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  • COMPANY PROFILE HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd
  • Why HDFC is better …?
  • Work of financial consultant:
  • Achievements:
  • Segmentation of People
  • Meeting with People


Chapter- 1 Introduction 1.1 Abbreviation 1.2 Industry Profile. 1.3 Company profile. 1.4 Key strength. 1.5 Rewards. 1.6 Major Players. 1.7 Who can be FC ? 1.8 Work of FC. Chapter- 2 2.1 Objective. Limitation.

Chapter-3 Methodology. 3.1 Findings. Chapter-4 Conclusions. 4.1 Suggestions. Appendix Bibliography.



It is my proud privilege to express my sincere gratitude to all those who helped me directly or indirectly in completion of this project report. I am greatly ) Mr. indebted ………… to Mr. …………. for their



support, guidance and valuable suggestions by which this work has been completed effectively and efficiently . These all contributions are of immense value. I owe thanks to Mr. ……………. for providing the required data to complete this project. Without which it is not possible to complete the project.


Last but not least we are indebted to those entire people who indirectly contributed and whom this work should not have been possible. Endeavour has been made to make the project error free yet I apologies for the mistakes.



I hereby declare that his project report entitled “A DETAILED STUDY OF RECRUITMENT AND RETNETION STRATEGIES OF FCs IN LIFE INSURANCE INDUSTRY WITH A SPECIAL FOCUS TO HDFC SLIC” held at ……………, is the result of Original work Carried out by me during 40 Days. (……………) in intensive study of the field, for the award of the Degree of MASTER’S OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION.


This Report has not been copied from anywhere, up to the best of my belief and knowledge. It has not been submitted anywhere else for Award of any other Degree/diploma.



“The most successful and admired life insurance company, which means that we are the most trusted company, the easiest to deal with, offer the vest values for money, and easiest the standards in the industry, In short, “ Them most obvious choice for all. ”


VALUES • Integrity • Innovation • Customer centric. 5 . • Joy and Simplicity. • People care. • Team work.

INDUSTRY PROFILE INSURANCE: Insurance can be defined as assurance for uncertainty. Insurance Company in Calcutta. Insurance is about something going wrong. 6 .. The business of life insurance in Indian in its existing form started in India in the year 1818 with the establishment of Oriental Life. Its’ often about things going right. Some of the important milestones in life insurance business in India are. One of the Wonders of human nature is that we never believe anything can actually go wrong. The insurance sector in India has come a full circle from being an open competitive market to nationalization and back to liberalized market again. Tracking the development in Indian insurance sector reveals the 360 degree turn witnessed over a period of almost two centuries.

7 . with a capital contribution of Rs. 5 Crore from the government of India. 1938: Earlier legislation consolidated and amended to by the insurance Act with the objective of protecting the interests of the insuring public. 1956.1912: The Indian Life insurance Companies Act enacted as first statue to regulate the life insurance business. LIC formed by an act of parliament viz. 1965: 245 Indian and foreign insurers and provident societies take over by the central government and nationalized. Act . 1928: The Indian Insurance Compan9es Act enacted to enable the government to collect statistical information about life and non-life insurance businesses. LIC.

INSURANCE REGULATORY AND DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Reforms in the Insurance sector were initiated with the passes of the IRDA Bill in Parliament in December 1999. The IRDA since its incorporation as a statutory body in April 2000 has fastidiously such to its schedule of framing regulations and registering the private sector insurance companies. 8 . The other d4ecisoin taken simultaneously to provide the supporting systems to the insurance sector and in particular the life insurance companies was the launch of the IRDA online service for issue and renewal of licenses to agents.

000 lives year ending March 31. The company has covered over 8. HDFC Incorporated in 1977 with a share capital of Rs 10 Crores. 119 crores. 856 crores and new business premium income at Rs. UAE. HDFC operates through almost 450 locations throughout the country with its corporate head quarters in Mumbai. Current 77% of shares held by foreign institutional investors.624 crores. 9 . 2007. HDFC also has an International Office in Dubai. Oman and Qatar. with service associates in Kuwait. 2007 stood at Rs.COMPANY PROFILE HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd. HDFC is the largest housing Company in India for the last 27 years. India. 2. 1. HDFC has since emerged as the largest residential mortgage finance institution in the country The corporation has had a series of share issues raising its capital to Rs. SNAPSHOT-I • • Incorporated in 1977 as the first specialized mortgage company in India.77. Almost 90% of initial shareholding in the hands of domestic intuitions and retail investors. The gross premium income for the year ending March 31.

