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More Excerpts From My Upcoming Series of Books

More Excerpts From My Upcoming Series of Books

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Published by Angelina Lazar
These are just some more excerpts from my upcoming series of books . . . a treat for all my Friends and taste of what is to come from my "QUEEN OF THE SOUTH" Series......

Sorry, Guys, I prepared this for you all on St. Angelina (August 12th, 2011), but just posting online today (Mar 26, 2012).

Much ado . . .

Best & God Bless!
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Angelina "of Serbia"
These are just some more excerpts from my upcoming series of books . . . a treat for all my Friends and taste of what is to come from my "QUEEN OF THE SOUTH" Series......

Sorry, Guys, I prepared this for you all on St. Angelina (August 12th, 2011), but just posting online today (Mar 26, 2012).

Much ado . . .

Best & God Bless!
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Angelina "of Serbia"

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Published by: Angelina Lazar on Mar 27, 2012
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MORE EXCERPTS From My Upcomiing SERIES of BOOKS .. .. ..


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__ _ANGELINA LAZAR_ __ _ ___ _ ____

Well, I actually think I’m giving away a lot here, as each article is super-satiated with poignant concepts, but all the same, I will share with you a few more developed concepts, unto your benefit, as this is what I was born for and who I am; and I am never known to hold back; just not my style, you may have noticed… In fact, that is what I preach above all: to live to the max with holy bravado and be ALL God ordained you to be! ~Voila!. Best & God Bless! +++ xo~A August 12th, 2011 Day of St. Angelina

Angeelliina Lazzarr ng na a a
& Political Ideologue + Defender of Human Rights + Orthodox Mystical Theologian


If we DON’T maintain a POSITIVE MINDSET, we will ONLY JINX ourselves and FAIL MISERABLY in what we could have had RESOUNDING SUCCESS in! We MUST NOT speculate unfairly. At the same time, we must put forth efforts in procuring the essential Gifts of Judgment and Discernment. And we MUST NOT oscillate between the two contrary modus operandi; they MUST be CLEARLY DEFINED and IMPECCABLY DISTINGUISHED. Thus, we need to KNOW when to leave the door still OPEN to FIND OUT EXACTLY what happened, instead of JUMPING to rash conclusions, so as not to totally destroy a potentially profitable, significant or crucial relationship; and we must also be wise enough to SURMISE when ENOUGH is ENOUGH, and cut the umbilical cord decisively off relationships that are toxic, unworthy, detrimental or just plan useless! Otherwise, we will pay a pretty price and I assure you, the devil works through such people in order to bring about our ultimate downfall, since you are o, so watchful, he cannot attack you directly! So, get rid of all such negative, evil or time-wasting influences from your life! Oust them without remorse or second thought, I say! ALL errors occur due to procrastination, a lack of faith, lack of judgment or not knowing the Word of God. So, we MUST acquire JUDGMENT and DISCERNMENT, which cannot ever be procured if our consciences are seared. We MUST have a positive mindset and real faith; act conscientiously and in a timely manner, and be infused with the Word of God, which BURNS through the hidden agendae of fraudsters, SCORCHING them poignantly, for they LOATHE being EXPOSED, but EXPOSE and REPORT THEM, WE MUST so that their evil does NOT perpetuate or flourish! Many people let them off the hook, without saying a word, but all the Saints have always exposed them, unless, of course, the wrongdoing was unto them, personally, which often enough, they would keep quiet on, allowing God to vindicate them Himself, or they accepted the wrongdoing done unto them as recompense and atonement for their prior sins. So how do we procure Judgment, you ask? We do so by reading the Holy Scriptures, as the principles we need to live by are mentioned therein, to keep us from slipping and getting off track. When we do not obey the Word of God, we inevitably fall into sin, and sin wreaks its own havoc, and we will not get out of it until it has run its full course, or we have repented sincerely and profusely. This is, therefore,

