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Summit Ridge Hotel Address Km.58, Gen. Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay city
Training Period: From to In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course BHRM409 : Practicum II for degree in Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management Hotel & Restaurant Management Department College of International Hospitality Management De La Salle University – Dasmariñas Dasmariñas, Cavite Presented to: Anna-Liza Aligada Tibayan Presented by: Polla Rose Almanzor Nico Jose Bayran Kris Manel Cabrera Carmina Fernando Glaine Loquiliano Angelo Ignacio Salva

Date Submitted October 24, 2011


I.INTRODUCTION Name and General Location Objectives/ Institutional Philosophy/Vision, Mission Ownership/ Management Facilities Outstanding Characteristics of the establishments 10

4 5 6 8 9

II. HOTEL PHASE: Front Office Department Housekeeping Department Sales and Marketing Department Accounting Department Human Resource Department Engineering Department Security Department III.CONCLUSION IV. BIBLIOGRAPHY 11 16 21 23 26 28 31 32 33



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a golf course. Summit Ridge is also an ideal venue for meetings and banquets with its best-in-class facilities. and a spa. the Summit Ridge Hotel has 108 rooms. a gym.I. Summit Ridge Hotel and Promenade features within it several shopping.Reputable for business and leisure tourists alike. Summit Ridge Tagaytay gives you the best view of Taal Volcano and lets you experience the coldest spot in Tagaytay City. as well as a feast of American delights.ph. and enjoy the crisp breeze while you warm your senses with a delicious cup of hot coffee. training rooms. get a table at the outdoor veranda. To get a breathtaking view of Tagaytay. Enjoy a meal at the lobby's Annie's restaurant. Experience world-class amenities and peaceful interiors.INTRODUCTION Summit Ridge is an elegant hotel located in cool-climate region that is Tagaytay. a convention center. dining. Summit Ridge Hotel and Promenade is a property owned and managed by Robinsons Land Corporation under its Hotels Division. and gohotels. inspired by the quiet charm of nature. 4 . Robinsons Land Corporation also owns IHG-managed Crowne Plaza Galleria and Holiday Inn Galleria hotels in the Ortigas business district. a basketball / badminton court. such as a swimming pool facing the picturesque Taal volcano. which offers breakfast buffet. a gym. and owns and manages Cebu Midtown Hotel. and recreational facilities which include a swimming pool. Annie’s and C2 is the perfect venue to unwind as guests enjoy local and international cuisine amidst a refreshing ambience. Our warm and inviting guest rooms and two-bedroom suites are done in Asian tropical style equipped with the most modern conveniences to make your stay with us a most enjoyable one. and a host of other facilities. All of its guest rooms and suites face the panoramic scene of Taal. and an indoor badminton/basketball court. Summit Ridge Tagaytay.

Via SLEX. Summit Ridge hotel located at the highest point of Tagaytay City which boasts of a breathtaking and unobstructed view of one of the Philippines' most famous scenic attractions-the Taal Volcano. It is 60 kms or 1 hour drive from Manila. 5 . All of its guest rooms and suites face the panoramic scene of Taal. Rosa exit and turn right after the tollgates. Aguinaldo Highway until you reach the hotel.Name and General Location Summit Ridge Hotel and Promenade is a property owned and managed by Robinsons Land Corporation under its Hotels Division. Summit Ridge Tagaytay gives you the best view of Taal Volcano and lets you experience the coldest spot in Tagaytay City. just take the Sta. Drive straight to the Gen.

We have the ability to weave and share dreams that give birth to new ones. to be in everyone. delightful. innovative and entrepreneurial spirited individuals.OBJECTIVES/INSTITUTIONAL PHILISOPHY/VISION. that serves as a catalyst and landscape for new opportunities and a better life. successful and a preferred destination. Dedicated to serve the ever changing needs and aspirations of our market. just waiting to illuminate in potentials. an industry. employees and business partners. We are a run by motivated. we achieve greatness by building good things together. and lasting commercial spaces. where we can create value for our shareholders and make a positive difference to our customers. we have the capacity to create ideas that are bigger than we are. We will grow. lies a spark of brilliances. 6 . Summit Ridge Hotel’s Mission: We are committed to develop vibrant. with each of our developments. MISSION Summit Ridge Hotel’s Vision: We will be a driving force. that with every Filipino. Robinson’s believes. At Robinson’s.

