Windows 7 Notes

Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating (14 percent)
Windows 7 starter is mainly for netbooks, no DVD playback, No Aero, No ICS, No IIS, only 32-biti version, Max 2GB or Ram Windows 7 Home Basic (not available in us) Similar to starter, x64 version available supports 8GB or ram Windows 7 Home Premium Dvd playback, Aero, ICS, IIS No enterprise technology, can’t connect to windows domain up to 16GB of ram and 2 physical processors Windows 7 Professional Same as home premium, can connect to windows domain, supports domain connections, and RDH and EFS, Doesn’t have bitlocker, applocker, branchcache, x 86 and x64 supports 192 GB of RAM Windows 7 Ulitmate Everything included, Enterprise tech included, 32 and x64 bit versions, 192GB Windows 7 Enterprise Can’t buy off the shelf, only for volume licensing subscribers 32 bit can only have 4GB of RAM for all versions but starter Minimum Requirements Windows 7 x86 1GHz Processor 1GB RAM 16GB Free disk DirectX9 w/ WDDM 1.0 or up

x64 version 1GHz Processor 2GB RAM 20GB Free disk DirectX9 w/ WDDM 1.0 or up

Clean Installation DVD-ROM most commom, Downloadable version available as well via ISO useful for installing on a small number of stations, not very scalable for just one disk USB drive Update the files on drive if needed. Faster than DVD, needs at least 4GB of space, Doesn’t scale well neither, need elevated permissions, diskpart Copy the installation files to the USB drive. Network Share Boot with the preinstallation Environment, still doesn’t scale very well, WPE is good for diagnostics windows PE is free, windows Automated installation kit for W7

WDS – Windows Deployment Services Automated deployment requires a network. choose at boot process.xml – Things to exclude. can be completely automated Scanstate compiles all user information. can be created and modified with scanstate. can’t be viewed in windows explorer Hardlink – Creates some links to user data – links follow with wipe and load – doesn’t duplicate files you need 250MB to transfer user info – modify config. or flash drive Wipe and Load – Export data. files.XML – folders.xml must also be modified MigApp. separate partition needed Win7 at least 15GB of HD space XP can’t resize partition must have 3rd party utilities VHD won’t need a new partition Must choose unallocated space 100MB partition created is called WinRE Migration Windows Easy Transfer Side-by-Side – Easy transfer cable or network and can copy profile to a HDD Old and New Easy transfer cable. Don’t bring over Storingd the data – Uncompressed. DUAL BOOTING Only run one OS at a time.stored in folders. and AD needs to have network adapter supporting PXE. and file types MigDocs – Locations of user docs Config.xml file to prevent some system settings from being migrated.exe and /i parameter for custom application migrations with user accounts. fonts. network. then import Profiles. folder options MigUser. view in wind explorer Compressed – less space.exe w/ the /genconfig option Comes with window AIK - . run in an elevated prompt or as a local admin(XP) Migapp.mxl –wallpaper.Xml contains rules about migrating application settings USMT User state migration tool – works at the command line. migapp. XP to 7 Loadstate command loads the users information< must be at elevated state Scanstate. can also boot from a “discover image” Uses Multicast – installs on many sevices at once. 2008 Server. Nuke and install. built for larger enterprise Migrate from XP and Vista to 7 and from 7 to vista not to XP.

xml to the root Perform 7 installation – Use sysprep to generalize an set oobe (out of box experience) Create a bootable windows PE disk or USB Create image and store on network share Deploy the image Use an answer file –you’re going to do this over and over again Windows SIM – automate the process Must have answers Run Audit Mode(Shift-CTRL-F3) – Bypass windows welcome Tweak your ref image.Set Windows Welcome – OOBE Generalize resets the 30-day activation only can be done three times . server 08 R2. Vista. Server 03 SP2 only Development tools command prompt – give your access to all the tools Documentation folder also available – gives you step by steps Windows S(ystem)I(Image)M(anger) – GUI CREATING a REFERENCE IMAGE Plan a 7 installation on a ref PC – Build an answer file Validate and save the answer file – save Autounattend.Deploying Windows 7 (13 percent) Capturing a system image Making a CC of an exact CP to put on many systems Build a reference computer Image X takes the snapship of the reference computer does the imaging Windows Automated Installation Kit – free to download iso Windows SIM (System Image Manager) – Manages Image distribution ImageX – creates and modifies windows images DISM(Deployment Image Servicing and Management) – Modify an image with updates and drivers Already used tools in AIK Windows PE(preinstal) – A minimal Boot OS OSCDIMG – Command line creation of Iso files USMT(User state migration Tool) – migrate user information bt OS versions Can install on 7. Server 08. load apps and drivers SYSPREP -Clear Unique Names .