something to watch out for, as sometimes, we speak off the cuff, thinking something is so, and it is way off the mark! But I assure you: we WILL answer for every one of our words! People take their own words FAR TOO LIGHTLY! EVERYTHING BEGINS with the WORD. If we only consulted the Scriptures regularly, we would discover the solution to every riddle and answer to every dilemna, and would not possess any which faulty thinking on any which matter under the sun! As for our OWN words, we will answer for each and every one of them; as words, once spoken, have the power of creating the good or bad that we voiced, as we were made in the image and likeness of God, and our words BRINGS THINGS INTO BEING just as God’s did. They can create HAVOC and SUFFERING, KILL SOMEONE’S SPIRIT and drive them to COMMIT SUICIDE if we are MERCILESS, and speak with ANIMOSITY, HURTING SOMEONE to the CORE of their BEING out of our own SINFUL VICE; or they can create JOY and lend HOPE and MEANING to peoples’ lives, INSPIRING them to become ALL that they can be, WINNING SOULS for Christ, offering LIFE-SAVING ADVICE and ENCOURAGEMENT! Our words are POWERFUL WEAPONS, and when we finally DISCOVER THIS for ourselves, we REALIZE how much we need to APOLOGIZE and REPENT or we realize we need to PREACH and MOTIVATE just that much more as people DESPERTELY need our words and DEPEND upon them, as they have, otherwise, lost all hope as they still have not come to a personal relationship with God! Also, we must do things with TIMELINESS, cooperating with the Holy Spirit, as Providence plays her formidable role and everything must be effected, according to her unquestionable, mysterious, timerelated ways. If we run amuck and are extremely late on something that must needs be accomplished now, God will most certainly intervene, getting us on track, sparing us no drastic measures, if need be, to do just that, so that we do not miss the boat! As everything must work together in unison and synchronicity in order for us to catch our blessings, and for others to as well, as we are all, in some way, interrelated! How else do you think God serendipitously arranges for you to meet just the right person at just the right time, seemingly accidentally, in another pocket of the world when it was key and critical for you to do so? Or how else do you think God manages to unite all the pieces of a puzzle you are working on in the nick of time to complete your brilliant masterpiece, when you did not even know where ever to find that missing link, and were seriously running out of time on your very strict deadline? Or how do you think God bestows you with just the exact information you needed to effect the required action when you were clueless as to how to make it all happen, but He tossed it in your lap as a fluke occurrence, resolving your most intricate problem presto, bango, right on time! And a whole host of other amazing and timely feats He endeavours for our sakes, as He masterminds everything behind the scenes for our ultimate and optimal benefit, not for some half-bit patchwork scenario that just barely gets us by! O, no, God wants us to reap FULL benefit, no holds barred! It is ONLY YOU who short-changes your own life; NEVER HIM! I said: NEVER is it Him! It is JUST NOT WHO He MOST DEFINITELY IS as a loving Father, brilliant Creator, our very best Well-Wisher, Saviour and Guide, Tutor and Coach, Teacher and Advisor, Friend and Confidante par excellent, omnipotent and omniscient, unprecedented and all-supreme! God is the most ingenious POWER COACH who knows exactly what is needed and when, which we remain oblivious to, as His ways are well past knowing. We just must have FAITH. . . . REAL FAITH! And sometimes, yes, He can be very tough on us, as any good coach would be in order to get us into our second wind and conditioned enough to take us to the next level as He is always preparing us for that, and will never allow us to indulge in just sitting around, remaining at the same infantile spiritual stage He left us at the last time He dealt with us all-intensively with mega-extreme, positively relentless overly excessive (in our estimation), mind-boggling vigor!

O, no. We must always be ascending the spiritual ladder towards perfection if we surrender ourselves to Him after perfectly understanding the tenets of our Salvation. God works on us to sanctify us, and nothing else seems really much to interest Him as this does when we have come to that point. It is a mighty intense ride, to be sure, though, requiring heaving efforts, sweat, blood and tears from our end; but in the end, we will inevitably say: “it was well worth it!” if we just keep following His Lead, which will bring us to our own Promised Land. Watch not to QUIT, though. As that is when the thread is lost; the faith is severed; the relationship is torn between YOU and your MAKER, and the benefits come to a screeching halt! You MUST have faith unto the end, and work with the timing He mandated us to utilize, and stop interfering in His work behind the scenes! If we only believe, He tells us we can move mountains and cast them into the sea (Mt 17, 20). He has put at our feet huge power and bestowed us with great glory which we can tap into only once we finally understand His especial spiritual principles, and live by them out of love and obedience to Him; indeed, only once we totally SURRENDER to Him. There is a hidden rule book. And that book is a book within the Book, which ONLY THOSE can understand who IMPLEMENT His Word; and who have captured the Essence of Christ and ALL His AllSaving Sacrifices for us; and those, who have entered through the secret door which leads to Sanctification. This door is at the point of TOTAL SURRENDER. And if one does not TOTALLY SURRENDER to Christ, they will never be granted entrance through that door, and will never understand a whole series of spiritual mysteries and deep mystical wisdom, which will remain for them incomprehensible, forbidden fruit. TRUST and FAITH in Him are ESSENTIAL, indeed. Without them, we will only live a half-life, unfulfilled, un-prosperous, uneventful, void of wisdom and essential knowledge; and remain off track, off beat, sideswiping our very blessings instead of attaining the pinnacle of success, and not even understanding the meaning of Life! A POSITIVE MINDSET, FAITH, TIMELINESS, JUDGMENT, DISCERNMENT, KNOWING THE WORD OF GOD and TOTAL SURRENDER TO HIM I wish you all unto the VERY FULFILLMENT of ALL of your Life’s Goals, Plans, Hopes and Dreams and Very, Very Mission! Olay!