Every Robinsons Land project carries 7 .” The strength of a company. Integrity. and our Residential Condominiums are present in the top central districts. Passion to win. our Residential Subdivisions are nationwide. with business partners and tenants. to make life more meaningful for the Filipino people.Summit Ridge Hotel’s Objectives and Philosophy: Summit Ridge Hotel’s general philosophy is “Building good things together. we need everyone to be totally focused in building the Robinsons Land Brand. starts with one man’s dream. Building good things better. We are committed to transform every property to high quality developments that create superior value to our customers and for our shareholders. Growing. We need to improve these further. driven by a team. and an entrepreneurial spirit. we have the second largest chain of Shopping malls. Dynamism. founded on the vision of its leaders. Listening and taking inspiration from its customers. sharing the same core values. We are the country’s largest Office Landlord. Courage Robinsons Land is one of the most respected and recognized names in the Real Estate Industry. We consistently create innovative and outstanding lifestyle products and business solutions that revolutionize the way people live and work. who share the same vision of progress.

Ownership and Management ROBINSONS LAND CORPORATION JG SUMMIT HOLDINGS UNIVERSAL ROBINA ROBINSONS LAND CEBU PACIFIC DIGITAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS PHILIPPINES UNITED INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMITED ROBINSONS BANK JG SUMMIT PETROCHEMICAL CORPORATION Organizational set-up The organizational set-up of the Robinsons Land Corporation is headed by the Board of Directors which is the overall policy-deciding body of RLC. That is the Robinsons Land Brand.with it. the reputation of having the highest standards of quality in service. On an operational basis. policy making is delegated to or administered by corporate offices: • • • • • • • Operational Department Marketing Department Research and Development Department Quality Assurance Department Procurement Department Training Department Human Resources Department 8 .

Facilities and Services Summit Ridge Hotel’s facilities and services include the following: 9 .

 Room Service  High-speed Internet  Fitness Room  Restaurant  Parking  Swimming pool  Concierge  Bar / Lounge  Banquet Facilities  Conference Room(s)  Safe-Deposit Box  Security Guard  Gymnasium  Elevator / Lift  24 Hour Reception  Air Conditioned  News Stand  Mini Bar  Refrigerator  Cable / Satellite TV  Connecting Rooms  Wake-up Service  Meeting Rooms  Kitchenette  Coffee / Tea Maker  Microwave  Hair Dryer  TV  Non-Smoking Rooms  Convention Center  Free Breakfast  Housekeeping Outstanding Characteristics of the establishments 10 .

celebrating birthdays. conferences.Summit Ridge Hotel gives you the best view of Taal Volcano and lets you experience the coldest spot in Tagaytay City. and other milestone events in style! 11 . weddings. Our training and function rooms are fully equipped to allow you to flawlessly carry out your seminars. Your meetings matter to us at Summit Ridge. Summit Ridge is second to none in creating unforgettable memories. and team-building sessions. And if it's a party you're planning.

. Organizational Set-up The Front Office department is headed by the Front Office Manager. HOTEL PHASE FRONT OFFICE DEPARTMENT 1. phone call reservation and through personal reservation.) What are the different sources of reservations?  The different sources of reservations are through online reservation. under her is the Duty Manager. Guest Service Staff and Bellman report to the Front Office Manager and/or the Duty Manager. FRONT OFFICE MANAGER DUTY MANAGER TELEPHONE OPERATOR GUEST SERVICE STAFF BELLMAN Organizational Chart of Front Office Department 2.) How are reservations handled?  Reservations are handled through personal interaction with the guest by saying warm greetings to guests and having good approach in answering the reservation forms or through the website of Summit Ridge Hotel. Telephone Operator. b.I. Operational System & Procedures RESERVATION a.

