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Phil Star p. A-31 ARMY aELA TED ISSUES
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2 provinces Join hands vs logging Environment officials in Pangasinan and Zambales have joined hand with military and police to stop logging in the provinces, following the discovery of logging operations that destroyed at least 50 hectares of an old growth forest in Mangatarem town. Military braces for NPA attacks in Cagayan Valley The military is bracing for terrorist attacks by the NPA in the region inwhat could be a show of force in connection with its founding anniversary on March 29. Aid The office 'Of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) has released some Pt.2 million as livelihood assistance to at least 24 former NPA rebels who returned to the fold of law in Mati City, Davao Oriental. Livelihood

Phil Star p. A-31


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Peace advocacy The Army's 6th Infantry Division is now advocating for an immediate signing of a final peace agreement between the MILF and the government in their current peace talks. Soldiers made us day we're NPA villagers claim Residents of a village in Compostela Valley have filed a complaint with the Commission on Human Rights accusing members of 71st Infantry Battalion of storming their community and forcing them to admit to being communist rebels. Former rebels get P1.2-M aid The OPAPP has released some P1.2 million as livelihood assistance to at least 24 former NPA rebels who returned to the fold of flaw in Mati City, Davao Oriental.

Manila Bulletin p. 18

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RP, KL to exchange data to fight terror The Philippine military is now working closely with its Indonesian counterpart in fighting the threat for terrorism in the region, especially coming from the al-Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) PH, Indonesia ink security pact The AFP and the Indonesian military have sealed the terms of reference (TOR) for a joint working group that would aid in addressing trans-border issues .. Retired generals not planning to oust P-Noy, group says The leader of a group of retired and active generals yesterday expressed confidence that none of their members is organizing an ouster plot against President Aquino.

PDI p. A-l0

Phil Star p..5

Retired 'stars' find no sign of destab The Association of Generals and Flag Officers yesterday it is confident none of its members is involved in a supposed plot to destabilize or overthrow the Aquino government.

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Ex-Navy captain questions case dismissal Retired Navy Captain Ricardo Ordonez, one of the accused in the 1995 death of Ensign Philip Andrew Pestafio who allegedly committed suicide aboard the BRP Bacolod City, has questioned the recommendation to dismiss the four Navy officers who were graduates from the Philippine Military Academy and two enlisted personnel. Palace mum on North Korea rocket launch Malacafianq yesterday refused to answer queries about its position regarding news that Philippines is among the countries in danger of being hit by a rocket of North Korea. Holy week red alert starts Disaster management officials and personnel are on red alert status starting today as they prepare for Holy Week. PH, US to track N. Korea rocket The Philippine and US militaries are coordinating to track the path of a planned North Korea rocket launch, parts of which are expected to land off the archipelago, an official said Saturday. 2 agencies unite to fast-track peace in Mindanao The Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) has embarked on joint efforts with the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the peace Process (OPAPP) in a bid to fast-track peace and development efforts in Mindanao. Two dead, 270 families flee Cotabato clash Fighting between rival armed Muslim rebel groups left two people dead and sent around 270 families fleeing their homes in Cotabato province, a military spokesman said Sunday. Korean War memorial (photo)

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March 2012

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At 2 p.m. yesterday, a low pressure area was estimated at 370 kms northwest of Puerto Princes a City. A frontal system affects northern. and central Luzon. Luzon will be mostly cloudy with scattered rainshowers and isolated thunderstorms, becoming cloudy with widespread rains over the eastern section of central and SON them. Luzon. The Visayas and Mindanao will be partly cloudy to cloudy with isolated. rainshowers or thunderstorms. Coastal waters in Luzon will be moderate to rough. Elsewhere, seas will be slight to moderate. Temperature forecasts: Metro Manila, 23-31 degrees Celsius; Baguio City, 15-22; 'Iagaytay CitYt 22-29; Subic and Clark zone, 25-31j Metro Cebu, 25-31; Metro Davao, 23-32; and Cagayan de Oro, 23-31. TIdal predictions in Manila Bay: high tide at 12:36 p.m. at 0.48 meter, and at 11:55 a.m, at 0.85 meter; low tide at 5:02 a.m. at 0.28 meter. Sunrise is at 5:56 a.m.; sunset at 6:08 p.m.


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March 2012

2 provinces join h~n~svsloggi~g'
DAGUPAN CITY-Envi-, ronment officials' in Pangasinan and Zambales ' have "joined,. Hands with the military police to stop log:ging in the provinces, fpnowing the discovery 'of' logging operations tjlat destroyed at least, SO hectares of an 'oldgrowth forest in Mali-


gatarem town.

~ast week, Pangasinan envi- " 'rifruuent, officials expressed ,alanh over.the destruction of a section of the province's largest remaining forest in, Mangataremafter a road was' built ~. The unpaved road zigza~ough heavy timber areas connects Zambales and ;~inan. ' :' ,- muel Pefiaflel, Ilocos direca t it the Department of Envint and Natural nes, said the best way to 'Sl~ illegal logging was to block tltYorest's entry-and exit points and stop loggers' from transporting illegally cutlogs. Jwe should also look at the f!Osl!ibiJity of destroying porti nsofthe road.vhe said. ' .- &t,i8fl.e1 said' logs commg" fr6rn~Za*l~s' forestswere also transported through roads in ,