Yes, there are a lot of travails we go through in life, and yes, not everyone is dependable and, indeed, very few; and many responsibilities we have which we need to see through to completion, and not always are we able to make ends meet, and this seriously threatens our well being, existence, peace of mind and sanity, it is true; but there is, indeed a “but”. And that is what I want to discuss: the “but”. But : there is a way to live that is the only way, which must be our cornerstone and foundation in life. Everything else must be based upon this, founded upon this eternal rock. No other way is possible that will have us reap legitimate and righteous rewards and blessings in this life and the next. So, we begin with reading the Scriptures and living and fulfilling them; adhering to God’s Precepts and Commandments, Advice, Tenets and Principles. This is a must. Yes, there will be wrought havoc in our lives with or without this, it is true; but if we adhere to God’s principles, we know the way we must go; we know right from wrong, and we will successfully by-pass all the snares of the evil one, and be granted success in all of our endeavours! It is our heritage, God’s gift and promise to us, so do not worry in the least; He always fulfills, and will never fail or betray us (Heb. 13, 5)! Everything else Is truly less important, and secondary. We must base our lives upon God’s way, then go through the motions, and find our way through all the series of travails, as God will dutifully bless us with success in the very end, and we will have come to Him all the more, as a result of making it through that very steep and narrow, dark and perilous path, if it were not for Him, guiding us and comforting us along the way. This is His firm promise to us, and we do not receive any other worthwhile promises on earth that we can count on, which will benefit us in the long run from anyone else, so just do not worry! Sometimes, it is truly exasperating and unfulfilling, nerve-wracking and gut-wrenching going through our toughest ordeals, when we ask ‘What is it all worth?’, and ‘Why even bother?’, ‘Why me?’, or ‘When will it ever end?...... I just don’t deserve this!’ Sometimes, we just do not understand why God puts us through what He puts us through, and we think how utterly unfair and distasteful, dangerous and vulgar, brutal and merciless, pitiful and pathetic! Yes, even then, one must have faith, and discover why God is putting us through all that He does, as it will be revealed sooner or later, but one thing is for sure, and that is this: it would be worse for us, believe it or not, had God not intervened! And another thing is true: we will have discovered some things about ourselves we never would have come to, some hidden sins, some mysterious, essential, spiritual knowledge that will definitely take us to the next level, as when you come out of your ordeal, I assure you, you will be standing on a higher plane, taken to another dimension!

Let me utilize a stark example that hits home with me more than all others. I am talking about the global economy and what is happening with valuations of currencies, the price of gold, the availability of jobs and viability of businesses in the West; and alternatively, the serious hurdles, obstacles and dangers in the third world, but with much more upside potential; and the prospects for the future and travails of today! As an economist, FOREX and precious commodities trader, international businesswoman and avid student of global trade and backstage politics, I poignantly read and heavily study the signs of the times, as yes, I am a spiritual guru, as well, and for me, it is always a holistic experience which all adds up on every dimension, whichever angle I shine my very own inherent mysto-nano-angelico-quantum flashlight on the situation, which does the trick every time... So, no matter how great the obstacles and problems are in Africa, let’s say, in the mining and trading sectors, it is still well worth it to mine one’s own gold, as there are just no viable business opportunities in America and Europe today, as I see it and other hardcore entrepreneurs and traders see it. In the West, unemployment is at about 20% which is catastrophic, although they have fudged these statistics greatly so that they will never admit this dire state of affairs and the real numbers for all economic indicators, as they just want to boost consumer spending instead of allowing people to make correct decisions for themselves, so, they simply lie to the public! Next, the taxes on businesses, excessive regulation and high cost of labour and insurance disincentivize powerhouse entrepreneurs to carry on with their businesses in the West. They just have no reason to continue to do so, as it is extremely disadavantageous to them, so why even bother? They are not fools, but the sharpest of minds and primest of calibers of performance and success! On the other hand, the dire, exorbitant, serious, imminent dangers of doing business in the third world; namely, Africa, where there is a plethora of corruption, occultism and fraud amidst the lack of business acumen, reliability, competence, integrity and intellect make it a real challenge to do business there, but there is where gold can be mined for a price one cannot get anywhere else! So, take your pick! It must be noted that the stability and values of the major currencies, such as the dollar, euro, pound and even yen are volatile and weak, decreasing in value, whereas the price and demand of gold is rising steeply and relentlessly so! So, one is in a winning short and long term trend sector when they focus on producing and trading gold no matter what the danger and odds may be in the Third World; and are only hurting themselves in the other scenario, as what, pretell, are they fighting for if they understand the economic indicators, prognosis, trends, and actual all-around real situation and economy in advanced capitalistic economies? It simply makes no sense to fight to sustain yourself in a losing battle, when there is no governmental support, incentives, integrity or competence, no upward trends on a national basis, or any positive, realistic expectations, whatsoever! We cannot pretend to remain blind to the real situation as any economically savvy, vigilant business person will attest to the truth of the matter, as they inherently and most objectively see and understand the situation, which is contrary to what government officials and the media are purporting.