-manage-bde –protectors –get No BL backdoor Direct Access Automated VPN connectivity – Always-on. Very secure used in high secure environments Data Recovery Agents – Configure the different drive recovery options Configure the Unique Identifiers Computers already using BL –manage-bde –setidentifier. digital certs for authentication and encryptions Anything dealing with certs you can use the MMC (MS management console with certs snap in) . very useful for bitlocker hardware –based – useful for encryption Hash-key summary of the hardward and software.BitLocker (Mobile computing) TPM Trusted Platform Module BitLocker lets you encrypt entire volumes – not just a single file protects everything including OS. must be in windows domain. regardless of location Ultimate and Enterprise IPv6 – unless you user MS forefromt unified Access Gateway Requires Windows server 08 R2. even if the physical drive is moved to another computer 7 Ultimate or Enterprise TPM Trusted Platform Module –securely generates and stores cryptographic keys. a TPM and a USB startup Keys – wheres your USB key BL w/o TPM must have a USB key. allows to find out if something changes Platform authentication. two NICs one in and one out (Internet link needs two consecutive IPs).is it really you BL with TPM –no add on for authentication factors BL with a TPM and a PIN – input your PIN during startup BL w.



Practice Exam .

Differential 3.0/25.0. Question 2: What type of backup is done when Windows Backup runs for the second time for a scheduled backup? 1.Question 1: You want to set your Windows 7 laptop to hibernate when the battery level reaches 15%. What will you do? 1. Change the power button actions. NTFS files cannot be recovered if you forget the password. In which configuration pass will it be processed? This component can be used to add extra drivers to your Windows 7 Installation.0. BitLocker can be used to encrypt everything on a volume. EFS does not. EFS always applies to complete volume. Use Computer configuration to put the disks to sleep at 15% charge capacity. BitLocker can be opened even without a password. 128 Correct Answer: 1. 2. Question 4: You have configured a network with network address of 10. Full 4. What is the maximum number of computers. Copy Correct Answer: 1. Incremental 2. BitLocker does not. Correct Answer: 4. 127 4. EFS cannot encrypt all contents of a volume. Correct Answer: 4. 254 5. 4. Change the power options 3. 126 2. Question 3: What is the main difference between EFS and BitLocker from a user's perspective? 1. which can join this network? 1. Change the advanced setting of the power plan in use to match the requirements. BitLocker always applies to complete volume. 3. 2. 255 3. Question 5: You can add the Microsoft-Windows-PnpCustomizationsNonWinPE component to your answer file using the Windows SIM (System Image Manager). . 4.

1. oobeSystem configuration Pass 2. which needs you to run it in Windows XP mode. What will you do to enable Windows XP mode on those 100 computers? 1. Guess your keystrokes. Correct Answer: 4. both WIM and MDF files (respective MDS file is not required) . WIM 3. It gives data transfer boost 2. specialize configuration Pass 5. It cannot be done after Windows 7 has already been installed. Question 8: What is the biggest benefit of a stripped volume? Stripped volume can be created using the disk management utility in Windows 7. log in to the system and run the system restore 2. auditSystem configuration Pass Correct Answer: 3. Question 9: Which of the image formats are valid for DISM. Upgrade to Windows 7 ultimate 2. Such a volume will not need defragmentation Correct Answer: 1.. Upgrade to Windows 7 professional 3. his computer boots with a blank screen since then. generalize configuration Pass 3. Question 6: Your company has 100 computers running Windows 7 professional edition. both WIM and MDF files (respective MDS file is required) 4. What will you do to run system restore? 1. However. offlineServicing configuration pass 4. Boot into Linux and manually copy . Boot into Windows RE and then use it to run system restore.paste files from a previous restore point. Question 7: You updated your client's Windows 7 with a new video driver. ISO 2.exe to work with? 1. It has been decided by the head to use an older application for an important part of work. Download and install Windows XP mode software from the Microsoft web site 4. hence preventing data loss in case of a single disk failure 4. 4. You must reinstall Windows 3. It provides security to the data by automatically encrypting it 3. You have to select the most important reason why you would implement this type of volume? 1. Correct Answer: 3. It keeps more than one copy of data.

