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Wife of NPA commander surrenders - MGen Mabanta identified the rebel's wife as Mary Jane Magkilat, alias Ka Chin-Chin, head of education bureau of South West Front of the Komiteng Rehiyonal-Negros and political officer of Platoon 2 of the NPA rebels led by her husband Reniel Cello, alias Commander Kurnpol, (Zaida delos Reyes-Palanca) , NPA commander's wife yields - A WIFE of an infamous commander of the New People's Army (NPA) in Negros Occidental surrendered to the authorities the other day. (Zaida delos Reyes-Palance) Cops free rebel leader's wife arrested by soldiers - Soldiers on Thursday arrested the wife of a rebel leader in southern Negros, who is allegedly also a leader of the New People's Army in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental. (Carla P. Gomez, Inquirer Visayas) Koronadal Talks - A brewing rift between the military and a tribal community in the coal-rich town of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato was averted after the parties patched things up in a dialogue held in Koronadal City on Thursday. Soldiers' Health - The Philippine Army has stepped up the fight against cervical cancer by giving free vaccination to its women soldier.(Elena Aben) 5 soldiers wounded in Surigao ambush - Five soldiers were wounded when suspected New People's Army (NPA) rebels ambushed a convoy of military vehicles in Sitio Subang Daan, Barangay Cantugas, Mainit, Surigao del Norte Wednesday evening.( Ben Serrano) 3 NPAs arrested in Quezon - Three suspected members of the New People's Army (NPA), two of them minors, were arrested in Barangay Pansoy in San Andres, Quezon yesterday afternoon. (Michelle Zoleta) AFP RELATED ISSUES Limas hits Reds' tag on 'democratic left' Presidential Adviser for Political Affairs Ronald Llamas called the attention of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army-National Democratic (CPP-NPA-NDF) for branding members of the so-called democratic left as counterrevolutionaries, making them targets of the insurgents' liquidation operations.( Jaime Laude) In Sulu, human rights work starts with letting the people know - It struck Jocelyn Basaluddin, a volunteer working among families dis.Q!aced by violence in Sulu, that many of them had no idea

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what their human rights are.(Julie Alipala) Be proud, discard 'kotong,' NoyNoy tells PNPA graduates - President Aquino yesterday struck closer to home in his continuing crusade against corruption in public service when he called on the new police, fire and jail officers who graduated from Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) Sinagtala Class of 2012 to "be proud of a career that will not be based on corruption or mulcting (kotong) but on sacrifice and dedication to public service."(Rocky Nazareno) Daily Tribune p. 1


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At .2 .p.m. yest~rQay, a low pressure area was estimated at 300 kms northwest Luzon and Mindanao will be cloudy with scattered rainshewers and .thunderstorms, becoming widespread rains over the eastern section of Luzon which may trigger flashfloods and landslides. The Visayas will have . partly cloudy with is1;)lated tainshowers or thunderstorms . . Coastal waters throughout the archipelago will he moderate to rough. Temperature forecasts: Metro Manila, 23-32 degrees Celsius: Baguio City,


of Puerto Princesa City.

16-22; Tagaytay City, 22-29;Subic and Clark zone, 25-31; Metro Cebn, 24-31; Metro Davao, 24-32; and Cagayan nila Bay: high tide at 11:28 a.m. at 0.79 meter; low tide
de Oro, 23..31. 'Iidal predictions in Ma-

at 5:03 a.m. at 0.27 meter,. and at 4;'46p.m. ~ 0.10 me. ter. Sunrise is at 5:57 a.m; su~set at 6:01 p.m. ~

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A WIFEof a notorious commander of the New People's Army surrendered after soldiers cornered her at their hideout in the mountains of Kabankalan, Negros Occidental Friday. Philippine Army's 3rd Infantry Division chief Major General Jose Mabanta identified the woman' as Mary Jane Magkilar, alias "Ka Chin-Chin," wife ofNP A commander Reniel Cello, alias "Kumander Kumpol."