And I ++ ++ ++ Prophecy ++ ++ ++

In fact, it seems to me that these Western countries have reached their peak, and are headed downwards as a result of violating spiritual principles! Because they were not living according to God’s principles of tithing and offering, giving back and ‘serving God instead of mammon’ (Lk 16, 13); thus, they are all crashing, one by one; and our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ is, therefore, now giving a chance to the Third World countries, in the same wise that He left the Jews, who forsook, betrayed and crucified Him, and He went to visit the Gentiles instead, making Salvation available to them – which the latter accepted much more readily than their “stiff-necked” counterparts! We are seeing this play out now with nations, as a whole, as everything is going topsey-turvey in the world today, and it is all in God’s mighty Hands! The countries that were successful and advanced are today regressing and failing, and will resemble more and more the third world; and the ones who never had a chance are on fast-track, heading upwards full throttle, amidst all their wide spectrum of incompetencies and inconsistencies! Just like the Synophrenecian woman who boldly told Jesus that the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the table which the children did not eat, so has God come today to the descendants of Ham, who have not been as blessed as the rest of humanity! We are experiencing a supernatural turning point based upon a universal spiritual principle, as verily, verily, it is written: “wealth is stored up for the righteous” (Prov ) and “the evil bow before the good; and the wicked at the gates of the righteous” (Prov 14, 19). God is fed up, anymore, with waiting for the repentance of the Iluminati, who rule the Western world in formidable satanic style, whereas their stronghold is not so entrenched in the third world, is my take, and believe me when I say: I know of no other persona who bounces back and forth between both parties like a yo-yo, getting the low-down from both camps on all fronts worldwide; and all this is totally unpublished information, “not for public consumption”, as the former discreetly like to say… Thus, we have to make a choice, and a choice that makes sense! And if we are going to be going through travails this way or that, it may as well be travails that lead to a definite benefit, a healthy short and long term trend, peace of mind and serious profitability; and corner the market on time before it becomes super-satiated and impossible to penetrate for this, that, or the other reason! I think people need to be so much more prepared for difficulties in their ventures than to be spoon-fed pie-in-the-sky, get-rich-quick scenarios or ‘phoney-baloney’ stories a political ruler may give them about being able to turn a trend around when there are just no conditions or resources whatsoever to enable them to do so, but they continue to feed their citizens this fable, all the same! Look! Things take time to evolve and come to fruition! It is just how God operates, and what He blesses; it is not viable or feasible, and is never long term any which get-rich-quick scheme, that is pitched to those not savvy in real business! We must, therefore, remain steadfast and persevering; keeping our heads clear, editing and perfecting our work until we get it exactly right with our desired results; and find ways to bring things to a fruitful close, whatever it takes, when we have a clear goal in mind. We work towards it, no matter what the trials are along the way! As long as it is clearly defined and doable, we must machete our way through and carve out just the right path that works – no holds barred and giving no heed to any which excuses! And yes, there will be people along the way; namely, everyone, it seems, who will try and deter us, who possess more or less, a haughty ‘they-know-best’ attitude, and ‘just-give-up-the-fight-as-you-will –neversucceed’ demeanour! As virtually, no one along the way will you find helpful; they are likely to bring you only more detriment, so the less people you are in touch with while embarking upon the launching of your venture,, the better! I have also found that those you consider closest to you, people who you

