FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: We viewed with interest NBC's article which aired nationally this morning in which Dr.

Alycia Chambers stated she concluded Jerry's conduct with Accuser 6 in 1998 constituted a likely pedophile pattern of "grooming" for sexual abuse purposes. Is it coincidental this information was released to the media for dissemination to the public within several days of the Court's order directing the Attorney General to provide to us psychological reports in its possession unless it could cite a legal reason not to do so and within two days of the filing of pretrial motions asking the Court to dismiss all charges filed against Jerry including the charges related to Accuser 6? We are very troubled by the fact we now can confirm the 1998 Penn State police investigation into allegations related to Accuser 6 apparently resulted in a 90 page investigative report which contained psychological reports prepared not only by Dr. Chambers but also by Dr. John Seasock who apparently concluded Jerry did not sexually abuse Accuser 6. The Attorney General has provided us to date with only a small fraction of that police report and has refused to give us copies of Dr. Chambers' and Dr. Seasock's reports, both of which we believe are relevant and critical to the preparation of Jerry's defense. We now are left to speculate on what other critical information the Attorney General has failed to provide to the defense team. We are also troubled and disappointed by NBC's failure in its article to provide more information about Dr. Seasock's 1998 report in which he apparently determined Jerry did not abuse Accuser 6. Dr. Chambers' NBC interview today has generated a new series of defense questions which will be formulated into additional discovery requests we will submit to the Attorney General in the near future, hopefully, for disposition at the April 5 th hearing on Jerry's motions. We will continue to seek information from the Attorney General which we believe we have a right to obtain and which is pertinent to Jerry's defense. We will also continue to work very hard in the preparation of Jerry's defense. Joe Amendola

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