Wife of NPA commander surrenders
. Cello was said to be the leader and political officer of the Komiteng Rehiyonal-Negros. ' Mabantasaid"KaChinChiit"yieldedtotheArmy's47th . Infantry Battalion in Barangay Bantayan, Kabankalan City. Shedidnotresistwhengovemmenttroopscomeredherattheir hideout in the mountainous area of 5itio Pacao. . The military turned Magkila t over to the Kabankalan police for proper disposition. Zaidadelos Reyes-Palanca

NPA commander's wife yields'
A WIFE of an infamous commander of the New People's Army (NPA) in Negros Occide~tal surrendered to the authorities the other day. This was confirmed yesterday by Philippine Army's 3rd Infantry Division (ID) chiefM~. Gen. Jose Mabanta. ' . Mabanta identified the rebel's wife as M~ Jane Magkilat, alias Ka Chin-Chin, head of education bureau of South West Front of the Komiteng RehiyonalNegros and political officer of Platoon 2 of the NPA rebels led by her husbandReniel Cello, alias Commander Kumpol. According to Mabanta, Magkilat surrendered at around 4:30 p.m. to the Anny's 47th Infantry Battalion in Bgy. Bantayan, Kabankalan City. It was learned that troops found the hideout of Ka Chin-Chin in the mountainous area of Sitio Pacao where she surrendered when she sensed that she was already surrounded by government forces. The rebel's wife was turned over by the military to the Kabankalan City police for the filing of appropriate charges against her. Zaida delos Reyes·Palanca

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March 2012

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Cops free rebel leader's wife arrested by soldiers
BACOLOD CITY-Soldiers on Chin-Chin, was released shortly Thursday arrested the wife of a by police because there. were no rebel leader in southern Ne- pending charges . against . her, said Lt. Col. Rodrigo Sosmena, gros who is.' allegedly also a , . 1' leader of the New Peop e S 47th Infantry Battalion comArmy in Kabankalan City, Ne- mander. . Magkilat allegedly headed gros OccidentaL . bureau of a But Mary Jane Magkilat, alias the education

Bantayan past 4 p.m. on Thursday kil Soldiers turned Mag at over to police but she was released about 9 p.m. when police . 1 C eon. 11 \ found no criminal case pending me l Sosmena said Magkilat was agair:st her: Car a P. Gomez, . arrested by soldiers in Barangay Inquirer VLS'ayas

guerrilla unit operatmg ~~ Negros Occidental. The military said shewas also political officer of a guerrilla platoon headed by her husband, Re-

tj. Jb
The Phlllppine Army has stepped up the fight against cervical cancer by giving free vaccination to its women soldiers. This as Maj ..Gen. Victor A. Felix, commander of the 4th Infantry "Diamond" Division (4ID), cited' the importance of the soldiers' health. "I will continue looking and caring for the health of our personnel through programs like this. Female soldiers must take advantage this activity since the vaccine cost much when availed commercially. Let us join hands in fighting cervical cancer. I believe that a healthy soldier can provide focus and effective service to the Filipino people," (Elena Aben)

GENERAL SANTOS crrv (PNA) - A brewing rift between the military and a tribal community in the coal-rtch town of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato was averted after the parties patched things up in a dialogue held in Koronadal City on Thursday. Present during the dialogue were 'representatives of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCI?), 27th Infantry Battalion, the religiousrun Hessed Foundation, and the Taboli Manubo S'daf Claimants OFFICEO Organization (TAMASCG). Sistel- \-Email add: oacpa_l . Susan Bolanio, who represented __ .... ' _~ _ . Hessed, said they were happy with the results of the dialogue, which was facilitated due to the fear of TAMASCO members of perceived military harassment.



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5 soldiers wounded in Surigao ambush
CAMP RAFAEL RODRIGUEZ, LIBERTAD, Butuan City - Five soldiers were wounded when suspected New People's Army (NPA) rebels ambushed a convoy of military vehicles in Sitio Subang Daan, Barangay Cantugas, Mainit, Surigao del Norte Wednesday evening. Chief SuperintendentReynaldo Rafal, head of the Caraga police regional office, identified the wounded soldiers as Sgt Dela Bano; Private

First Class Steve Gapoy; Pvt. April June Afiasco: Pvt. Ryan Carton and Pvt. Michael Gonzaga of 30th Infantry Brigade (IB) of the Philippine Army based in Bad-as, Placer, Surigao del Norte A report of the Mainit police to Police Regional Office-13 stated that the military convoy was on its way to the 30th IB Army headquarters when attacked by NPA rebels.·

An improvised explosive device attached to an electrical post exploded as the convoy was passing Sitio Subang Daan in Barangay Cantugas, Police said a IO-minute gunfight also ensued. Police are still investigating the incident. There were reports that some 50 armed men were seen "installing something" in the electrical posts along the road in itio Subang prior to the incident.