thought could never wrong you, will, actually do so, and very easily at that, so do not trust anyone in business, as that is just the nature of the beast! You will please remember I said that! And again, I say: do not forget this veritable hard core, cold blooded fact, I am very sorry to relay! No, there is no room for trust in business; all must be qualified and proven; shown and agreed upon in writing with a valid contract that will hold water in the court and country of your choice! But as for your end results, do not worry about them, for if you have a clearly defined goal, and you know it is a viable and doable venture; and you know what is needed to get there, you must make your way through all the hoops and hurdles until you procure those much needed results; otherwise, you are flighty, foolish, do not know what you want, and are not a true entrepreneur, in the least, in which case, please do not even call yourself one! You never should have embarked upon your venture if you knew you did not have the necessary perseverance and gusto to plow right through to the finish line! Again, if you know the Scriptures well, and God’s Promise to you, you know He will bless your work, your business and your investments, in spite of all the obstacles put in your way! But without perseverance and faith, we can never finish jubilantly! Not ever! . . . . So, it makes no sense to worry: that just proves you have no faith; certainly not enough to see you through to victory! Worry is of the evil one, and when you surround yourself with people like this, you are allowing negative influences into your life which Is not wise, not healthy, not at all advisable. I would stray as far away as possible from such people, as they bring about nothing good, nothing positive, nothing beneficial. Just don’t worry; have faith, hope and trust and add to that perseverance, and hold on tight for the ride, as it will be much more than you ever expected or dreamed possible! Hold on till the end when you will inevitably retrieve the results you’ve been looking for. But you will become groomed, well honed, changed for the better, wiser, savvier, smarter, and more formidable, as a result; so don’t expect to come out the same, as that will never happen! You had in mind business, but God had in mind so much more, and He throws in the business, as a mere fringe benefit!. . . So, allow me be the first to Congratulate you in advance, as I know if you follow this thread and line of thinking, adhering to God’s principles and way of doing things, He will never fail you, meaning your success is imminent, regardless of all pitfalls and pitbulls smack dab on your path! Bravo! Bravissimo! That a way to nail it in the bazooka of Belial! Onwards and upwards under the canopy of God unto the very, very end! Olay!


Honestly, I cannot help but say: people who remain in their own native city amongst their own family and clique all of their lives can never attain their full potential! Not ever! For it takes all that we have (and much more than we ever thought we had) to fill the shoes God has prepared for us! We must venture outside of what others know and expect of us in order to fulfill this, our real potential, attain our dreams and prosper in our mission! People just hold other people back, for the most part. And just do not allow them to develop as they need to! They seem to have an inbred system that supports only the mold they have conformed to, and will inherently lash out against any new, creative development of any which individual in their midst within a 20-mile radius, and at times, countrywide! But if one does not develop wholly individually, they will never enter into their own power and achieve their full greatness! Not in the least! They will only always be mediocre, producing average results, never leading a full life! It just does not work any other way! I have seen this so clearly and vividly, and marvel at the vast difference travelling worldwide produces versus ‘potato-couching’ one’s life away! I guess I can use the example of myself and the rest of my family, who are, inevitably stunted in their growth, spiritually and socially, politically and psychologically compared to…. well, myself, who has developed astoundingly on these fronts due to my worldwide travels, vast experiences, strictest disciplinarian training and widespread, fully rounded education. That is not to say anything negative about them, but to remark on the huge contrast it produces in the beings, themselves, which I must comment on, as it is a very real experience, begetting totally different results, different worldviews, different levels of understanding, living and being... They, for instance, do what is expected of them, even when they do not want to; and just go with whatever flow is drawn out for them on some invisible easle for their particular microcosm, which enslaves them in a whole matrix of having to do this then, that then, and the other whenever it imposes itself upon them! But to just do one’s own thing, and carve out one’s own path in life, without feeling compelled to explain, justify and excuse oneself to any which ‘others’ does not exist as a manner of lifestyle, as they are far too entrenched in the way that has been mapped out for them by some mysterious societal and familial hand. In fact, the very level of conversation is on such a low level, menial and insignificant, I would never engage in speaking on such matters; I would just do whatever small task needs to be accomplished, and be done with it, without a word to any one else, as there are many more things far more important to discuss; but these, I notice never take precedence, and never even make it to the list! But of this, they are not at all aware, and frankly, could care less!