Hesaid illegal logging operations' in Marigatarem's forest were well-financed and organized after their' inspection revealed it network of roads built 'inside the forest and the pres-. ence of tents, utensils and canned goods in many' areas. " Loggers also put up a 'tower at ' the highest peak in the forest, ,where a watchman could see all approaching vehicles. , Nelson Castro, provincial en- ' vimpnent ,',and natural res officer (Penro) of Zamsuggested blasting a sec- '. of the road so equipment ehicles used by illegal log, gers could not pass through. "[Loggers inZambales] used to haul logs through old roads, but with the new highway; it became easier for them [to trans- , port forest products],'; Castro said.' .,'
A document from the Depart-: rnent of Public Works and High - ' ways (DPWH) showed thatthe ,. 19.5-ki1ometer road cutting through Mangatarem's forest was built in 2008 by a resident in the town despite the lack of permits and proper awarding of contract from the DPWH, said Le~ina Co, Pangasinan Penro. said. an earlier plan, that "the 'highway s ..~ d have been built on grassI' in the 'area and not ' tbrotigIi the forest. "It looked like it was intended to. pass through the forest for easy haull~' '. timber by illegal loggers,"

Ing,,,,,irerNorthern Luzon.

. .Jesus Sarsagat, comer of the Philippine Army . based, in Bininaley town, ,establishing checkpoints.in •ar 'and Mangatarem s, the main routes to and • _. the, forest, could stop ille- , - '$tivities there. ' ' "e will post soldiers there to illegal loggers and seize for~oducts. We will assign 100 ~dfers, so whatever they cut, they Cannot bring out," he said. ' Sarsagat said a massive information campaign against illegal logging and its impact should also be done. Yolanda Sotelo,


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March 2012



.Military braces' for NPAattacks, ... inCagayan·Valley~· ..
BAYOMBbNG~ Nueva Vizcaya - The mili-' . tary is bracing for terrorist attacks by the New People's Army (NPA) in the region in what could be a show of force in connection with its founding anniversary on March29. . Lt. Col. MiguelPuyao, spokesman of the Army's 5th Infantry Division based in Isabela, said they are not letting their guard down.as the traditionally Maoist NPA is noted for making its . presence felt during its founding anniversary. "There's no need to formally de~lare a red alert, however. We will just remain extra vigi.lant even if we remain on normal alert throughout.Itheir anniversary]," he said. . .. Chief Superintendent Rodrigo·deGracia,· Cagayan Valley police director, has ordered all police units in the region to be on heightened . alert in the run-up to the NPA's anniversary as . wellas during the-Holy Week..~~stwe~k,.gov·er~h_lent troops and at least 25 insurgents clashed in northern Santa Teresita I town in Cagayan, which left two r~bels dead. Reports identified one of the slam rebels as Edmund YadanSoriano, saidto be the brother . of David Soriano, political officer of the NPA's northemCagayan command. ,. .. The rebels were reportedly raising funds and recruiting Villagers in Barangay Aridowen, . . . Sarita Teresita towri when soldiers chanced . upon them.·..;, Charlie Lagasca

DAVAOCITY - The Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process(OPAP?) has released some P'1.2 million. as livelihood assistance to at least 24 former New People's Army (NPA) rebels who returned to the fold of law in Mati City, Davao Oriental. OPAPP Davao area manager Oliver Binancilan said the funds were taken from the OP,A.PP's ayapa P at Masaganang Pamayanan Program designed to lure former rebels to join the mainstream society. Colonel Rey Leonardo Guerreror 70ist Brigade commander, said the government is willing to provide assistance to rebels if they decide to lay down .--. their arms. (Joseph Jubelag)

CQTABATOCITY - The Army's 6th Infantry Division is now advocating for an immediate signing of a final peace agree· ment between the Moro Islamic liberation Front (MILF) and the government in their current peace talks. The Maguindanaobased military unit, which covers major parts of Region-12 and the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), has Installed along national .highways in areas under its jurisdiction dozens of billboards containing slogans calling for a prompt conclusion of the MILFgovernment talks with a peace pact. "There is no substitute for .....,... ---'. '-.--.peace," Major General Rey C. :'mailad.d:.~~cp~_hpaArdo, chief of the 6th Infantry .. Divisionr said. (Ali Macabalang)




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March 2012



Soldiers made us say we're NPA, ~. 'villagersclaim
By Leila B. S~laverria
RESIDENTS of a village In Compostela Valley have filed a complaint with the Commission on Human Rights accusing members of the Anny's 71st Infantry Battalion of storming their community and forcing them to admit to being communist rebels. . In astatement, the human rights group Karapatan said a: group of soldiers, led by a Sergeant Macalanda and a Sergeant Mabalot, came to Barangay Tibagon in Pantukan earlier this month and occupied the village and several houses without permission from the owners'. The soldiers were in full. combat gear and carried high-powered firearms. Karapatan quoted Herculano Sumilhig, an officer of theCadapa, Tinaw; Lubog Fariners Association; as saying that the soldiers interrogated the villagers, forcing them to admit ,that they were members of the communist New People's Army cNPAJ. The villagers denied they were NPA members. Sumilhig said the . villagers were farmers., , One complainant, Nellyn Calva, said the villagers were forced to sign , blank pieces of paper and were asked about some people whose names were shown to them on a list. Some of those people were their neighbors. Thevillagers said they were holding a meeting at Sitio Sapant TinAw on ,their being beneficiaries of the government's conditional cash transfer program when the soldiers arrived. They said Macalanda took over the meeting and interrogated those present. They were accused .of be in gNPA members, interrogation" according to Karapatan Southern Mindanao spokesperson Jurie Jayme. Jayme said in a press statement that many of the frightened villagers left their homes to seek sanctuary with their relatives. He said the milirary was hamletting the village and frightened residents were leaving, Seventy-seven families, 'consisting of 304 individuals, have left the vil- , lage since March 18, Jayme said, The commander of the 71st IB, Lt. -Col. Camilio Ligayo, said the villagers may have misunderstood the way Macalanda, whose full name was Sgt. Isagani Macalanda, stated ' the troops' purpose for coming to Tibagon. Ugayo said the troops went, there to carry out the military's peace and development program. There were no complaints of physical abuse, he said. Nevertheless', Macalanda has been replaced as leader of the peace 'development team in Tibagon. The villagers may bring cornplaints to the military, Ligayo said. ''We are open to complaints, that's why we replaced Macalanda," he said, ,

