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Published by: Mod Week on Mar 27, 2012
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Attn Facebook, Followers, Fans, Customers, and Clients. My name is JP, or Joe whichever you prefer.

I am the managing partner of the holding company which owns Customized Profiles and Top Models Weekly. Today has been a very trying day and I am taking the time to address the situation involving Thomas, Jaimie Bernhardt and our company. First. I would like acknowledge the incredible work done on promoting Jaimie in her most recent online contest and victory. It is my understanding that this has a been a joint effort by many and it was a success. Second, it is also my understanding that Thomas and his networking groups played a big part in gathering and directing votes for Jaimie. This should also be acknowledged. Was acknowledged, has been appreciated and is still continued to be appreciated for the effort. However, Thomas is not now nor was Thomas ever named or asked to be “ campaign manager “ or anything other title. He was asked to help promote jaimie in the contest. Mainly due to his wanting to offer a contest with our company and was believed he could help with the contest. I made a decision to add Thomas as an affiliate to help market our company as he indicated he could be a huge help. Its important to note that Jaimie has a large following already and that our company has done alot with jaimie in preparing her for marketing in live events online. With this said, Thomas seems to have an incredible desire to help young models explode in the career and anyone wishing to be promoted should consider using his techniques. NOW for what has been happening for the past day. IMPORTANT TO NOTE. I ASKED JAIMIE, SCOTT and ANYONE ELSE affiliated with this not to respond any more. LET me repeat. I PERSONALLY ASKED for this to happen. Jaimie Bernhardt is a personal friend of mine. She is a business partner of mine and partners of mine. And I personally find her to be extremely appreciative of everything that is done for her. I have spent most of the day looking into everything being said online and doing my due diligence and have found the following to be true. 1. Jaimie was out of town all weekend and was not on any computer at all. 2. Jaimie did post yesterday, from her phone, a thank you to EVERYONE who helped her win the contest. 3. Jaimie has emailed Thomas and Scott thanking them for the efforts. 4. Jaimie did not block Thomas until this afternoon WHEN I TOLD HER TOO. ( She did take her off her friends list yesterday after blasting her publicly using profanity. And again I TOLD HER THAT WAS PROBABLY BEST )

I think that Thomas does an incredible job marketing people. There is no doubt in this. But this situation has been blasted all day and is unfounded. While no one was responding today, my staff was putting together a full page acknowledgement of what Thomas can do for peoples careers and was going to post on our website for his efforts. But why would anyone do this, publicly thank or anything else after what is now taking place. It is not the way we do business. This was discussed in many emails prior to any of this. And yet here we are. I think it is extremely unfortunate that this has come down to where we are. The contest that we offered Thomas was not canceled by our company. Our company has not lied at all. We have a fundamental difference of doing business. The contest will be excepted if continued and anyone who has submitted to the contest will also be accepted as a submittal to be featured should nothing come about. With Thomas and his marketing team getting full credit if chosen to be featured. All decisions made by me were warranted and that is that. If anyone believes that it is their right to know why, they can email me at my personal email joetdkn@hotmail.com. Every email sent will be responded to. I will not publically bash anyone. And there will be no more comments. Our company has worked with many professionals within this industry and have done much for the careers of models, tv personalities, athletes, etc... And we will continue to do so. We wish Thomas nothing but success going forward. Again anyone wishing to communicate with me and who wants to know facts and not made up portions of the truth. My email is joetdkn@hotmail.com Thank you for your Time


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