It all began when I first travelled across the world, and found myself still in the habit of saying “we” instead of “I” when I was, actually talking about myself, but what my siblings would naturally do, too, as we had the very same mindset and worldview! Realizing, soon after, that the people I was talking to did not know my siblings who were on the other side of the world, I came to drop the “we” as it made no sense whatsoever in an international setting. And so, more and more, I cultivated my own path, realizing they would never do this or that which I am doing, nor would they ever be able to even think in such a manner, as they simply did not have the backdrop, the history, the experience, the knowledge or the wherewithal; hence, I could never even use the term “we” again if I wanted to, so it was dropped from my vocabulary for good! I realized they could never attain a higher level of being, understanding, living and developing, as they were all holding each other back unawares, and too afraid to step out and develop. And so, they could never understand me, and if you were ever to speak with them, that is the most glaringly obvious thing you would notice, to say the least! The stark contrast is vividly exhibited whenever I go home for one of my very rare visits. They could never believe all of my stories of my many adventures, and were simply convinced (an still are, in fact) that I make everything up and am some kind of pathological nutcase of a liar with a very vivid imagination, indeed! They are so far behind me in worldly experiences and holistic knowledge, wisdom and spirituality, international business acumen and political prowess, it is virtually impossible to speak with any of them! Instead, they will just just shut down, clam up, murmur with a grimace, clench their fists, teeth and anything else clenchable! They refuse to believe what I developed into, speaking before audiences of 100,000 - 300,000 people; that I have a following as a fully fledged and well deserved opinions leader; that I am renowned as a spiritual and political thinker, that I actually know what I’m talking about, that I am far more informed than them, and am a force to be reckoned with by backstage world powers! And so, those shadow powers take their hits, and perpetrate me up the wazoo, in an attempt to block, stifle and discredit me; and lo and behold, my very own ‘family’ (and I use that term loosely) will believe all their malarkey, thus, joining forces with them, how utterly unenlightened they are, disloyal and fickle! Voila! That is what a deep-rooted jealousy will do, every time! So, what else is new? . . . O, no! This, for them, could never be true that I had developed into something so much more than they could think to aspire to, and that all they could do now was to listen and learn from me! Preposterous! This, they must fight every step of the way, and believe me, they do, as I just watch them, seeing they never did grow up or out of their jealousy and mischievousness since childhood, when they would pin all their blame on me, and my mother would believe them, every time! I would just marvel over it, communing with God, asking Him how they could be so evil, but they would just laugh about it after, as I heard their gluttonous giggles. I was actually above them, even as a child, as I never even did bother to defend myself, as I already knew my mother would believe them and punish me, which was a repeated scenario, and nothing has changed…. Well, actually, the only thing is that I grew so much more beyond what I already was as a child, and if they never understood me then, they sure would not now! So be it. It is only jealousy stopping them, and that one, they will have to work on themselves, I long ago discovered, as that is one big, bad stubborn vice! No, instead of acknowledging who I am, it would make them feel so much better if they could just squash me into some mini-mold of theirs, and stigmatize me as “crazy” (a favorite word of theirs, which they do their best to hide from me), consider me a seething liar, and some kind of below par, half-bit nut-wit of a con-artist so that they can continue to feed their insatiable egos, which ever so want to confirm to them that they are at the pinnacle of some ultimate existence!

Ho-hum, and this bizarre scenario continues to play itself out ad nauseum! But although I am very proud of them for being fiscally and socially responsible people, I realize they could never understand who I am as their contemptuous jealousy concerning my crass, bold and charismatic ever so pronounced individuality and popularity throughout various pockets of the world is far too deeply entrenched for them to admit, let alone uproot - which is the prerequisite for them actually understanding who I’ve become and was always to become, as I was predestined and ordained to become inimitably! No, my friends, the ability is just not there in a small home town, amidst the same people and minutely significant agendae, monotonous rigamiroles and daily typical lifestyles of the same small minds of intellectually un-inclined associates in a whole low standard of mental and spiritual subsistence! How can anyone grow amidst such? And when a person like me cascades into the mix, thinking and operating on a whole other level, far above such spiritual and mental baseness, people don’t want to hear it, as it jeopardizes their whole way of living, being and thinking! Thus, the conclusion would be that they need to change and grow, becoming far more enlightened and educated, doing some serious spring cleaning in their minds and in their hearts! And they are simply not prepared to do that, certainly not for me, not for you, not for them, not for any which Tom, Dick or Harry! So, let’s just put it all on Angelina, and call her a “weirdo”, “nutso”, a“loony-bin” or “crazy”, so that we can discredit all that she has to say, giving us the peace of mind we need in order to continue to live far below the par Christ set for us just as we have always done! Voila! Case closed! And this is what I have had to live with, as this is typical of all societies, which operate below par! It is evident in the churches and universities, in the workplace and marketplace, amongst associates within their own cliques and members of secret societies, amongst workers at their workplace, and people stationed in any which location for any given period of time! It is evident everywhere people are not making the most of themselves, and for that reason, I never care to stick around in one place too long, as the rut the locals have fallen into, and want to take me to is nothing I care to indulge myself in or wallow in! And so I keep travelling and studying, growing, discovering and developing with no end in sight just to stay away from such a ghastly plague that befalls all groups of people, I find, as the human nature of the ‘old man’ remains just that no matter where one finds themselves: from Monaco to Monrovia, Shanghai to Accra, Johannesburg to Toronto, Bosnia to Beijing and Hong Kong to Rome; from Dubai to New York, St Petersburg to Brussels, Athens to Washington, Siberia to Paris or Miami to Zurich! You name it; I’ve been there from ecclesiastical circles to political and military, amongst grass roots activists, monks and nuns, elitists and intellectuals, backstage world powers and villagers in unknown places; and everywhere, I assure you, I see the exact same pattern and rut people, inevitably, fall into of which I am speaking! So, when I say I know this phenomenon all to well, it is because I have lived all my life, observing it, encountering it in all of my stops, watching never to fall into that trap that keeps seeking to catch me, unawares; and if I ever found myself there willy-nilly, I was adamant about rescuing myself pronto, and know just what it takes to fight any which system as it is something I am veritably known for on a large scale with absolute holy bravado! Voila! So, yes, remaining too long in any which society is stifling and disadvantageous spiritually. It is a serious spiritual hindrance; which brings me to my next locale: that of the monastery, where one would expect spirituality to be the main event of all its inhabitants! Yet, I cannot think of a place more stifling for fellowship! In fact, it is true that we develop more spiritually when we enter inside ourselves, meaning, we disassociate with others around us! But that is exactly my point: others act as a hindrance to our own spiritual development! We must, rather, enhance our relationship with God! And when we do that, and