3 NPAs arrested in Quezon
CAMP NAKAR, Lucena City _ Three suspected members of the New People's Army (NPA), two of them minors, were arrested in Barangay Pansoy in San Andres, Quezon yesterday afternoon. Col. Generoso Bolinasaid the three were among the insurgents who engaged members of the 74th Infantry Battalion under Capt VitalicoSocoso [r; in a gunfight. Two caliber.45 pistols and a .9mm pistol were seized from the rebels. One of the NPA rebels identified as Elmer

Desoyo, 18, was turned over to the San Andres police station for filing of appropriate charges. The two minors would be turned over to Department of Social Works and Development for proper disposition. Charges will also be filed with the Commission on Human Rights against NPA leaders for the recruitment of the two minors. _ Michelle Zoleta

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Llamas hits Reds' tag on 'democratic left'
By Jaime Laude

MANILA, Philippines - Presidential Adviser for Political Affairs Ronald Llamas called the attention Communist Party of the Philippines-New people's Army-National liquidation operations. members of the so-called democratic left as counter-revolutionaries,

of the

Democratic (CPP-NPA-NDF) for branding making them targets of the insurgents'

"Three leaders of the Akbayan Citizens' Action Party, the Democratic Left party (of) which I am a member, were included in a diagram of groups branded as counter-revolutionaries week. Llamas was among the Invited lecturers asked by the students to speak on "The Democratic Left and the CPP-NPA-NDF." Also singled out by CPP were Akbayan Rep. Walden Bello, Etta Rosales, chair of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and Ric Reyes, currently president of the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC), he said. by the CPP leaderships," declared Llamas in a lecture at the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP) at Camp Aguinaldo late last

Also listed were Arturo Tabara, and Filemon "Popov" Lagman, who, just before the Ang Sayan article came out, had been assassinated. "This seemingly innocuous inclusion In a diagram of "counter-revolutionaries had an underlying - and more

chilling - message: that these Akbayan leaders were enemies of the revolution and were thus legitimate targets for execution by the CPP and its armed cadres," Llamas said. Describing the CPP-NPA-NDF as arrogant and hostile towards members of the Democratic Akbayan, Llamas said this made their group different violence as their means to effect political change. Llamas group, also known as "rejectionist," participation has shunned violence and adopted the free and open sin. group that is viciously opposed to the CPP line of new Left such as

from Sison's group who in return continue to espouse

in the elections and other forms of democratiC engagement to effect political change, a move

considered by Sison and his group as an unforgivable "In Sison's own words, Akbayan is a small reformist democratic revolution, through protracted

people's war," Llamas said.

However, he failed to mention in his lecture about his supposed secret trips to Utrecht, the Netherlands, where Sison is currently on a self-imposed national reconciliation. There were other reports that Llamas himself is directly working and pushing for Sison to return to the country in line with the ongoing government efforts to end the country's decades-long insurgency problem. is an important step exile, to convince the CPP founding chair to return home for

He only said later in his lecture that opening up for genuine democratic participation towards quelling political extremism and discouraging

violent means to advance political, SOCial,or cultural

agendas. t=:"creating a political environment that allow.s for a broader degree of participation in the political system ~. ~ whether in elections, public policy advocacy, or formal representation in government - makes it more likely ~ that citizens will choose to express themselves and work to advance their views within the system and less likely that they will be drawn to, or even consider, the violent methods advocated by groups such as the CPP-NPA-NDF," Llamas said. -5-

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In Sulu, human rights work starts with letting the people know _
. Zamboanga City