77 families


Maria Lou Lambo, a preschool teacher, said the soldiers. claimed her schoolwas built by the NPA. It was not, she said, The school was' accredited by the barangay and by the Department of Education, and it followed the Early Childhood Care and Development Program.' She said Macalanda became angry and cursed at the villagers. ' A, Karapatan team who came to the aid ofthe villagers did not escape harassment. The team was stopped at a checkpoint and held for 15 minutes for


f-6 Pormer rebels get fl.2-M aid
DAVN:) ClTY- The Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Process has released some M.2 million as livelihoodassstance to at least 24 former New People AAriy (NPA) rebels whoretumed to the fold, of law in Mati City, Davao Oriental. OPAPPDavao area manager Oliver Binandlan said the funds were taken '

from the OPAPP'sPayapa at Masaganang Pamayanan Program (PAMANA) designed to lure former rebels to join the mainstream sodety. Col. Rey leonardo Guerrero, 701st Brigade commander, said the government was willing to provide a$islance to rebels if they decide tolay down their arms. (Joseph Jubelag)

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March 2012




Rf, KL to exchange data to fight rerror
.Byrhai'. io J. Mallari .
. .

Philippine milltazyis now~rking clooe\Y with its Indonesian counterpart to enhance cooperation . ofterrorism inthe region,especlally coming :from the aiQaeda.fuJkedJemaah Islamiyah·(JI). According to Armed Forces of the Philippines (\FP) spokesman CoLArnuJfo Jakarta.



Marcel_o Burgos Jr., the two nei~hbOring countries are set to sign the terms of reference (ToR)to further strengtben their cooperation iii border security and intelligence to intensifythe war on terror among other objectives. . i ' H~sai~ th.e signing of the To~ will be . held m Mindanaosoon. I : AFP Chiefof staffLt. Gen.Jessfu Dellosa met withhis Indonesiancounterpart Admiral . Agus Suhartono to discuss the TtR at the just-concluded 2nd Jakarta Inte national DefenseDialogue2012at the Balai idangm
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broaden our knowledge and criminal. activities through increase our effectiveness in the stepped up peace efforts. promotionof regional and global . "The ToR· will further He also expressed his security and stability,"he added. . gratitude to the Indonesian :. strengthen the cooperation between the two countries' Dellosa also shared the government for its participation . security forces on matters of PhilippiIi.e xperience on Military in this ye ar's Balikatan e border security, intelligence, Operations Other Than War exercises. I training, education and other (MOO'IW),particularly in the Indonesia, together with I mutually agreed initiatives and . implementation ofthe Internal Australia,' Indonesia, Japan, .actMties," Burgos stressed. Peace and Security Plan· Malaysia, South Korea and ."The ToR RP-IND Working Bayanihanthe newest strategy· Singapore,will participate in the Group will enhance the of the AFP in the flghtagainst scheduled Command Post groundwork for facilitating iilsurgency. exercises. interoperability in addressing The IPSP gets its support Two representatives from transborder issues, lncludlng . Iromstakeholders inwinningthe each country will be resource terrorism and other criminal peace, and has- also been the persons during the simulated activities. Both the Philippines backbone of AFP's· disaster exercises on natural disaster and Indonesia are facing response and relief operations, scenarios. No troops will bethreats from extremists, . he said. .involvedin this kind of exercise. particularly the. Jemaah "The new IPSP Bayanihan' At the same time, Dellosa Islamiyah (JI)that is eulpableot plan opens up space for the cited theAFP's participation in deadly attacks," he added. involvement of the Filipino the United Nations' (UN) The JI, which has links with people in deflning, shaping, and peacekeeping missions by. the homegrown terrorist group ensuring our peace by focusing regularlysending contingents to Abu Sayyaf, has been tagged in on Winning the peace, rather conflictareas likeGolan Heights, high-proflle bombings both in than simplydefeating the enemy . Halti, and Liberia as well as Indonesia and the Philippines . and on building communities observer units in Timor Leste, during the past years. rather than hunting rebels," Sudan, India, and Pakistan. For his part, Dellosacitedthe . Dellosaadded.. The AFP Peacekeeping importance of such cooperation "In the Iight of the Operations Center has been between the two mIlitaries in Philippines' contemporary training, equipping,artddeploying addressing security challenges. experiences, and given the forces to UNmission areas. "For even as we each mountingimportance ofMOOTW Dellosaalong with Defense confront domestic security in International- affairs, the Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and challenges, the interests of our prospects for coordination and former President Fidel Ramos, OFFICE OF' nadons are lnteorefated.andwe cooperation in support of. was among the resource .are all stakeholders of collective regional and even global peace, speakers and panelists during _ : 5281, 5295 .security in the international security and stability are bright," the 2nd Jakarta International ------corrlmunity. Dellosa said, stressing the role Defense Dialogue attended by Conferences where the of international mllttary some 50 top security and sharing of experiences takes communities in. minimizing defense officials from around place will surely, serve to armed threats and fighting the world, PNA