d. because The H. for cleaning.?  For all regular guests. they give the name VIP. VIPs etc. Sometimes they put a platter of fruits to their VIPs rooms. f.) What are the procedures for accepting/rejecting reservations?  The procedure for accepting/ rejecting reservations is also connected to the system of the Housekeeping Department.K Department records the room that are for cleaning or out of service. so that they know if they can accept or reject reservations. etc so that they what room they can offer. the F. conditioner. FITs.) What files are kept for reservation purposes?  The files that are kept in Front Office for reservation purposes is the guests reservation forms. e. g. lotion.c. toothbrush and many more. Through that.O can easily identify rooms that are available and not.) What amenities are given to guests especially the VIPs?  They will have extra amenities like shampoo. hand & bath soap. .) What codes are used for group.) How are tallying or charting of reservations made?  In tallying or charting of reservation they have operating system in the Front Office that is connected in the Housekeeping Department wherein they can both see what rooms are occupied.

they can also reserve for their rooms ahead of time so that they can have rooms that they prefer.group  For VIP Group. they are greeted upon their arrival with warm greetings and hospitality. so that the hotel can also know what are the courtesies they must be done.CHECK-IN a. the same thing or rule is made just like the VIP individual. c.) How are rooms pre-blocked?  The guests are asked for their room type preference when they make their reservations and the front desk attendants will block them to their room preferences.) What are the check-in procedures and what are the forms used? VIP. the front desk agent let the guest fill up the registration form upon their arrival in the hotel. Then the Front desk clerk checked for room availability then gives the room keys to the guest afterwards. b. the Account Manager of FO is the one who assist the needs of VIP as required so that the VIP can have smooth check-in with no hassle upon his check-in in the hotel. VIP.individual  As regular rule in Front Office. CHECK-OUT .) How is pre-registration done?  Pre-registration is done in the front desk.

a. all the staff of the hotel must be inform what time of the day the guest will be checking out. C. c.) What are the check-out procedures and what forms are used?  In checking out. How is job of a bellman and doorman performed? How do they keep track of arriving and departing guests?  At the entrance of the lobby the bellman and doorman great the guest and assist them to the front office after that they will load the luggage of the guest to the cart and take it to the guest rooms. What are the selling techniques uses by the front office personnel?  They sell rooms in the higher floors because it costs higher than 3 rd to sixth floors. that they can have the best view of Taal Volcano. Analysis (identify strengths and weaknesses) ANALYSIS STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES . but they are allowing late check outs until two in the afternoon. b.) What is the house policy on extension of check-out time?  The house policy for extension check-out is as long there is no incoming guest to occupy the room they let the guest to extend their time before they check-out. b. They are always telling the guests the advantage of occupying rooms in higher floors.) What is the check out time for the establishment?  The check-out time of the hotel is twelve noon. MAIL & INFORMATION a. The FO staffs are arranging immediately the folio of the guest so that the guest knows the things they must pay upon their check-out.

Organizational Set-up . Recommendations / Justification We recommend the addition of their employees in front office department. We think they also should improve their communication skills. For a better and good service and it will be easy for them to accommodate all of their guest and walk-in guest as well.MANPOWER WORK ATMOSPHERE/INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS USE OF MATERIALS RESOURCES FACILITIES SANITATION PROCEDURES AND PRACTICES CONTROL MEASURES AND OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES Multi-tasking employee They have good relationship with each other they don’t have enough employee and emergency absent Complete facilities to perform the task D. because I can say of you are good in communication especially in hotel. HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT A. We think this is an advantage to the hotel itself.


