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The Ultimate Science Fiction Collection - Volume Four to Six

The Ultimate Science Fiction Collection - Volume Four to Six

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Published by James Tompkins

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Published by: James Tompkins on Mar 26, 2012
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The Ulfimate Science Fiction Collections Volume Four to Six

Kindle Edition by Douglas Editions (2009)

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Table of Contents:
Volume Four Volume Five Volume Six
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The Ulrimate Science Fiction Collectioru Volume Four
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Table of Contents: Anthony Gilmore:
The Mfair of the BTains
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Hawk Carse

The Passing of Ku Sui

Edward Bellamy:
Dr Heidenhoffs Process

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The Affair of the · Br'ams By Anthony Gilmore http://www.ebook-converter.com Kindle PC Converter Demo Version .

phenomenal ray-gun draw and reckless space-ship maneuverings combined to make him the period's most colorful figure.~~0A-~oPlerter·~«JJl1F"'-Ci.ee y WI.&J. gray-eyed and with queer bangs of hair obscuring his http:/~. -II Kind~W. lusty period before the patrol-ships came.'~~cW~!We S .·.. t·· ···1···· . .conjure up from the past that raw. and the slender adventurer. These I .

g.. Again and again the paths of the adventurer and the sinister.qualities of his live again in the outlanders' reminiscences and also of course his score of blood-feuds and the one great feud that shook whole worlds in its final ~~:~~Wt_~~ftUb. Ku Sui. brilliant Eurasian .-the feud of Hawk Carse and Dr.-.

An 1. Time after time Ku Sui. and each crossing makes a rich tale. • • d· ·1' y Kind~f.• Derid'A!Wcer InSI .. and always the tentacles coiled back..10US. weaving over the universe.crossed. his individual agents and his ambitious http://~o0'Qfve~~9m. whipped his tentacles after the Hawk.. through his several bands of spacepirates. repulsed and bloody. .Unve ..

eighth satellite of .eboo~-co Kind~el. It will nve rter .atedrRtnll Ruwk Carse" [1]-that Dr.com be remembered-vas http://viww. Ku laid a most ingenious trap for Carse on the latter's ranch on Iapetus.almost typical episode is in the affair which followed what has been called the Exploit of the Hawk and the Kite.

and resulted in the erasure of Judd and all his men save one. pirate and scavenger. but the important thing to the . was the Eurasian's tool in this plot.Saturn. which started with a raid on the ranch. 'The fracas which followed the ~~:~I·eba~:eCe from the trap was bloody and grim enough. Judd the Kite.

containing the space coordinates for a prearranhttp:/~.Jn au..11~lo\J.. issue of Astounding Stories.q1}¥ ..~.. with Ku Sui.. r CfQ-~.fbools.following affair was that Judd's ship. fell into Carse's hands with one prisoner and the ship's log.· •.. 1931. e f J' dd Kind~nv~~·· .c. All other projects were .. [1] See the November. the Scorpion.

Ku face to face. . and swiftly he moved along it.postponed by the Hawk at this opportunity to meet Dr.ebook-converter. Kindh~f'beret~asVW"erk be done to before he could set out.com . The trail of the Eurasian was the guiding trail of his life. http://www. Three men had emerged alive from the clash between the Hawk and the Kite: .

sole survivor of Judd's crew.cRT .' ..... Then.. up ravaged ranch. Friday. his gigantic negro companion in adventure. .~ookR.Carse himself.d . under I. repairing fences and generally bringing order out of confusion.... th e Kindl~~nve'\~~ovl!r!cane. and a bearded half-caste called Sako. http:lL-~..JlYf'per. burying the bodies of the dead. Aided sullenly by this man.

Friday and the captive brigand tooled the adventurer's own ship. well into the near-by jungle. . while the Hawk returned to He went into her control cabin. opened her log book and once more scanned what interested him there. the Star Devil.~~:~~~~1~on Carse's instructions.

at N. 24 January.The notation ran: "E.S.M. for purpose of deliverinz the skeleton and http :/~ . Note: the ship is to standby .'T. E.7.D.M. 10:20 P. (Earth Time) 2:40 P.8 on E. (New System) X-33.T. Y-'241.3. (Earth Date) 16 January.D.ebook-convQer . E. Meeting ordered by Ku Sui. Z-'92.com Kind~tathfI1FglEOfv@arrse to him.