1% • HDFC Bank. 10 .HDFC holds 78.07 %.20 bn) 2.30 bn. • Intelenet Global (Business Process Outsourcing) – HDFC holds 50%. SNAPSHOT-II • Loan Approvals (up to Dec 2004) • Loan Disbursements (up to Dec.) Rs.• Besides the core business of mortgage HDFC has evolved into a financial conglomerate with holdings In: • HDFC Standard Life insurance Company. (US $ 18.25%. 2004) • Housing Units Financed • Distribution  Offices  Outreach Programs 181 90 Rs. • HDFC Chubb General Insurance Company – HDFC holds 74%.5 million. • HDFC Asset Management Company – HDFC holds 50.669 billion (US $ 15. 805 billion.HDFC holds 22.

He joined HDFC Limited in a senior management position in 1978.KEY PLAYERS Mr. Mr. He is the Chief Executive Officer of HDFC Limited. He was inducted as a whole-time director of HDFC Limited in 1985 and was appointed as its Executive Chairman in 1993. Deepak S Parekh 11 . Deepak S Parekh is the Chairman of the Company. Mr. Parekh is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England & Wales). He is also the Executive Chairman of Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC Limited).

Bombay and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from The American University. Mr. Deepak M Satwalekar is the Managing Director and CEO of the Company since November. Deepak M Satwalekar GROUP COMPANIES HDFC Bank: World Class Indian Bank. Washington DC. Satwalekar obtained a Bachelors Degree in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology.among the top private banks in India. 2000. HDFC Chubb: Upcoming Private companies in the field of General Insurance. Intelent Global : BOP services for international customers. Mr. HDFC AMC: One of the top 3 AMCs in India. 12 . he was the Managing Director of HDFC Limited since 1993.Mr. CIBIL: Credit information services bureau. Prior to this.Preferred investment manager.

Standard Life. which has been in the life insurance business for the past 175 years is a modern company surviving quite a few changes since selling its first policy other towns and acquitting other similar businesses. opening offices in 13 .STANDARD LIFE Standard Life is Europe’s largest mutual life assurance company. Standard Life Currently has assets exceeding over £ 70 billion under its management and has the distinction of being accorded “AAA” rating consequently for the six years by Standard and Poor. The company expanded in the 19th century from kits original Edinburgh premises. in 1825.

Policy holders benefiting from the services offered. • Europe’s largest mutual life insurer. 14 .SNAPSHOT • Founded in 1875. • Currently over 5 m. company supporting generation for last 179 years.

Both the promoters are will known for their ethical dealings and financial strength and are thus committed to being a long-term player in the life insurance industry. 15. Reach of the JV player is highly rated and been conferred with many awards. Is one of India’s leading Private Life Insurance Companies.6% Mr.4 %stale and Standard :of as a staple pf 18. which offers a range of individual and group insurance solutions. Standard Life is rated ‘AAA’ both by Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s.000 Cr.all important factors to consider when choosing your insurer. It is a joint venture between Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC Ltd.) India’s leading housing finance institution and the Standard Life Assurance Company. Similarly. HDFC is the majority stakeholder in the insurance JV with 81. Respectively. HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd was incorporated on 14 th August 2000. HDFC is rated ‘AAA ’ by both CRISIL and ICRA. a leading provider of financial services from the United Kingdom. 600. JOINT VENTURE 15 .JOINT VENTURE HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited was one of the first companies to be granted license by the IRDA to operate in life insurance sector. These reflect the efficiency with which HDFC and Standard Life manage their asset base of Rs. Deepak Satwalekar is the MD and CEO of the venture.000 Cr and Rs. HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd..