In addition. Coordinator  Coordinator’s function is to check the availability of amenities in the hotel and cleaning chemicals and other supplies of housekeeping Room Attendant  The function of a room attendant is to ensure the cleanliness of room in their assigned floors and the cleanliness of their hallways.) What are the different types of rooms? . Housemen and Powder Girl  Houseman and Powder Girl these are the staff members (both male and female) who clean walls. public area checks if there is anything that needs repair or corrective action. care for floors and clean high. Also checks the quality of cleaning and maintenance and ensures that the area is free of safety hazards.A. toreach-areas. Reliever  Reliever is to fill in absent employee or in day-off. chart of housekeeping department? Executive Housekeeper  Responsible for the cleanliness. b.) What are the functions and operational procedures of each sections identified in your org. Pool Attendant  Pool Attendant responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the pool area Public Area  Public Area conducts regular inspection of the different public areas. maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of the hotel both front and the back house areas. Room attendant is responsible for the cleanliness of the guestroom. remove trash and recycling.

h. TWO BEDROOM SUITE located at the 6th floor. d. c. SUMMIT SUITE which is located at the 9th floor of the hotel. Summit Ridge Hotel consist 108 rooms and has five (5) different types of rooms. dishwashing liquid)  Air fresheners & shine up e.) How is communication maintained with the front office for new arrivals and departures?  The communication is maintained with the front office regarding new arrivals and departures through the computer system that the hotel has.) What are the activity of floor supervisors and room attendants assigned to the floors? How is room inspection conducted? How is the report prepared?  The floor supervisors are the one who inspect the room that are to be sold and they checked the cleanliness and orderliness of every floors.  The Summit ridge Hotel has no laundry section. clean the hallways.  The activities of the room attendants are: every morning they do the actual room checking. because they have laundry provider which is the Diamond Laundry and Bigger Choice.) What are the public areas? How is the cleanliness of these public areas maintained? . wherein front office and housekeeping are connected with each other.U.) What supplies are found in the floor service station?  Chemicals(Emerel)  Cleaning supplies( total washroom cleaner. First is TWIN CLASSIC which is located at 3rd and 4th floor. Apartelle has a total of 18 rooms. And after they finish their work they will write all the things that they do that day. M. And through using forms such as expected check-in lists and expected check-out.) How does laundry section function? Describe the activities in the laundry section. There are also disabled rooms which is located at 3rd and 6th floor (room 311 and 606).R (make up rooms)  Every room attendants have a report paper that indicates the daily room status of all rooms. re-touch. Standard twin has a total of 53 rooms. KING AND TWIN DELUXE located at the 7th and 8th floor. clean the rooms. KING CLASSIC which is located at the 5th floor. Standard King has a total number of 37 rooms. g.

corridors. elevators. meeting rooms. C.) How are guests’ complaints/requests handled?  If the guest have any request or complains the room attendant will address the problem or request to the department that will do the job. public rest rooms. locker rooms and offices) cleanliness are maintained by doing inspection of the public area officer and they have the respective schedule for cleaning the areas. banquet rooms. In Front and Back of the house (Lobby. halls. The housekeeping department has round-the-clock responsibility for keeping the public spaces. Analysis (identify strengths and weaknesses) . spotlessly clean and in good repair i. j.) What are the different forms used and describe their functions?  Room status slip – an information given by the housekeeping staff to the front office regarding the status of a certain room.  Pre-operational check – a form used for checking equipment based on standards  Room checklist – a form used for checking amenities and other assigned areas based on standards  Room attendant’s report – a report given by the housekeeping staff indicating the daily room status of all rooms. More thorough cleaning of the public area is done during an early morning shift that starts at 4am or 5am defending on the category of hotels and areas to be cleaned or during the night shift or graveyard shift.

SALES & MARKETING DEPARTMENT . D. They don’t have enough facilities to perform the task They don’t have enough reminders on sanitation. And the head of the department don’t distribute the people well.ANALYSIS MANPOWER STRENGTHS They have hard working employees to do the entire task. Recommendations / Justification We think they should have hired additional employee for the housekeeping department to have a faster and quality service for the guest and they should know how to distribute their manpower because it is one of the problem in this department. There employees don’t have that close bond on each other They can’t properly supervise the inflow and outflow of supplies. They improvises When they do dirty work they sanitize their hand before and after. They work as a team and have good working relationship with each other WORK ATMOSPHERE/INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS USE OF MATERIALS RESOURCES FACILITIES SANITATION PROCEDURES AND PRACTICES CONTROL MEASURES AND OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES WEAKNESSES They don’t have enough Room attendants for the hotel rooms.