" l-Ie mulled over it ' slowly· . http://w:w.com . and a good one..eboc)K=-converter. the radio's receiver open to Ku Sui's private wave (D37. R3) for further instructions. Judd's ship would keep that rendezvous. KindlStfEJ>lci:Agehi~rfilaxen ..at complete stop. It bangs was a chance. but it would sheathe the talons of . X1293.

and high peril attended any matching of wits with him.*. 'This time a trap would be laid for Ku Sui.' '*' '*' '*' . on the face of it.*.the Hawk.' L I • I I L I L I The plan was simple enough. his face .erteEllCasian a was Kind'ffi1fsle'Fr 8rctrilning as well as a master of science. . Carse closed the log. http:htatebodth:&.

.bleak. ebony http :f(www. Shaking the drops of steaming perspiration from his face. a ~we:lt-.p-listening .. A shuffle of feet brought his gaze up to the port-lock entrance. his mind made up..•.com Kindg'icaqq_t:rt-sfm9drsthere. stripped to shorts. ··.eoook-Qnverter. Friday.. he reported: "All finished. suh=got the .

'." ..' . Ku in this ship?" http://~I~~tll.'. An' now what? You still figurin' on keepin' that date with Dr. . .Star Devil in the jungle where you said to hide her.l~~. neares t. o "I'm not taking any crew. suh? Porno? It's the .ge~e<.rt I rec . " . k" n.po. Kind'Et~fleifeWne~e'11 e pick up a w crew. Eclipse. absently.

Friday gaped in surprise at his master. Ku is a highly personal affair. then found words: "No crew. "And this meeting with Dr.arse C d cut In shortly. You and I .com Kindle PC Converter Demo Version 1• " "I've lost enough men in the '" · 1ast twoays. suh? Against Ku Sui? We'll be throwin' our http://~~al1verter.

. Perhaps http:~ .. we've got to. "I'm risking your life.and Sako can run the ship.. . Kind!! fld. . . The Hawk's smile broade- . " he murmured. "'a.ace.. indignantly.•." ay...f course. I"~ ..e b ···11 xl t he e negro owe .elJ<oJi~JIV(WeI1=AIJ\. hIS f. . Eclipse.c~~9EAno t~¥e you somewhere?" "'8··············· ." One of the man's rare smiles relaxed · ·.

he muttered over and over.. ··1·1· en. I"V· ••.. and prepare ship for casting ff.ebook-converter.. then. •e .' he salid .ned at the spontaneous exclamation of loyalty. "Now send Sako to me. . " httP:/~.com Kind'~lt"fnagerPndaynwent ft on a a final thorough inspection of all mechanisms.. . "Two of us=against Ku Sui! Two of I... ery we...

us!" and he was still very much disturbed when.:lf~WQuldbe wise if he confined himself to his duties. the order came through to the engine room: "Break ground!" . telling him that he would be free but watched ~~:~=«m. after Carse had had a few crisp words with the captive Sako.

coilf' . she lifted sweetly from the crust k-coof rter Ianetus and at http://www . Then. in response to the delicate incline of her space-stick. d. .Gently the brigand ship Scorpion stirred. Kind'e~:rtfdleea'Slng spee burned through the satellite's atmosphere toward the limitless dark leagues beyond..ecoo nve .

. Except for occasional glances at the banks of h~P:. turning over in his mind the several variations of situation his dangerous I •..q'ft\'t:trtt •.•..•.' '*' '*' '*' .*.The Hawk was on the trail! .*.' L I • I I L I L I Carse took the first watch himself.•• ~ r . the screens Klnd~~Ctonve· er emo erSlon and celestial charts. he spent his time in deep thought.

