes towards learning page because I always do the work I have to do and I turn it in on time. I also sometimes have spare time to read. I gave myself exemplary for organization because I always meet deadlines and I also am consistently focused. I gave myself a proficient for problem solving because I try to find multiple solutions to problems. However, I do not try to solve things by using multiple ways. I gave myself exemplary for communication because I always try, and usually succeed, in giving relevant information to the topic which also makes the conversation better. I gave myself proficient for presentation through different media because I do not usually use many different types of media but I do give certain types of media to help strengthen my idea. I gave myself exemplary for collaboration skills because I always contribute positively and I try to always listen to others. I gave myself exemplary for reflection because I try to find areas that I need to focus more on. As well as effectively applying feedback to help my learning.