You will be responsible to report to the Company President /CEO. type invoices. In this position your duties will be to focus on your company’s strategic goals as the departmental in charge.  Sales executives sell their company’s goods and services. What sales techniques are used by marketing/account executive during sales calls? . b.A. forward phone calls. Sales secretaries file reports. What are the functions of each sections identified in your org. Operational System & Procedures Describe in details. Their role is to approach potential customers with the aim of winning new business.  A sales secretary is someone who provides clerical duties for a sales team. Occasionally. the operational procedures a. or follow up with clients to make sure the product or service sold has been delivered as promised. reply to emails and handle customer inquiries. Many sales executives are also responsible for making repeat sales to their employer’s existing customers. Their customers may be businesses. chart of S & M department?  As the Director of Sales & Marketing you will have to give the direction to the daily operations of your sales department. they will assist in making a sale. Organizational Set-up B. governmental organizations or individuals.

When we are in there office it is quite small for them. They also print logos to all their amenities. group sales. Analysis (identify strengths and weaknesses) ANALYSIS MANPOWER WORK ATMOSPHERE/INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS USE OF MATERIALS RESOURCES FACILITIES SANITATION PROCEDURES AND PRACTICES CONTROL MEASURES AND OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES STRENGTHS They have enough employee and multi-tasking people Have good working condition to each other WEAKNESSES Emergency absent Complete facilities Not enough space. Newspaper ads. They also tell the guest if there is any discount or promo that is going on the hotel. TV ads. They also used brochures to promote the hotel. brochures and tarpaulins C. allows the customer or the client to read and view all information needed about the hotel. and convention sales are are handled?  They gave sales package for group travelers and guest that will stay longer in the hotels. How FIT sales. c. d. What are the marketing aids/promotional gimmicks used?  A web-site that is designed or created for the hotel. ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT . the close is so crowded D. I also want to add to clean their office regularly. They up sell rooms that have higher value to the guest. e. How do they advertise the establishment?  They advertise the establishment through online website. Recommendations / Justification We would recommend that they must have a bigger office.

 Income Audit Fetches the sales data using Guest Folio. JV entry and make necessary correction.) What are the functions of each sections identified in your org.  Account Payable /Accounting Staff Receives the PO. invoices and other supporting documents from MCD/other department and from suppliers. .  General Accountant Generates the Balance sheet/Profit and loses. Segmentation. Fetches the daily sales of restaurant using receipt then check their income. Perform the checking of CPOV/Safekeeping/Card Verification. copy of contract and other form needed. and Incidental deposit. Prepare Income Sales Report. Also performs the Revenue and Expense report and Prepares the Budget plan & Capital fulfillment plan. decision making. Randomly checks the hard copy sales data versus on master data system.A. Organizational Set-up Chief Accountant General Accountant Income Audit Account Payable/ Accounting Staff B.) Operational System & Procedures a. Authorization. Prepare income audit finding for the transaction unrecognized and unnecessary. reviewed and approved based on report of each section. initially performs the Financial Statement and Identify the types of assets and create assets in master data and performs GL accounts. chart of accounting department?  Chief Accountant Head of Department which is responsible on his department for performing the analytical works.