March 2012

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The two military leaders sat down both face threats from Islamic ex- . for a meeting at the close of the 2nd tremists, with the Indonesia-based terrorist group JeTHE ARMED Forces of the Philip- .. Jakarta International Defense Dia- international . pines eAFP) and the Indonesian logue 2012 held at the Balai Sidang, maah Islamiyah (JI) extending its network through the local Abu .1 ' military have sealed the terms of Jakarta, Convention Center. J reference (TOR) for ajointworking . Dellosa was a resource speaker Sayyafterror group. The two regional allies are also group that would aid in addressing and panelist at the forum attended confronted with trans-border trans-border issues. by some 50 defense officials and . AFP Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Jessie military chiefs mostly from the Asia crimes such as smuggling, human and drug trafficking, and poaching. Dellosa finalized the tOR for the Pacific as well asother international "Even as we each confront domes" Philippin~-Indonesia· working security officials. . tic security challenges, the interests . group with his Indonesian counter. of our nations are interrelated and part, Adm. Agus Suhartono, during Trans~border crimes a bilateral meeting in Jakarta on The Philippine-Indonesia work- we are all stakeholders of collective security in the international commuThursday. . ing' group will "facilitate interopernity," Dellosa said in astatement, ability in addressing trans-border He thanked the Indonesian govissues, including terrorism and other criminal activities," the AFP said ernment for sending resource persons to this year's'Balikatan war exin a statement. The terms of reference will "fur- ercises between the Philippines arid ther strengthen the cooperation be- the United States. . Indonesia, Australia, Japan, tween the two countries' security .forces on matters ofborder security, Malaysia, South Korea and Singapore will each send twci experts for intelligence, . training, education and other mutually agreed initia- the command post simulation exercise on disaster response to a 9.0tives and activities." earthquake. bitting The Signing of the TOR is expect- magnitude 'ed to take place in Mindanao next Metro Manila, similar to the one that hit Japan in March last year. The month, according to the AFE . simulation will not involve troops .. The Philippines and Indonesia

PH,· Indonesia tnk . security pact

By Dona Z. Pazz:ibugan


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"Retired gen,eralsnot plannlnqto oust'; P-Noy, groupsayg< .
~ ... I

The leader of a group of retired and active generals yesterday expressed confidence that, none of their members is organizing an ouster plot-against President Aquino., , '. ,"- Raul Urgello, president of the- Association uf Generals and Flag Officers, Inc. (AGFO), aismissed;;Is rumors the reports about the supposed-effortS-to o~st Aquino: ' lUI'm very confident there is no such (ouster plot) here (in our group). I have talked to a lot ~'people, they said they do not know anything

about it," Urgello. ' ' '~I 'have not heard of any plan to organize (ouster plots) from our group," he added. ' Urgello said-spreading rumors or information that is not based on facts would not be good ,for the country. ' '. ' He believes a destabilization plot is a serious issue that 'needs a 'serious reason. "Those who stage coups have dissatisfaction with the way maybe the administration of the, government is being handled," Dr.gello said. , "1 don't see any reason. There should be a strong' reason to do something as serious as that," he-added. When asked to react on the claim of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV that some retired generals are recruiting soldiers to join ouster plots, Urgello said, "Maybe he knows something I don't. Perhaps we should ask him.", . Urgello said those who claim to have knowl-

edge about the supposed ouster plot should i provide details such as the identities of those' behind it., '' Early this month.Aquino claimed that those opposed to his reforms want him out before his term ends to they could continue their corrupt ways. '" , "There are some who want to bring back the old system under which they earned lots of money. Since they know that I won't let them do it, they want me out of the picture so that no one can go after them." he said during the , celebration of the 26th, anniversary of the Presidential Security.Croup. ' 'The military, however, is clueless on the supposed destabilization plot against Aquino. 't ' , ,• Former, Constabulary chief Ramon Montano had claimed members of the elite who are unhappy with Aquino's reforms are behirid the reports about ouster plots. Montano made the claim even if Aquino himself brought up the supposed ouster plot. The former Constabulary chief did not provide details to back his claim. , Trillanes then 'revealed that' some .retired generals had 'started recruiting soldiers to join antiAquino ouster plots last month. Trillanes, who led a failed uprising against the Arroyo administration in..' 2003/' said he had' urged Aquino to ', , , , conduct counter-. intelligence operations to prevent a , possible coup. "' He said various issues like the supposed harassment of Navy men' tagged in the death of Ensign Philip, Pestana and the---' cases filed against retired general [o-« vito Palparan were, used to.lure the, soldiers to join the ,.ouster plot. '


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March 2012

Mglay a
National Nitw.spaper .



Retired 'stars' nnd no sign of destab
. BY VICTOR REYES THE Association of Generals and Flag Officers yesterday it is confident rione of tts.mernbers is involved in, a. supposed plot . to destabilize or overthrow the . Aquino government, "I am not seeing. any serious reason to commit such as serious 'act," said the group's president and chairman, Lt. Gen. '(ret.) Raul Urgello. .. The former Army chief said .he has held ·discussions with· AGFO members and has not found any indicatlon that any . them is involved. . AGFO an organization of


all active and retiredmilitary posed recruitment activities f~r and police generals. The chiefs . a coup.Urgello said: "Maybe he. . of the' AFP and the ·pNP - Lt. has. information that I do not Gen. Jessie Dellosa and .Direc- know ... Maybe let's ask Senator tor General Nicanor Bartolome Trillanes to identify those in. - are ex-officio chairmen of the volved because that is a serious . organization, . allegation." . . . .. ~'I don't think somebody, .anyTrillanes was among leaders body would do that (destabilize of the short-lived Oakwood government). For what reason? mutiny In July 2003. He has All the reasons are there for a said some retired officers asstablegovemnient, "Urgellosaid. sociated with fanner President He also said pronouncements . Arroyo are recruiting soldiers about a destabilization against for a coup, . . the government are "not based Trillanes did notidenti.t'y the . on facts." . retired officers involved in the Told.it was Sen. Antonio. recruitment.but said he has Trillanes IV, a former Navy submitted a list of names to the . lieutenant, .who disclosed sup- National Security Council.