By JulieAlipala

T STRUCKJocelyn Basaluddin, a volunteer working among families displaced by violence in Sulu, that many of them had no idea what their human rights are.
"Many of them knew nothing plaints of human rights abuses about their rights, So I started she received were forwarded to teaching them basic human the Mindanao Human Rights rights through casual conversa- .Action Center (Minhrac) based tions," Basaluddin said. The 39- in Cotabato City. Minhrac later year-old mother started sharing tapped her as a human rights what· she had learned from grassroots monitor. years of working with nongovernment organizations as a Community-based volunteer relief worker and Today; Basaluddin's network fromjournalists she met. has grown to 49 village-based monitors-students, drivers While going around villages, Basaluddin was able to estaband eyen ordinary houselish a network of contacts. She wives-in Sulu's 19 towns. made sure to. send them cell Among their biggest contribuphone text messages every day. tion was the filing of human Whatever possible com- rights violations against several


government personalities, in- of the 2007 clashes in Al-Barka, cluding soldiers, at the Com- which resulted in the killings of mission on Human Rights 14 Marine soldiers. . (CHR). this strengthened his resolve In Basilan, 25-year-old to teach people their rights, Radzmie Hanapi, a criminology . even though he was not receivgraduate, said he had had ing any remuneration and was

'Many of them knew nothing about

their rights. So I,started teaching them basic human rights through casual COnversations ... '
enough of abuses. "I was doing volunteer work for NGOs and saw some of the abuses myself," he said. Hanapi cited the case of people in Yakan communities being deprived of their rights to shelter and abode in the aftermath courting risks, especially from violators themselves. Basaluddin saw as very important the presence of a grassroots monitor. "The military can always restrict entry into affected areas and outside monitors would have a hard time know-



ing what's happening inside. In so need to educate the people. this case, the presence of a and weare very thankful to our grassroots monitor is really grassroots monitors for, doing .this," he said. .' . .. \ helpful," she said. Malang acknowledged that Difficulties monitors were also facing dan. Hanapi said the far distance. ger in carrying out their tasks in of the villages from the town the communities. This was the centers was among the other same reason Minhrac partnered' difficulties monitors were fac- with the CHR and other organiing. "If there are grassroots zations, including state security monitors there, reports on par- forces, he said. ticular incidents can immediEdilwasif Badiri,· commisately be sent out," he said. sioner of the National Cornmis-" Lawyer Zainuddin Malang, sion on Muslim Filipinos, said the Minhrac executive director, the increasing awareness said grassroots monitors in Su- about human rights among villu and Basilan had been helplagers in Sulu and Basilan was ing human rights groups ad- also helping to protect the . Email all vance the protection of indi- monitors. vidual·· rights' in the two "Because they are part of the provinces.': community and I know the "We· can't monitor and hancommunity people will also dle everything from the outside, strive to protect them from that's why we need them. We al- harm," he said,


7- -s

March 2012

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Be proud, discard 'kotong;'NoynoYooDs PNPAgradwltes,;1- \


By Rocky Nazareno
President Aquinoyesterday struck closer to home in,his continuing crusade against : corruption in Rublicservice when he called on the new 'police, fire and jail officers who gra41£atedfrom Philippine National Police Aclitlemy(PNPA) Sinagtala Glass of , 2012to "J:i~proudof a career that will not be based ;~n corruption or mulcting (kotong) but en sacrifice and dedication to public service.~ "I am confident that you will hold your

heads high in your new uniforms with your new roles in society. In being new policemen, firemen and wardens, you will be proud to b~'Ilart of a profession that will be l'epqgniz~d and,_~;RPec.ted the by people," Aquino'told the 220 member of PNPA'sSinagtala Class of 2012. There were 220graduates ofthe PNPA on its 33rdcommencement exerciseswhere a female cadet topped the batch for a second year in a row and the third in the last four years. Marjorie Alcaraz Samson, 25-year-old