Prepares working papers and request for payment. invoices of said payable o Goods Receipt Form = generated form from master data where goods is recognized. so restaurant need to surrender the charge slip or receipt sign by the guest or the approved signor (for event) to recognized the charges.Verifies that invoice is inputted by Purchasing/other department. b.) What are the different forms used and describe their functions?  Accounts Payable o Request for Payment = to recognized the SOA.) How do cashiers manage conversion of currency and safe deposit boxes?  Cashier Officer & Income Audit check every day the FO cashiers report or Daily Cashiers Report including the cash/credit accounts when deposit on safety boxes. Sales Coordinator input the initial charges for the function or event of a contract which already recognized of FO. Set up a new utilities account on master data. e. Responsible to transmittal the document in head office for check preparation and release. d. C. Perform the billing advice on tenant or suppliers.) How room and restaurant charges posted to guest folios?  FO are responsible to post the final charges on master data (system). Monitor the payables with corresponding action for due accounts. o Vendor Accounts Form = to set up new utilities account o General Accounting= journal Voucher Form adjustment for the necessary o Income Audit -Audit Findings Form = for transaction unrecognized and unnecessary.) What is the working relationship between the FO cashiers and the auditors?  FO cashiers who input the income and expense of the guest/ function on which the Income Audit randomly check the data for finalized the report c. Income Audit will perform the findings. Analysis (identify strengths and weaknesses) ANALYSIS MANPOWER STRENGTHS They have enough employee and WEAKNESSES Emergency absent . Input the data on master system for recognized the expense.

Recommendations / Justification We recommend the department to have a bigger office and have a reliever every time there is any absent in the employee. because if there have a bigger office it will make their work better and they can move easily. HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT .WORK ATMOSPHERE/INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS USE OF MATERIALS RESOURCES FACILITIES SANITATION PROCEDURES AND PRACTICES CONTROL MEASURES AND OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES multi-tasking people Have a harmonious relationship with each other Complete facilities Not enough space D.

monitors attendance…  Maintains good relations with Labor Unions  Ensures employees' safety and working conditions b. the operational procedures a. What are the functions of each sections identified in your org.  The Training Manager is in charge of handling the training programs of the newly hired employee and assisting the trainees from different schools and institution to their work place.A. Operational System & Procedures Describe in details. and tax withholding…  Administrates employees' paperwork.  Responsible for external & internal recruitment  Calculates employees' salaries. What tests are given? . compensation. Organizational Set-up B. chart of HRD department?  Human Resource Manager is the one who approves the final appointments.  A human resource secretary is responsible for assisting human resources directors and managers.

If they work on holidays there is no double payment but they can have under time next week or it depends on how you will use it. as well as to have good training etiquette for the employees towards the student trainees. What are the policies on the following: tardiness. Recommendations / Justification The HR Department employees should handle student trainees the same treatment as their co-worker. employee meals.  d. employee rating. What are the company policies on wages? Job description and specification? Fringe Benefits? Motivational Schemes? Incentive Schemes?  Every 15 days they will have their wages and they will have incentive if the hotel exceeded the quota for the guest. C. identification. They give written exam and interview to their applicants. Who approves final appointments?  The human resources manager is the one who approve the final appointment. Analysis (identify strengths and weaknesses) ANALYSIS MANPOWER WORK ATMOSPHERE/INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS USE OF MATERIALS RESOURCES FACILITIES SANITATION PROCEDURES AND PRACTICES CONTROL MEASURES AND OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES STRENGTHS They have enough employee and multi-tasking people they have a friendly relations among the employees WEAKNESSES They just accept employee even it is not needed. The employee wages depend on if he or she is hired by the company or agency. c. absences. removal of hotel properties. Emergency absent Complete facilities D. etc…  If the hotel employee is late he or she should still accomplish the 8 yrs of work. e. And for the employees meal they sign on logbook to check the amount to be deducted to their salary. schedule transfers. ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT .

c. What are the functions operational procedures of each section identified in your org. Operational System & Procedures Describe in details. system or mechanical failure . and emergency maintenance? How do they handle these two maintenance programs?  Preventive Maintenance is maintenance you perform on the hotel before a problem exists. inspecting. rooms. lubricating. Preventive maintenance consists of cleaning. adjusting and servicing the place.A. the operational procedures a. And Emergency Maintenance – Maintenance and / or repairs required when you least expect it due to component. What are the responsibilities of the department?  They maintain the facilities of the hotels in good working conditioned. Organizational Set-up B. Audio visual regards to the facilities of the hotels. chart of engineering department?  The maintenance of the building. b. What is the difference between a preventive maintenance program.