Ex-Navy capta in questions case dismissal
basis for the filing of a case in the proper court," Ordonez said in his open REtIRED Navy' Capt. Ricardo· letter to military officers, particularly Ordonez, one of the accused in the PMA alumni. .. 1995 death of Ensign Philip Andrew Ordonez was defending the case ·Pestano . who 'allegedly committed of his co-accused, Commanders Rey suicide aboard the BRP Bacolod City, Lopez and Lloyd Casis, both ofPMA has questioned the recommendation Class of 1992, Lt. Cdrs. Alfrederick to dismiss the four Navy officers who Alba and .. oselito Colico, both· of J were graduates from the Philippine'. PMA Class of 1994, and Hospita1man Mpitary Academy and two enlisted:? Welmenio Aquino and Machinery personnel. . Repairman 2 Sandy Miranda. .. "All these "four cavalier officers, Pestana was found dead with a including sailors among the io bullet hole in the head inside his' accused who are still in .the Navy, Will 'stateroom. His parents claimed it be discharged from the service. 'They was murder.butthe officers insisted have not even been properly charged in .it was suicide; citing official probe. any of the court yet. I am not a lawyer, results . conducted by . different. but as. far as I know, the resolution government agencies' including the ,and findings of the' Ombudsman .study made by forensic ,expert Dr. beingprosecutorial in nature, are just Raquel Fortun, , · [recommendations] that will be the The dismissal proceedings against

·By Horante S. Solrrierin



. the six officers was' alreadyat the level of the Office of the Vice' Chief' of Staff, Lt. Gen. Reynaldo Mapagu, which if. he will sign it will be forwarded to the office of Armed· Forces chief Lt. Gen. Jessie Dellosa . for final approval.. ..' Earlier.vthe six active, personnelexpressed confidence that Mapagu and Dellosa will reject their dismissal, . Based. on her. Jan. 10,.2012 decision that revived the already more than : 16-year-old dismissed case, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales said there was probable cause to charge those involved for alleged conspiracy to commit murder against Pestano and ordered Flag-Officer-in Command Vice. Admiral Alexander Pama, who, in return; acted ()n it . by approving the dismissal fromthe service of the six active personnel.



March 2012

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Palace mum on North Korea rocket launch
• . I ....






Malacafiang yesterday reValte noted Indonesia and fused to answer queries about Australia also raised their conits position regarding news cerns on the North Korean that Philippines is among the rocket's expected path. countries in danger of being hit "Which is why, if you notice, by a rocket of North Korea. the statement of Secretary AI. "We will Ieave it to our bert del Rosario is very vigorArmed Forces on how to deal ous in objecting to the possible' with that information. Of event because we are quite. course, there isa sharing of near and we are expecting the information especially when it possible effecf of that (rocket comes to incidents like this one' launch);" she said,' . or an impending incident," North Korea announced last deputy presidential spokesweek it would launch the rocket person Abigail Valte said. . to place a satellite' in orbit beValte said the AFP is making tween April 12 and 16, insisting its own preparation regarding it was for peaceful space research .. the planned rocket launch. But the US and other ria- .' . . .Defense Secretary Voltaire. tions see North Korea's plan as a thinly veiled longGazmin said Thursday that the range missile test, which would breach the UN han. Philippine government is seek- . In a letter to the UN's International Maritime Oring US help to track the North ganization, North Korea said the second stage of its Korean long-range rocket, part latest rocket was expected to splash down 190 kilo- ! of which is expected to land off meters east of northern Philippines. the Philippines. . The first stage of the rocket would fall about 140 . "It's mostly our own Armed kilometers off South Korea's west coast, in interna- : . Forces who are making its own tional waters between China and South Korea, the preparations for this," Valte said. letter said: . . "Hopefully, this is someOn Wednesday, the Philippine government joined thing that can be-addressed at its'US and South Korean allies in critiCizing North . the soonest possible time. We Korea's planned launch, calling it "unacceptable." are not the only country who ,"The Philippine military is ready to coordinate has raised our objection to with its US counterpart in the monitoring of the this," was all she would say . planned launch," the Department of Foreign Affairs about the issue. . (DFA) said in a separate statement. .

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March 2012


_1_'" __;,_

. ··Holy·Week
~fJt 11-mutes 1



PH, UStotrack N. Korea rocket
to track the path of a planned North Korean rocket . launch, parts of which are expected to land off the archipelago, an official said Saturday. . ·'The Philippine militaryis coordinating with its US counterpart inthe monitoring of the planned launch." Foreign Department spokesman Raul Hernandeztold AFP. . . His announcement came a day after the USS Blue Ridge, the flagship of the US 7th Fleet in the Padfic arrived in. Manila for a four-day visit.

tHi Philippine and US militaries are cOdrdinating .