daughter of a retired seaman and an accountant from Tagaytay, City, duplicated the feat of Aleli Buaguen of Baguio City last year and that of Roan Marie Dinio Bascpgin'ofAlfonso;Cavitein 2009.Samson will join the Bureau of Jail, Management and Penology(BJMP), The PNPAis the premier institution for officers headed for the Philippine National Police (PNP), BJMPand the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP). As he had exhorted graduates of the
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To this, the violator replied: The president also gavemrample "Just give me a ticket." Yet the ,,20fl;;'."·~ " to the courage shown by Senior Philippaie Military Academy(PMA) enforcer was quick to add: "I don't Aquino particularly, cited the Inspector Jay Dimaala who led his a week ago to fight the new enemy' have a ticket. gains made against catnapping men in fighting off 30 rebels last' of the state that'is corruption, Mr. ·You're companion might have where about 2,200 cases were 'March 2011 when armed rebels Aquino 'also warned about the ' Ii ticket," the violating motorist reported in' 2010that were slashed attacked their outpost in Panabo, temptations of corruption once the said. But the enforcer countered: to only 966 the following year. Davao del Norte. He also cited the new PNPA graduates take to the "I am working alone." He likewise disclosed that, case of Senior Inspector Charity streets;' Andwhen the irate motoristjust 21,800housing units have already Galvez,who with her 30 personnel "You will be surprised by offered to bring the enforcer to been completed with the help of fought off an attack by 250 armed corruption which will try to weaken' the precinct so that he could be Vice President Jejomar B~nay.also rebels in July 2011in Agusandel Sur. your professionalism with a system issued the ticket, the mulcting his administration's housing czar, Meanwhile, president Aquino of influence peddling where your officer refused and said: "I can't that will be earmarked for also cited the courage done bythe integrity and principal will be leave. That would be abandonment members ofthe Philippine National matched by lots of money," the of post." Police (PNP) and Armed Forces of , local Bureau of Jail Management , and Penology(BMJp) in Kidapawan President said. The short anecdote drew the Philippines (AFP). who fought off a group of armed And should they give in to that laughter and' cheers from the "This year, we are continuing temptation, "perhaps the people cadets and audience who braved with the program where 31,200 ,men with rockeJrpropelledgrenades •and high-poweredrifles, which was will lose their faith in those who the sun-drenched PNPAfield. housing units will also be made are supposed to enforce the law "For every short and temporary available.This housing program will , out to spring a prisoner. when they, themselves, are the gain made from corruption, the ill- also include officers and members " The police were then dared by ,the president to bring down the ones working around the laws with effects on the public are long-term. of the Bureau of Fire Protection, shortcuts." If you turn a blind eye on such bad Bureau of Jail, Management and : crime volume this year. He noted carjacking cases were "If say a traffic enforcer has elements, it is as if you are allowing Penology and the Bureau of "?itak wang-wang" or ifhe refuses a greater number or Filipinos to Corrections," he reported. ' ; also cut in half in 2011 compared to 2009, ' , to enforces traffic laws and, be abused," Aquino told the new The President also told the new Aquino challenged this year's instead asks for a bribe, our . public officers. police, fire and jail offleersthar , PNPAgraduates to fight corruption progress as a nation will be slow. The President also enumerated new equipment and additional after making a similar appeal to Remember: corruption is not free," the gains made by his training are already at hand, Philippine Military Academy (PMA) the President pointed out. administration in its fight against Last year, over, 37,000 The ChiefExecutiverecalled an crime. personnel ofthe PNP, BJMP and , graduates when he made his anecdote whereby a traffic According to him, the total BFPunderwent additional training. I speech during the PMAgraduation rite last week in Bagnio, City. enforcer had caught a violator and, ,crime volume in the country had And this year, the government is Gina PeraHa-Elorde while assessing.the offender of the slumped from over 500,000in 2009 set to purchase additional Personal fines and penalties, underscored to more than half at 247,000 in Protective Equipment for fire that: "Youwould have to attend a fighters and more guns for the seminar for weeks. A great bother police. for you, Do you want us to just At the same time, the president talk it over?" urges the newly graduates to-show cQurage as they have seen _ OFFICE OF THE ARMYCHIEFPUBlIC AFFAIRS - Email add examples of such virtue from more 12)892-1693, local: 5287. 5295 senior officers. '
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,-A - \"1'