 After the complain are address to them.  f. .  For major repairs all managers will have a meeting about the problem. How is coordination done with the different departments on repairs and maintenance?  They have radio and telephone coordination. What are the different forms used and describe their functions?  The activities of the engineering department are all base and recorded on their Logbook.d. they go to the place to check and repair the defective equipment and after they fixed it they report to the department that it’s already fixed. How are guest complaints on defective equipment. And for minor repairs they don’t have any meeting to that. e. furniture or fixtures acted on?  The guest complains will go to the front office and housekeeping and after they have the complete details about the problem they will address it to the engineering department.

Analysis (identify strengths and weaknesses) ANALYSIS MANPOWER WORK ATMOSPHERE/INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS USE OF MATERIALS RESOURCES STRENGTHS They have multi-tasking employee Fluent work performance. six individuals/workers is obviously insufficient for the entire hotel. D. then workers are only six.C. FACILITIES SANITATION PROCEDURES AND PRACTICES CONTROL MEASURES AND OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES engineering head controls the work atmosphere of his workers well The hotel is on its development stage so they don’t have yet control measures. we have generators that can load 100% of electricity for the entire hotel. nothing is hard for them. the hotel is under Robinsons land and corporation. Complete facilities WEAKNESSES Lack of man power. Recommendations / Justification They need to work out the number of their manpower. imagine 9 floors with 18 rooms each. they stated that if you see your job easy. . so if we need our materials we must make PR request and it will go directly to the main office at Ortigas to be approved then it will be delivered here in our hotel We have our heat pump for the water supply of the entire hotel. It takes 2-3 months before it arrives here in our hotel so if we need it as soon as possible we have to order it in advance.

What are the responsibilities of the department  The responsibility of this department is to ensure the safety and security of the people and premises. security head makes sure that guards are complete in uniforms and ready to work. . What are the functions operational procedures of each section identified in your org. one at day time and at noon. b. What different security measures are employed to ensure adequate protection of life and property?  Make a recommendation to the management about any hazard notice. because maybe some of the guards might be sleeping on the rest of their working hours.SECURITY DEPARTMENT B. C. chart of security department?  They monitor and identify hazard problem. The security head leaves at 6pm so he cannot be able to monitor night shift guards.  Protects the life and property of hotel  Loss prevention & Accident Prevention c. Also to avoid security guards lousiness at night. the operational procedures a. Operational System & Procedures Describe in details. D. Analysis (identify strengths and weaknesses) ANALYSIS MANPOWER WORK ATMOSPHERE/INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS USE OF MATERIALS RESOURCES FACILITIES SANITATION PROCEDURES AND PRACTICES CONTROL MEASURES AND OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES STRENGTHS They have enough people We have 4 reliever They have good relationship but they also have a boundary or limitation to that The Summit ridge hotel security provider are the one who gave their resources and supplies They have complete facilities to secure the place WEAKNESSES Emergency leave of employee on duty confidential We are having 2 assemblies.  They report to the superior if they identified any hazard problem that can harm people. Recommendations / Justification They have to hire a night shift security head to monitor guards at their shifts at night.

Because always remember that they are the one who is paying our service so we should pay them back by giving them our best when it comes to good service. a successful employment relationship.CONCLUSION This report is focused on the overall performance of the hotel. Hiring the right employee. guests wouldn't have clean rooms to check in or return to. pays you back in employee productivity. costly to your work environment. and time consuming. on the other hand. And after doing the report we discovered that every department is very important in a establishment especially in a hotel. The research also aimed to identify how each department contributes ideas for the sake of good service to their guest. Hiring the wrong employee is expensive.III. Without a strong housekeeping staff. Like housekeeping department. Hiring the right employee is a challenging process. Every department has their own responsibility. The group concluded that giving a “good service” to the guest is the most important one. and a positive impact on your total work environment. And one of their responsibility is to know how many employees and how to choose the right employee. we all know that housekeeping department can be considered the glue that keeps everything together. .

IV.jobduties.com/about_6697531_job-description-hrsecretary. BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www.com/ http://www.org/director-of-sales-marketing-duties.html .ehow.summitridgehotel.html http://www.

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