. Disastermanageme~t of personnel that would officials and personnel assist people, especially , are on red alert status those who would go to . starting today as they . the provinces. . . prepare for Holy Week "Last week, We held National Disaster conferences for Opera:· Ri sk Reduction and tion .Semana Santa. We Management Council have stepped up our (NDRRMC) executive preparations," Ramos director Benito Ramos told radio station dzBB , said the red alert would : yesterday. ensure the availabtliry .'." Turn Page 15





.:Holy Week

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. "We will declare a red alert to respond to the needs of', our countrymen, especially those who will leave for the Hernandez did not divulge details of the joint provinces," he added. '. . .. monitoring, but the allies were expected to hold A red alert places all disaster management personnel large-scale joint military exerdsesin the: m.iddle on standby to address possible emergency situations .. of April to enhance cooperation in. case of exter. The NDRRMC will remain under the alert status until April 9. i . . nal threats. . . "We continue tostrongly urge the DPRK [North Ramos said the NDRRMC was placed on blue alert . Korea] not to: proceed with its planned launch," . starting March 21 to thresh out the preparedness meaHernandez said, "They shouldabide by the UN . sures. A blue alert places half of the NDRRMC employees Security Council resolutions which explicitly deand officials on standby. . .mandthat they do not-conduct any launch usipE Ramos said the Coast Guard would also be on alert . .. . :"··RocKetA2 since. the weather bureau had pre- I dieted a wet summer season . ."Sometimes it rains even if it is ballistic missile technology.' nations see the launch as a disguised .summertime.·We are closely rnoni- , Pyongyang announced last week ballistic missile test, and say that it . toting not only the land transportaitwould launch the rocket to-place would breach a UN ban on North tion but also the seaports,': he said. a satellite in orbit between April 12 Korean missile launches, . Other agencies like the Philippine and 16, and insisted it was purely· A previous North Korean longNational Police, the.Armed Forces of for space q-esearch.. . range rocket in 2009 flew over Iapathe Philippines,transportation; pub- .. But the United States 'and other .nese territory and the boosters lie works and health departments are also undertaking their preparations. landed safely in waters off Japan. "Even the reservists from the Kurt Campbell; the US assistant : Armed Forces-are ready. The police secretary state for East Asian and .. will play the lead role. The Armed Pacific Affairs, said the rocket launch Forces wiH support them when would impact "in an area roughly necessary," Ramos said. between Australia, Indonesia and Help desks will be established in the Philippines, Ii in a message to . various parts of the country to help Australia's Foteign- ¥inister Bob passengers. Field reports will be Carr, according to a report by the forwardedlo the NDRRMC OperaSydney Morning Herald. AFP tions Center in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. .' .Ramos said the Public Works department would pre-position heavy equipment in areas that are prone to-landslides. These .areas include parts of Ley tel the Dalton pass leading to OFFICE PF:fHE 'ARMY ·C.HIEF~P~BLlC ;~FF..AIRS- Emai1add: oaCp!l_h~ Cagayan Valley, and the Marcosca'~5287tS295 highway leading to Baguio City.












;3~ .March



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"2, agencies unite to fast-track peace in Miridc.t'nao
, ,

DAVAOCI1Y~TheMj.nd~ By EDITH REGALADO OPAPP collaboration, op-' anaoDevelopmentAuthority pcirtunities for cornp le- i (MinDA) has embarked on ,resiliency to violent con- mentation were explored, , joint efforts with the Office of fliers, establishing economic ' for MinD N s projects with ' the 'Presidential Adviser on alliances among themselves the Payapa at Masaganang the Peace Process (OPPAP) through peace-building ap- .Parnayan an (PAMANA) in a bid to fast-track peace proaches to community de- program of OPAP~, particu- , and development efforts in velopmenr initiated by local larly on shared monitoring Mindanao. 'government units and local' and evaluation, capability , The collaboration between stakeholders. building on conflict-sensiMinDA and OPPAP is foThe program had assisted tive and peace-promoting cused on areas affected by about245PDCs,mostlyMoro, local governance, and comthe lingering conflict in, the National Liberation Front munity infrastructure projsouth. . communities, and demon- ects such as' shelters; health, , The two agencies iden- strated capability inImple- 'center, water and sanitation ti£ied opportunities that menting basic social services facilities. would complement enter- , and enterprise projects. 50 far, 90 PDCs across prise' development, infraAnother project, called ARMM and ri.6n-ARMM -structure im provemen t, Early Recovery andRehabiliprovinces are being associal cohesion strengthentation for Central Mindanao sisted., Sixty-two are from ing, sustained community (ERRCM), was developed .Central Mindanao, Basiorganizing, 'as well as ca- to assist internally displaced lan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawj, pacity building on manage-, persons in conflict-affected .and the others 'are spread ment of disaster risk reduc-. communities. across Zamboanga Peninsu-' tion, conflict"sensitivity and ERRCM is funded by the. la, North Cotabato, Davao 'peace promotion, 'European Union through. Region, and the 50CCSK:, The "act for peace (A4P)" ,the U ni ted N a t io ns De- ' £ARGEN area. was designed to develop velopment Program arrd The MinDA and OPAPP~ post-conflict, conflict-affect- :jointly implemented by PAMANAinitiatives will ed, or conflict-vulnerable, MinDA and the Autonoalso include theARMM gov'lreasintopeaceanddevelopmous Region in Muslim ernment.' . , merit communities (PDCs) Mindanao (ARMM). Meanwhile, the FederaIttrough a conflict transferChallenges were alsoiden- tion of United Bangsamoro mation process. . , tified in sustaining peace and Women Multi-Purpose Co~ : At the conclusion of the .clevelopment in the commu- operatives will conduct the 4AP program, the PDCs nities, ensuring institutional .third party monitoring and demonstrated ability to policy and support for PDCs, .actively participate in social manage local conflicts-and Under the, MinDAmobilization..' ,

