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We grow about 15 different varieties of chrysanthemums: spider, sprays, button and daisies.


Flower Depot's philosophy is to plant, grow, harvest and provide vibrant, living, and beautiful flowers with integrity. We recognize the beauty and healing qualities of flowers and endeavor to consciously grow, till and harvest our flowers mindful of the living forces of nature. Our flowers are grown in rich, living soil, and using only sustainable, organic and biodynamic practices. Our flowers are grown in the foothills of Mt. Kitanglad, where we aim to have a flower farm that upholds the sources of life, is sustainable, and wastes nothing. We recognize ecological balance and do not feel the need to rely on chemicals, synthetics or pesticides, relying instead on nature itself to do the healing work for us.

Our flower farm is a happy home

to roses, hydrangeas, carnations, chrysanthemums, gerberas, limoniums, calla lilies, fillers and foliage. We follow sustainable agricultural practices that build our soil fertility, while protecting our air, water and wildlife. Our greenhouses are made of bamboo. We follow crop rotation, cover cropping, integrated pest management, energy saving and packaging minimization. We also practice biodynamic farming, seeing the farm as an entire ecosystem, ensure a living soil, follow a sowing calendar, and use biodynamic preparations.

We have 16 varieties of roses with 14 colors ranging from the deepest burgundy red, even two tones! Our compost bin

Our farmers harvest about 400 dozens of flowers daily! A harvest of Gerberra daisies! We have 15 different varieties! Enjoying our bamboo houses