Wh.·at J'o11tOb,ee ,'sa,w

Hagonoy was a quiet place before the abductions, Wheit they took the girls they started deploying more militia, The'll put up outposts, manned them with young people from,~ village, It was like the military declared martial law. They d,i)! ON DEC,'20, 2011, five years after University of the Philip" whatevertheywanted. They'd stop you on the road, demand pines students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empefio were your ID or your community tax certificate, and if you didn't abducted from Hagonoy, Bulacan, the Bulacan courts rehave it that's when they harass you. That'swhen they'tea'!: leased a warrant for the arrest of retired Maj. Gen. Jovito Paf you. ' :/1, paran Jr. and three other officers of the Armed Forces of thf I decided to testify. Sherlyn and Karen are like family, t:O Philippines, They were charged with two counts of abdyc. us, I did not want that to have meant nothing, When we wer~ tion and serious illegal detention. It is the first time in recent in the Court of,~ppeal~, m~ father refuse~ to identify hi~ s~ai history that officers ' nature on our joint affidavit, He was afraid. Where we lIved, of the AFP are being they knew us as wanted men, They posted my picture an(] hunted down for hu. ETHOD my father's photo as men at large. They said we hid NPAs lane man rights violasupported NPAsand that we kept arms for the NPAs, I testitions. ' ~ fied, anyway. I was not afraid, just nervous. I didn't knoiv Of the witnesses MADNESS what could happen to us. I wanted the case to end. I new;r who .have stepped ~ thought it would take five years. forward to point a Patricia 11 It was in the last couple of years thatI said I wanted to give finger at the military, Evangelista up. I was happy already. I had a family of my own. I never the youngest is a Bu-, ..' thought of the case much, didn't think of the girls. Then tht'\' lacan native previously referred to as Jollibee. He was, 14 at called us back again to court, . . the time of the abduction, and testified to the abduction of There was one hearing I didn't want to attend. I told KaraCadapan and Empefioin spite of his own father's refusal t~ patan, the group that's helping the families of Karen and stand by his statements. ' ,I Sherlyn, that I didn't want to go. We were outside the coun Late in 2011, at the resumption of the PaIparan et al. heath gatesand I wanted to stay outside, Our lawyer said that all ings, the boy called Jollibee pointed a finger at a man whi> the respondents would be present this time, He said it wa~ appeared in court as Palparan's bodyguard. Palpara~ important I came. '. ,~ claimed it was the first time he had met the man. After muc~ When I went in, that's when I saw him. He was dressed in reluctance, the AFP introduced him to the court as Staff Sgt: a blue shirt and wearing shades. I felt like crying, from all the Edgardo Osorio. He is now in custody, along with Lt. Col. F~. anger and all the fear, It was like I was 14 again. He was one lipe G, Anotado.' " ; -2. of the men who took Karen and Sherlyn, and he was the n ii}'t Almost three months after warrants for their arrest were who had beaten us and tied us down. It's been five yearsbut released, Palparan and retired Master Sgt. Rizal ilario. a\t; it all came back and I was sure, still at large. Jollibee, born Wilfredo Ramos Jr., IS now I? I told my lawyer. The court didn't allow us to point hirr, years old, and is happy to inform the gentlemen who once out. They said we had to file officially.first. I went' out. , called him a liar that he is still waiting. , -: ) Locked myself in the bathroom, I couldn't go back in. I W<fS *"* scared, but angry, too. I was scared but not terribly, because This is Jollibee's account as told to Patricia Evangelista .. J I was mad, and I wanted to say, I am here, 'I am not backing They call me Jollibee, because my mother had me' ~9 down, I will finish the case I started. I wanted them to pay years ago in the first Jollibee fast food restaurant opened~ for what they did to the girls and to everyone else they 'tot· Bulacan.' ..' ~ tured. At 2 in the morning of June 25, 2006, about 15 men from I'm happy now. I want Palparan in jail. I want them to pa:. the AFP arrived at our village. They were in full unifornf Every one of them. I They knocked on our door. They said if we didn't let them i~ If you ask me what I want to be, if ever I graduate, I want they would shoot us down, My father got scared. He opened to be a soldier. I saw a lot of the sh-t the soldiers pulled. 1 the door fast, but they beat him anyway and shoved him ~ want to show people that soldiers could do better. I don't the ground, They hit him, behind the neck, and tied hitf1 want a high position. I'm not that sort. I don't want to be a down. .: ,. I hero, I want to be a soldier who knows right and wrong. I was 14 when it happened. The girls were staying Wlth.U~. When a soldier swears his allegiance to the country, he researching the farmers in Hagonoy. As far as I know the~· promises to be a man that people can run to in times of trouwere not members of the New People's Army. I don't think ble. This is not what our soldiers did. I want to be the soldier they were r~bels. Activists, maybe. I knew them for years\. who will help without demanding payor support. I want to They were almost family. . ' he an example of what makes a good soldier. I saw the men bind my father. I went down the stairs. l)e} Whether we win or lose the case, I will not give up grabbed me and hit me and shoved me dow~ the hallry-ay dream to become a soldier. I admit I've met many people and tied me up, too. That's when I heard the girls screan:mg who are still members of the New People's Amy.If people ask for help. They were being forced out of our house and b:a(c me, I can explain why those people decided to rebel, B11t I'rn--en. One of the farmers who lived with us, Manue,l Mcrind, 'j dd" oa not one of them. I like my dream better. It's true they fight for 95 ran out to help Karen and Sherlyn. He was warned about IJill a " the right, but they're still rebels, they still violate the law: If I ,them. They took him, too. ' . ,t become a soldier, and rIll in the middle of a clash between I don't know how old he was. Maybe in his 70s. The gir~s the military and the rebels, I'll still stand by my principles as kept screaming while they were being dragged aw~y. T~,e-r a soldier, and they can stand by theirs. . kept shouting for help, and they were calling for their mot~. . Maybe Palparan has forgotten who I am. General, my ers. > name is JoUibee. I am waiting. We're all waiting.