ascend the spiritual ladder, we notice much more clearly, and that, with stark clarity, the vice befalling those within our peripheral vision, realizing they are still walking in the ‘old man’; and thus, we need to beware of them, as they represent loopholes and are potential agents Satan could utilize at any moment any which hour of the day, for they will not even realize they are being used by him as worthless, pathetic, traitorous pawns! Neither will their conscience gnaw at them, neither will they feel sorry about causing us such consternation and aggravation, much less would they even think to apologize! They will just remain puffed up with some supra-self-righteousness and condemnaciousness, slandering us and trying ever to discredit us when that demon takes over them! I have seen this time and time again, as well! Positively preposterous and absurd! But people remain people when they are in the ‘old man’ which will remain the case until they become reborn in Christ, and actually start working on their own sanctification! Until then, they are nothing but trouble! Mark my words: they are nothing but potential trouble; and potential trouble is trouble sooner or later, as it is the same vice within every ‘old man’, so you know exactly what’s coming; it is just a matter from whom and when that are the variables! Thus, I find very few people worthy to deal with closely or for long periods of time. And if one can actually find another who truly works on their own sanctification after truly understanding what their Salvation is based upon (as only then does it count…. ), that is the rarest persona, right there, and I would never let go of a person like that, as most probably you will never come across another one of them in the world! They are far too rare and invaluable gems on the face of this earth, so do not lose them, I say! They are the only breath of fresh air you will ever come across with actual words of wisdom ever worth taking! They say it’s lonely at the top, and now, I know why. But guess what? It is, actually, most wonderful to remain in God’s presence, and much more fulfilling and rewarding, so why settle for less? We are called to perfect ourselves as our Father in heaven is perfect. And if the world does not understand us properly, and does not recognize us, that is just because they are still walking in the ‘old man’, and the ‘old man’ is always jealous, always miserable, always envious and full of animosity, slandering, backbiting, bickering and o, so condemnacious! What else is new? When the threat has by-passed this breed, which is usually only after many years or decades of your being who you already are do people acknowledge your lofty mental state, extreme God-given gifts, veritable clout, worthwhile opinions, adamant success, and blessed persona! But more so, does a great leader grow in the minds of people after they have passed on, and then, and only then, do they come into full and fuller context! All in all, it does not matter as much to the persona as people think it does that they have tapped into the essence of who they are, as the goals and sights of that persona are far loftier and much more ethereal than they can ever imagine. So, this belated knowledge seems more and more worldly, and less and less appealing, needed or preferred to them… It is astounding to me the travails the greatest geniuses and saints have gone through during their lives, as these are the only personae which interest me! The rest cannot keep my attention as I do not have as much to learn from them. But these veritable ‘greats’ would go through serious and grave travails, without enough funding or understanding, support or resources, making their own lives much more difficult than need be all because people were too jealous and/or too threatened to deal with them! But after they vanish, people realize who they were (because they are not longer threatened by them…. which means they always knew it in their subconsciences the greatness of this persona; it was only their smallness of character, proudest ego and Satan’s clutches on them that refused to admit it while the persona still walked and moved among them)! ! So, now that the threat-invasive tide has passed, they would give anything to be in that persona’s presence, invest in them, buy from them, support them and learn from them!