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:J- 0 March 2012

Iwo deac 1270fam Hies fleetotabato clash
.th~ MNLF in the agricultural towri of Carmen in Mindanao on Saturday, leaving one dead on each side, he added. MILF spokesman Von al-Haq said the fight was sparked by.a personal . feud between an' MILFlea'der called Commander Karim arid an MNLF leader called Commander Teo and · Eight houses were,also -burned as .. older Moro National LiberationFront .thai it was not a wider war between members of the main Muslim rebel (MNLF),saidColonel Prudendozsto. the two groups .. group, .the Moro Islamic liberation . . Aftera week of sporadic gunshots, 'They (the fighters) are alleging Front (MILFJbattled fighters from the . MILF fighters attacked members of

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_A_'7_' _

OTABATO: Fighting between rival:" . armed Muslim rebel groups left two people dead and sent around 270 families fleeing their homes in this province, a military spokesman said Sunday. '. .



. . . .

.. that Commander Teo is the mastermind of the killing of the wife of Commander Karim about three weeks ago,' he said. · . He did not know why the woman . was killed. .. . The MILF,which, is engaged in a . ceaseflre and peace talks with the government, has dispatched officers to the area to~top ·the hostilities while the milltary'said it is sending' troops to separate the two SIdes.

There were about 400 MILFfightMILF split to wage their own war ers and 300 MNLF members mown ... starting in 1978. . to be operating in the.farming vilIn 2003,. a truce was signed with . 'lage where the fighting broke out, the MILf to pave the way for peace the military added, .. . talks with the government. . theM~LFwas the original Mus-' ..' Despite the peac~ process, MILF . lim rebel group fighting for an inand MNLF fighters have been aldependent Islamic state' in lowed to retain their-weaponsand inMindanao in the early-1970s. ';'dividual commanders from both, However, when the MNLFsigned gfOUR\i occasionally clash in the south an agreement with the government. over lal\d and politkalinftuence. to seek some autonomy instead, ~e' AFP _

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March 2012


Nail""". Newspaper



torean War memorial. Vice 'President' Jejoniar C. Binay saysa silent prayer for Filipino soldiers who ·died. during the Korean War at the War Memorial. in Yongsan·.g~, ieoul. The Philippines was one of 16 countries that sent combat troops during the Korean War. ,AP PHOTO

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?~March 2012





is all about an all-inclusive ~odetY. . In fad, it is so inclusive that it even accommodates elements, forces, and movements sworn to destroy it and supplant it .with a system of government diametrically opp osed to basic democratic principles.·· . The thing is, isn't it-ironic that democracy can accommodate commurusts and yet communism cannot embrace democratic principles and institutions?· . . .. . For instance, our constitutional democracy not" discriminate against leftist legislators. advisers, commissioners, aria consultants. . Their ranks are firmly ensconced in many key agencies of the government, wielding powerful and sensitive .positions. .. We do not know if they still subscribe to the old communist motto of overthrowing the duly constituted government and establishing a Marxist state through the use of arms. .. .- . .:... . . ... . .... But then again, why bother if-they a_re already are all over the place - in the-sensitive halls and corridors of power? And. the' bragging rights, too.l : .. ... .. For instance, Ronald Llamas, the controversialpolitical irdvisEl.pof President Benigno .Aquino ill, on Friday said-the "Democratic Left" was gaining influence in the government withits push, for peaceful reforms while the Communist extremists- were becoming irrelevant with iluO!Ir call for armed revolution. .. . . . Llamas said the "Democratic "r.:eft" had' slowly but steadily estab- . lished itself as a Significant force and a constructive alternative to the . "CNN," referring to the Communist Party of the Philippines-New .People's. Army-National Democratic Front:" · "The Democratic Left; isopen to forgmg\i.lli~ces and working with reform-minded groupsand individuals inboth.the pUblic and private sector, in contrast [to] the CPPs insistence on its monopoly ofrighteousness," Llamas was quoted by a broadsheet as telling students.and military officers at the . National Defense College of the Pl)ilipplnes in.Camp Aguinaldo. His statement lent credence to the claim of party-list Rep. Pastor . ·Alcover, an anti-communist lawmaker, who has said the Left has _ embedded-its allies in key government positions, boosting its capability to .take over the reins of government.. . . .. Alcover, of the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy, ..claims Llamas is among the leftists who were involved in the negotiations with . Jose Maria Sison and the NDF chiefnegotiatcr.Luis [alandoni to form a "coalition of government" with President Aquino's the Liberal Party. ButLlamas distanced himself from the coup-plotting communists, saying his group that includes Akbayan "pushes for a platform of political reform within the bounds of 41wand the.Philippine Constitution." . . That wag unlike the extremists whose leaders had long been wanting. to overthrow the government and seize political power through violent means guidedby the principle-of protracted war, saidLlamas, considered the arch nemesis of Utrecht-based Jose Maria Sison. .. . Llamas' group includes Rep. Walden Bello, former Rep. Loreta Ann Rosales, now chairman of Human RightsCommiasion, and NP A commander Arturo Tabara, . . . . They were declared by the CPP in- December 2004 as "counter" revolutionaries" and were thus legitimate targets tor execution by its armed cadres, ..


