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MASS Change in Sales Orders in ERP SAP

MASS Change in Sales Orders in ERP SAP

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Published by: balashowryraju on Dec 05, 2008
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MASS: Changing Payment terms in sales order Take example 12335 and 12336

Here the above screens the payment terms is showing 0001 payment immed. Due date. Now client want to change to 0002

Now go to MASS t-code Enter object type BUS2032 for sales orders purpose Here don’t give the variant name in main screen And execute..

Select the sales order header data and Generate

Here enter the required sales order number to change From and To. and

And Execute

Here select the Required Sales order and click on select fields button

And click on OK

Now change the payment terms 0001 to 0002

OK , OK and Save

U will get the above screen after saving the sales order with changes Now check in sales order 12335 and 12336 the payment terms was changed to 0002.

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