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nila para pairalin ang disiplina't pagsunod sa mga International Humanitarian Laws at rules of engagement na 'siya namang inaasahan ng taumbayan. . Ito po ay isa Iamang sa mga positibong epekto ngdikdikang indoktrinasyon ng AFP sa kasunSA pagsulong ng panahon, may mga kaugalian daluhan na 'dapat mangibabaw ang batas, mahina at kalakaran tayong nababaon sa limot 0 di kaya'y tinalikuran na ng karamihan dala na rin sa kung man ito a marahas, Ito rin po ang pilosopiyant anong dahilan 0 pangangailaugan. . nasa pusod ng kampanyang Bayanihan, a ang mas pormal na tinatawag bilang Internal Peace and Noong simple pa lang ang buhay at wala pang internet, marami sa ating mga magulang ay Security Plan 0 IPSP ng AFP. namulat sa payak na pamumuhay pero marami Binibigyan halaga ng IPSP Bayanihan ang seguridad ng tao 0 ang human security na tinasilang mga maipagmamalaking achievements kung tawag. Para maging panatag ang kapayapaan sa ikumpara sa mga huling salinlahi, Marahil marami puso ng bawat Pilipino, aktibong nakikipagkapit sa atin ang nakarinig ng rnga usap-usapan na kung bisig ang APP sa mga lokal na pamahalaan para gradwado ka ng high school noon ay maaari ka ng nang maging isang guro. Pero ngayon naman, . ihatid aug r;nga pangunahing pangangailangan halimbawa, marami sa rnga nagtapos ng college ay taumbayan. Sabihin na natin na hindi naman tila .hindi pa rin marunong magbigkas ng salitang siyento porsiyentong naibibigay aug primary needs ng taumbayan pera nakikita na ng lahat English .: Isa sa mga kilalang kaugalian ng lahing Pilipino kung ana ang pagmamalasakit sa kanila ng mga ay ang tinatawag na bayanihan, Noon pa man ay sundalo at ng gobyemo. Mga kababayan, napakaganda ng balitang ito kinilala na ng mga henyo sa larangan ng siyensyang para sa isang Pilipinong nagnanais marnuhay sa panlipunan na sa pagkakaisa't magkabigkis-bigkis isang ban sang walang armadong hidwaan. Ito ang na pagsusulong ay malayo ang ating nararating. gustong mangyari ng IPSP Bayanihan. Pero hindi Isa na dyan ay ang pagkilala sa atin bilang po nito makakamtan ang tunay na kapayapaan kaunaunahang republika sa buong Asya na nangyari kung puro sundalo lamang ang kik:ilos. 'Di ba noong dahil sa bayanihan ng ating mga ninuno. Aug rnga kaugaliang ito ang patuloy na ipanapapanahon nina Rizal at Bonifacio ay 'di lamang puro Katipunan ang kumilos para- tayo'y maging alala ng Armed Forces of the Philippines sa PU90I! ganap na malaya? Nandun ang mga manunulat, isipan ng bawat Pilipino. Bilang pangunahing mga anak mayaman na nakiisa sa mga proletaryo, tagapagtaguyod ng kapayapaan at kasarinlan mga