But such is life, as most, I have said, continue to live in the ‘old man’, and thus, is the ‘old man’ full of vice, living far below par, concocting always some scheme in his heart, and feeding it with a frenzy! But that is considered ‘the norm’, and so is it perpetuated. While only those who are loftier see, know and realize it’s all a farce and facade, instigated by Satan, advanced by his emissaries, and perpetuated by society! But none of that belongs to God’s Plan for us, neither does it accrue any blessings for us; it is, therefore, off the mark, substandard, unacceptable, and out of place. But no one knows it except those who have ‘arrived’, while the rest of the world thinks the persona is (What are the words? O yes! . . . ) impossible, intolerable, too much, and out of their frickin’ wits! Such is the mark and distinction between those who have not saved their souls from those who have….. “The world will hate you”, Christ forewarned us, “for you are not of the world” (Jn 8, 23 ). This, indeed, is the case, as is everything Christ stated, and warned us of o, so poignantly. And the deeper our relationship is with Him, the more we will understand His words and His actions, His sacrifices and teachings. Indeed, indeed, we shall. . . . Just don’t expect others to. That is the bit we forget to factor in. And that is what we are dealing with here. So travelling helps us to widen our horizons and worldview; but coming to Christ, accepting Him in our hearts and living in Him and Him in us totally transfigures us before others that we are unrecognizable to them, anymore, as we are not what we used to be, but so much more. That “more” others are not willing to accept, as they have not attained that ‘more’-dom. It is called “jealousy” and there is no other word or excuse for it. It is what the ‘old man’ is and remains until He comes to Christ and is reborn in Him, when he or she becomes a ‘new man’. So, if you recognize yourself as one of those, smitten by the demon of jealousy, I strongly urge you to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, accept Him into your heart to take over and lead you on the right path, and start following Him on that life-saving path that will take you over to the “other side of the lake” (Lk 8, 22), where Jesus invites only those who love Him, and where the reflection of things will be in the reverse of what you have thus far imagined them to be. Voila! . . . I hope this has been insightful, helpful, an impetus to some serious introspection and correction, and a veritable mind-transfiguring experience! If not, you may wish to read it again. . . . Just a word to the wise, wise, who have eyes . . . .

Well, at the risk of being crude, boy o boy… I really have to say it! And I really apologize, in advance, for offending anyone. But I sure haven’t found any exceptions, except, for pretty much one, and that is just a very rare phenomenon and earthly angel, to be sure, so not at all a “man”, per se. I think men have lost their true calling, have become effeminate, have sold their souls, are cursed, or have become outright possessed. Yes. They don’t serve God, but , rather Satan. ALL men, you say? ….

Well, let’s look at it this way: all freemasons, yes. They have severed off their oneness with the true and living Triune God and their spouses, in keeping secrets from them, and vowed they would do so to Satan with their own blood; they will lie outright (after all, that’s what committing perjury is, and they have no problem doing this, contrary to God’s Commandment: “thou shalt not bear false witness”) and this, they promise to do for their brothers in Satan, and incidentally, Satan is also a liar, and the father of lies; they recite occultic incantations, which defies , insults and enrages the Living God,who told us never to do that; so they are all thrown into this category, of course. Add to that all reptilians and illuminati, and all secret society members and occultists. Then, we have all those who serve mammon before God, which means God is, therefore, cancelled out, as it is written “we cannot serve God and mammon”, and all those, whose love is a selfish love, and yes, you pretty much have the entire male race, with very, very few exceptions to this most definite rule. But I am not here to speak or write about the exceptions; I am marveling at the rule, and disgusted with this fact and my own revelation, but it is purely scientific, pure observation, pure fact and not fiction, and an outright epidemic! So, no, I am not impressed with men today, at all, at all, at all, and feel they have grossly disappointed God, which means to me, that women will now start to take over positions that were once unthinkable of them acquiring. Once upon a time, men were men, and did what they were supposed to do. They had something called “honour”, “integrity”, “manliness”, “virility”, and “character”; their word actually meant something, and they were brave, gentlemanly and knightly (and when I say “knightly”, I simply mean cavaliers, not the masonic version of the term, but what is not masonicized today amongst men? What, indeed? . . . Yes, I am aware that not all men are freemasons or secret society members, but out of the rest who are not, how many of them do not place money first, and how many do not possess a selfish love, but a pure agape love for humanity, and all women and children, and would actually do a good deed for the love of God, and not the almighty dollar or tax write-offs? Very, very few, indeed! It is so rare and miniscule, the number, we need not even talk about it, as those men will forgive me my comments here, as they KNOW they are true! The rest will just feign to be “offended” as they are entrenched liars, and do not appreciate being exposed, but what the hey? I have nothing to lose and I certainly have no reason to cover for them! I dedicated my life to the Truth, and that is the only entity worth speaking about, as God is Truth, and if God is on my side, who can be against me? They end up only ultimately working against themselves! Voila! And my words are founded upon the rock, so they are never forgotten, but come to fruition, are remembered, seared in peoples’ consciences, and incite them to action. As for them and their lies, pettiness and smallness, that will be exposed, as well, as they will not be able to help themselves! The devil is holding them in his clutches, and they just cannot budge! They are, indeed, enslaved. Women are only free. But women are not in the loop, as men only lie to them, and they have no time or proclivity to learn the things of which I speak, as they live more sincerely, more in tune with God and themselves and others around them, and are more in tune with the Holy Spirit, the third Godhead; thus, are much more inspired and loftier spiritual beings.

The End Mmmm,Actually, This isOnly the Beginning …

Everything in God’s Time is Achieved.

It requires Total Surrender to Providence.

And when we Ride out those Waves, we Become so much More...

My Treat to You on the Day of St Angelina. ~ From Africa with Love! Best & God Bless! xo~A

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