K-CO .cdOl Kind~ hi9rtnenreetBy behind and send some men over to receive the remains of the Hawk=for either of which variations he was prepared..rendezvous might take.:b-Oo nve rter . some ···· http://www . he reasoned: come aboard from his own craft ::lccomnaniedby···· . how would Ku Sui contact the Scorpion? Any of three ways. First.

there was another consideration.ebook-converter. Carse's celestial charts revealed.com KindlWhat~rO v~riations their contacting took. and more dangerous. direct that the remains of Carse be brought over to his ship.or. http://www. without showing himself or any of his crew. and that was the . a third.

main refuge and home of http:lL-~ebools... "1jackers. Several brigand ships were sure to be I . Satellite III harbored Port 0' Porno..proximity of the rendezvous to Jupiter's Satellite III.cAIJ%'~rt~~~fQ . " . and out-and-out pirates of space.. so many of whom were under Ku Sui's thumb. thee h··· Kindl~lItG:onv~CIe)hlYfd@jerS. less than three hundred thousand miles.

his gray eyes reflective.. http://www. KindlStelce!1veTehenoM~wk considered that it would be wise to make provision against the odds proving too great..eoooK-converter.. destroying the hairbreadth balance in Carse's favor .. and one might easily intrude. There was neril on every .coM..somewhere in the vicinity... So. he c • • .

.""-1 ·"'. .com "" ))> Kind~Kc...•• '.o2~-:t. 1 calling ..".strode to the Scorpion's radio panel and a moment later was saying over and over in a toneless voice: "XX"··'·..'..-2.eDo01?con"¢Met.) calline 1{)('-'2-"-'XX -.. mg XX··'. http://www. 'II··" XX···'·'.. .".••.-.-)) . He ." '-1 ca..~ Bemo Version '*"' '*' '*' '*' L I L I I L I '*"' L I After a full two minutes there was still no answer from the loudspeaker...

.. Highly important no outsider overhears.•.kept calling: "XX -1 calling XX-2--XX-1 calling XX-2--..answering XX··.....•.....-..·· . AA-2.• . ·. ·.rve me protecte d connection... "lng-.· '... D'..'-1.emo Verssio..· .. ·. you hear me?" "Y····'· •es.··..e~ook-conveJfer. iru .•........ er.·'·..0 . vW. .•..." .·... G'· .. · .1ca·11'" He broke off as words in English came softly from the loudsncaker: http://www..-.·' D .·.• n..xx-. ..com KindIEt~ .· •... '••.

.. ahead."All right." Go The Hawk relaxed and his face softened. C·· . • . "Protected.. . "How are httP:¥QU~oKli9ta. '" came In Ine.. old man.'cche almost asked KindteiflfeePIy:emo Version "J' .arse. cultured voice of Master Scientist Eliot Leithgow." the gentle voice answered. probably the .. the clear..ust fi .

"I've been expecting t· you. "'H as I . with Friday... was one of Carse's two trusted comrades-inarms.. on. Kind~WicYnve~~dJ.h· tra . He spoke now from his secret laboratory on Jupiter's Satellite III. Ku Sui being the only possible exception. el?0o~A~upr com .greatest scientific mind in the solar system.. "h •e wenl.. http:/~ ..Q""siJAtllS ranscendent genius who.

h· tra . "'H as .Q""siJAtllS ranscendent genius who. He S:Roke now [from his secret laboratory on JU:Qiter's Satellite III... I . Ku Sui !being the only :Rossible exce:Rtion. http:/~ . was one of Carse's two trusted comrades-inarms. el?0o~A~upr com .greatest scientific mind in [he solar system.. with Friday... "h •e wenlt· on.. "I've been expecting you. Kind~WicYnve~~dJ.

Kind~WicYnve~~dJ. "I've been expecting t· you. http:/~ . "h •e wenl. with Friday...h· tra .greatest scientific mind in the solar system.. "'H as I .Q""siJAtllS ranscendent genius who.. el?0o~A~upr com .. on. was one of Carse's two trusted comrades-inarms.. Ku Sui being the only possible exception. He spoke now from his secret laboratory on Jupiter's Satellite III.

.something happened?" "I'm concerned with Ku Sui again.'hl5yt~5iHe the related events of the last two days: Judd's attack on the Iapetus ranch..:1nV chances of his hearing•. Kindlalliyo't1fie1.com . the subsequent fight and outcome. http:J7WWVr!eboolt~~onverter. ·· . . .." the Hawk told him swiftly. "Please excuse me. I can't take .. and finally his . I have to be brief.

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