propesyunal, pad na ang matandang 51 nitong bansang Pilipinas, sa konsepto ng bay anihan inihalaw ng AFP aug kasalukuyangkampanya Melchora Aquino ay nakiisa na rin, . Kaya nga bayanihan ang pangalang ibiniyag ng nito para sa muting paghahari ng kapayapaan sa AFP sa kanilang karnpanya dahil gusto nito ating bansa, Dahil kami ay naniniwala na sa pagkakaisa nating labat ay muli nating maiisulong ang iparating na sa pagkakaisa lamang natin pangarap nitong ating lnang Bayan na sa loob ng makakamit ang tagumpay laban sa mga elemento ng lipunan na ang desinyo sa buhay ay halaw sa apat na dekada ng sigalot at giyera sa kanayunan ay hindi lamang nagdulot ng hinagpis sa kagustuhan ng mga banyagang idyolohiya, kundi ang pagbaba na rin ng paniniwala At" ang pangunahin na dapatnatin solosyunan ng bawat isa sa kakayahan ng ating Iipunan na lahat ay ang problema ng insurgency. Ito ang naghilapababa sa kakayahan ng maisulong ang akmang programa para muling Pillpinas na umasenso, Dahil sa pangongotong magiug mapayapa't matiwasay ang ating buhay. Ano ba ang relevance ng isang makalumang at pang aabuso ng mga rebelde sa kanayunan, magsisitalsikan ang mga narnuhunan sa ating konsepto sa makabagong buhay ni Juan? bansa -. Dito nagsimula ang ating kalbaryo bilang Sa bandang akin, ang paniniwalang kay a natin mga Pilipino. Pataas na sana ang antas ng ating maabot ang ating ninanais kung tayo ay buo bilang buhay noong sinimulan nila ang pambubulabog isang grupo kung kumilos ay napakahalaga. 'Di na at paninira, hanggang sa kasalukuyan kung saan 'tayo lumayo pa't balikan ko muli ang ating halos magpaalipin na Iamang sa ibang bansa aug kasundaluhan. Napuna ba ninyo na nitong taon ay tila walang karamihan sa atin parae Iarnang mabuhay ng ulat tungkol sa paglabag sa karapatang pantao na marangal, Ikaw, bilang isang matinong Pilipino, gusto mo inaakusa kontra sa AFP? lyon' ay marahil resulta bang patuloy na magbulusok pababa ang buhay ng buong tapang na pagharap sa hamon ng panahon mo? Ng mga anak mo't apo? sa ating kasundaluhan. Dahil ninais ng lideratura Aug ham on ng kabayanihan na noon ay siyang nila na palakasin pa lalo ang kanilang ginagawa tumulak kina Rizal at Bonifacio para tutu Ian ang para maprotektahan ang karapatang pantao ng mga dayuhang mananakop ay siya ring kapwa Pilipino, dahil dito ay mas lalong naging kabayanihan na hinihingi sa 'yo ngayon ng IPSP rnasigla ang mga sundalo natin dahil nakikita nila suporta ng taumbayan sa kanila. - mga gawaing Bayanihan para mawala na ang salot na dala ng idinidikta ng batas at konsensya, na siya ring gabay insurgency sa ating bansa.

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