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'Discipline and purpose
LAST WEEK We wrote on the recent graduation of PMA Class 2012, providing some background on the establishment of the Philippine Military Academy. The school traces its beginnings to the Academia Militar ngPilipinas founded in October 1898, pursuant to a decree of the president of the Eirst Philippine Republic, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. , . -:.. One of the items I mentioned was: of the more than 4.o'of'ficers who became AFP chief of staff, only four were ilon-' REVEILLE Academy graduates. Generals Romeo Espino and Fabian Ver , were 'products of the Ramon , Un.i~er~ity' of the Farolan Philippines 'ROTC -=---' ---program, while Generals Fidel Ramos and Narciso Abaya both graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point. The first message I received that day was from my cousin Max Edralin, one of five reporters who in 1955 were jaile@l for refusing to reveal the source of information for an article 9n <;l landmark case involving ranking officials of the Quirin;o;administration. Max informed me that I had missed out ()n}f~n. Alfredo Santos who served as AFP chief of staff duriz:rn the presidency 'of Diosdado Macapagal. Max considered Gefi~nil Santos as "the best public speaker among AFP chiefs." Later in the day; an old colleague who served with me in the Philippine Air Force, MSgi:. Benito Pereyno, now e.ianzones farmer ill Laguna, also 'called to mention myomission of Gerieral Santos. In fact I had failed to mention not just Qne but two other APP chiefs who were not graduatesof the PMA. Aside from; General Santos, there was Gen. Rigoberto Atienza who succeeded Santos as AFP chief. Both wereappointed by the same president, Diosdado Macapagal. ' ,'" , I apologize for the omissions. Both officers deserve a few more lines to highlight their careers. , .\ General Santos was appointed APP chief of staff on Sept.l0, , 1962, becoming the first officer from the ranks of the ROTG to , be named to the highest position in the military organization. Santos graduated from the Mapua Institute of'Iechnologywith an Engineering degree and finished the' ROTC program-asthe .corps commander, He later entered the Reserve OfficersSet:!i.ice School (ROSS) at Camp Henry T. Allen in Baguio City,.grfduat. ing at the top of his class. In recognition of his outstand,ing,¥.Jilitaryperformance, he was selected as the first chief oft11e.'Southeast Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO)'Military PlailriiIi.gfOffiee (IvIPO) in Bangkok when it was established.: ,;~ , General Atienza graduated from the UP College of Engineering with a-Civil Engineering degree. Together with ojher students,he founded the university, engineering fraternity Tau Alpha. In1936, he also joined the ROSS and graduated at the top of his class in academics. On July 13,1965, Ge'i'reral Atienza was designated. AFP chief of staff carrying ~.ith him a reputation as one of the organization's "most brilliant, and informed officers." The 51st Engineering Brigade hif,asJ.quarters at Libis, Quezon ,City, is named "Camp Genwal Rigoberto J. Atienza" in his honor. I!)'


One of the new PMA graduates is Lt. RenmarSam~te, youngest son of Brig. Gen. Rene Samonte, who served a~)ny senior aide when I was ehief.of the Air Force. He is the secood Samonte boy to join the Armed Forces. His older brcriher, Ryan, is currendywiththe Scout Rangers. General Samonte -recently assUfU.eda new position as head of the.~; :g41fFanon and Training Command CAETC) of the Philipping Air Force based in Fernando Air Base, Lipa City. The totirihcfHd is , mainly responsible for traiiIingfutilrepilots of'the P~~n-' gratulationsteboth father andson.vc· ~'>:f, * * *' . Of all educational .institutions of the land;1~,~l~an compare with the Academy. Here, no one cares about birthplace, about religion, about social stature. All that matters is, the individual's worth as he/she is able to show it; Th~nien and ~ome~ c~me'from every walk of life, from ev~ry;:~ographic.~omt ill tl_lec~untry; chosen by open, objective ...~nd competitive exammanons, Next Sunday, April 1, a new batchwill be enterin~ftthe ,PMA. More than ,100 have been appointed to comprisslthe incoming Class of 2016. For some reason, tradition has~~osen April Fools' Day as reception day for new cadets re~ort-, ing to Fort Gregorio H, del Pilar. ," ' Somehow I am reminded of my own experience as a p1ebe reponing fat the first time to what would be my home forrthe , next four years. The headline of the Manila Times of Ap_Ij,ll, 1952was "House to Probe Plane Crash." A few days earllf!,"a Philippine DC-3 crashed near the Baguio airport, killing ~10 passengers. ' "~ : While the nation's attention was focused on this t:rt.~ic event, some 80 young men (no women then) aged.J~t21 were being given the traditional warm and noisywelcorne at , Loakan, on, the outskirts of Baguio City. The place, which later would be christened Fort Del Pilar, was still a des'ohitlHlne· building affair-a location where probably only fools.MlO:tlld wish to spend a considerable time of their lives: '. (!Ii, ' After grad~ation from UP High in Diliman, Quez~ii I could not quite figure out what I wanted to do with therest 'of my life. The Academy provided an answer and a 'challenge. Perhaps this could also be true for some of the.men and women joining the Class bf2016. There is something to be said about instilling in young minds discipline and a sense of purpose and direction. All I can say is that 'it was one' of the best decisions a young man could have made.





ldd: oacpa

There is some concern about the small number of candidates entering the Academy this year. Out of some 15,0.00 who earlier sent in applications, only 6,OOO-plus actually 'took the entrance exams. And a little more than a thousand made the passing mark. A good n uni.berwere disqualified on the basis of not meeting the physical requirements. One ,Of the main thrusts of Maj. Gen. Nonato Alfredo Peralta,the current PMA superintendent, is a policy of zero maltreatment for entrants joining the corps of cadets. Last year, there were some 25 cases involving hazing of plebes. It is " time that we get rid of old practices and customs. Physical abuse has no place in the training and development of future officers of the Armed Forces. ,

. * *;);