xml Correct Answer: 2. You have to select the biggest downside of these rules. However. Implementing them will give a performance drop 2.wim files reside on different paths on the same DVD with the same name. You have been given separate Install. 1. oobe. /image:\Install. 1.xml 3. Question 11: What is the drawback of hash rule? Hash rules are the most effective ones in the list of Software Restriction Policies. 300 MB 4. It has to be setup independently for each computer 3. 12 MB 3. /useimage: 2.xml 4. 350 MB Correct Answer: 3. Question 10: How much space must be free to enable system restore on a volume? 1. It has to be setup independently on a per-file basis 4. /iimage:\Install.wim 3. Question 13: What file controls the behavior of Windows 7 on its first boot (Windows Welcome)? 1. welcome. /installfrom: 4.wim Correct Answer: 3. Question 12: You have been asked to install Windows 7 Ultimate x86 on 3 different computers.ini 2.exe to change the image from which to install Windows 7? You have to use separate images for installing Windows 7 on each computer. setup-0. Which of the following options will you pass to setup.Wim files for each of the computers on a single bootable Windows 7 Install DVD. 1 GB 2. Question 14: Your client bought a Laptop 3 years ago which came with Windows Vista Ultimate. they are all on the same DVD only? The Install. oobe.Correct Answer: 2. He has . They conflict with the NTFS permissions Correct Answer: 3.

Correct Answer: 2. What would you suggest him if he wants to do this? 1. Interactive Logon: Smart Card removal Behavior 3. Buy a new laptop. Use Linux Operating System. Question 17: You want the workstation of a user to be logged off (forcefully) when he pulls out the smart card. which have been already installed in Internet Explorer? 1. 1. Which one of the following will solve your problem? The computer you want to upgrade already meets the hardware requirements for the upgrade. You want to upgrade it to Windows 7. By changing settings in "Internet Options" Correct Answer: 1. Interactive Logon: Smart Card usage Behavior 4. USMT . Run suitable version of Windows 7 upgrade advisor tool 3. Question 16: You have a computer running Windows XP Professional. But before that you want to check whether or not all the applications which are already installed will remain compatible. 2. Run Windows Update 2. Revert back to Windows Vista Ultimate and install SP2. where Windows is installed. no checking is required Correct Answer: 4. Question 18: Which of the following tools contains the settings for enforcing password settings on a Windows 7 computer? 1.ieaddons. But he is not able to do so. Run suitable version of Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit 5. Interactive Logon: Smart Card Account Control Correct Answer: 2. Install a TPM on the Laptop 4. By using control panel 5. We can manage it from the Tools -> Manage add-ons menu 2. 3. We can download a gadget for that 3.not upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate and wants to use BitLocker to encrypt the C:\ driver. You want to do this without doing type of installation. By visiting www. Windows 7 is fully compatible with Windows XP applications. Interactive Logon: require Smart Card for logoff 2. Question 15: How will you manage the add-ons. Which policy will you configure? and clicking on manage 4. Search online for the applicaton compatibility list 4.

Question 19: What is the final setting you need to do after having set the policies in Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Network | TCPIP Settings | IPv6 Transition Technologies? 1. Question 20: You suspect that your Audio device driver is conflicting with the Ethernet driver. Set up the Windows Firewall to allow applications. Feature pack in Windows PE image 4. Application patch 5. Edit the registry key which controls the list of the folders where Windows 7 will search for the drivers Correct Answer: 4. Which tool can help you confirm whether you are right with your suspicion or not? 1. Local GPE 4. diverquery. 2. One of your colleagues asks you to help him install lp.msc 5. Use pnputil to add all the drivers in C:\MyDriverStore to the Driver Store 3. Set the name resolution policies.2. Install all drivers in a Windows 7 install image and then deploy this image on the computer. Language Pack 2. Application . What type of object is he trying to add to the image? 1. No setting has to be done. Group Policy Editor 3.exe 4.wsf Correct Answer: 1. Control Panel Correct Answer: 3. Device Manager 2. in addition to its default Driver Store files to image. Question 22: You are working in the IT administrator team of a company.exe 3. We are ready to go! Correct Answer: 3. Driver 3. Compmgmt. Question 21: You want Windows 7 to search for drivers in C:\MyDriverStore folder. Cipher. Set up Network to ensure that network connectivity is not lost. 3. What is the easiest way to accomplish this task? 1. which uses Windows 7 on all of the computers. Copy the contents of C:\MyDriverStore to %systemroot%\System32 directory 4. 2. driverconflict. 4.

It can be done but not on Windows 7. Zone rules 4. We need a Windows Server 2008 R2 for the purpose. Question 23: You want fine grained control over how UAC behaves. Correct Answer: 3. Question 24: How would you configure BitLocker to Go to use the TPC chip on a computer? 1. . Hash rules Correct Answer: 5. Default rules 3. None of the above Correct Answer: 1. Computer Management Console 4. Local GPE 2. Using device manager 3. Where will you go? 1. It cannot be done 4. Path rules 5. Question 25: Which of the following is the most precedent rule in the Software Restriction Policies? 1. Certificate rules 2. Control Panel 3.Correct Answer: 1. Using Computer Management Console 2.

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