Priscilla Urena Soc. Pr.

2 Sojourner Truth Early Life      Born in 1797 Was a slave captured from the Gold Coast in Ghana She escaped with her child Sophia and had to leave her other children behind She found her way to the home of Isaac and Maria Wagner o She lived there until New York State Emancipation Act was approved Truth found out that her 5 year old son, had been sold illegally sold to an owner in Alabama o She took the issues to court, and after months of legal proceedings she got back her son o She was the first black women in court to go against a white man

Abolition      In 1843, she became a Methodist and traveled preaching about abolition In 1844, she joined the Northern Association of Education and Industry o The organization supported women’s rights and religious tolerance as well as pacifism (peaceful resolution of conflicts) She attended the Ohio Women’s Rights convention, where she delivered her famous speech later on known as the “Ain’t I A Women” During the civil war, she helped recruit black troops for the Union Army In 1864, Truth was employed by the National Freedman’s Relief Association, where she worked to improve conditions for African- Americans

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