00 0. The company has covered over 8.77. 856 crores and new business premium income at Rs.16 126.97 162.00 150.00 117.00 197. Company also declared our 5th consecutive bonus in as many years for our ‘with profit’ policyholders. 2. for the year ending March 31.624 crores.15 200. 2007. 1.32 99. 2007 stood at Rs.000 lives year ending March 31.BUSINESS GROWTH Track Record so far The gross premium income of HDFC.00 50.07 Total Growth –FY 05 Approvals 30% Disbursements 28% KEY STRENGTH FY 03 FY 04 FY 05 Financial Expertise LOANS APPROVED LOANS DISBURSED LOAN APPROVALS AND DISBURSEMENTS 16 .51 152.00 100. 250.

HDFC standard Life has the financial expertise required to manage your long-term investments safely and efficiently.As a joint venture of leading financial services groups. Most respected Private Insurance Company HDFC was awarded No-1 Private Insurance Company In 2004 by the World Class Magazine Business World. False selling or false commitment with the customers is not allowed. Our group solutions have been designed to offer you complete flexibility combined with a low charging structure. Strong Ethical Values: HDFC is an ethical and Cultural Organization. 17 . Integrity. Innovation and Customer Care. Range of Solutions We have a range of individual and group solutions. which can be easily customized to specific needs.

ICICI Prudential has emerged as the No -1 Private Life insured in the country. It should. please contact our branch or divisional office. In the period April-December 2004. as they ought to be. ICICI Prudential equity base 74% and 26% stake respectively. For more details.MAJOR PLAYERS IN INSURANCE INDUSTRY LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION Life insurance made its debut in India well ob4er 100 years ago. be clearly understood that the following narration is by no means an exhaustive description of terms and conditions of LIC policy or its benefits or privileges. An LIC it will be glad to help you choose the life insurance plan to meet your needs and render policy servicing. Today. What follows is an attempt to acquaint readers with some of the concept of life insurance. as well as 7 bank assurance tie-ups. The company has a network of over 50000 advisor. Its salient features are not as widely understood in our county. a premier financial powerhouse and prudential plc. ICICI PRUDENTIAL ICICI Prudential life insurance company is a joint venture between ICICI bank. however. ICICI prudential was amongst the first private sector insurance company to being operations in December 2000 after receiving approval from Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) . With a wide range of flexible products that meet the needs of the customer at every step in life.6 billion and wrote nearly 345000 policies. A leading international financial service group headquartered in the United Kingdom. the company garnered Rs. Billion of new business premium for a total sum assured of over Rs 73. 18 . with special reference to LIC.

Ltd. Bajaj Auto has a strong brand image and locality synonymous with quality and customer focus. It is the largest 2/3 wheelers manufactured in India and the 4th in the world . 4000 crores auto giant. A household name in India. Bajaj auto has following to offerFinancial strength and stability to support the Insurance Business.AAA rated by crises. A good market reputation as a world class organization. 19 . A 10 million strong base of retail customers using Bajaj Products. the company is a Rs. A Strong brand-equity. It has joined hands with Allianz to provide the Indian consumer with a distance option in term of life insurance products. Adequate experience of r4unning a large organization. With over 15000 employees.BAJAJ ALLIANZ: SHARED VISION A household name in India teams up with a global conglomerate… Bajaj Auto Ltd. the flagship company of the Rs. Bajaj auto has in a operation for over 55 years. 8000 corers Bajaj group is the largest manufactured of twowheelers and three-wheelers in Indian and one of the largest in the world. As a promoter of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co.

) 3. 6. Textile. • Found guilty of criminal background. Financial Background and Experience: HDFC existing in the market since 1977. Ethics and Values: HDFC is an ethical and cultural organization which prevents the false selling and prohibit the false commitment to the customer. It has a very handsome experience in the field of finance because it completely involved in finance Sector only where as the others are running in many other field also like Reliance (Petroleum. Sales Force: Properly trend licensed and Educated People are the strength of the company. 2. 5. Who can be the financial consultant: ? Section 42(4) of the amended Insurance Act. 1938 states an agent to be one who is not: A minor. Telecom etc.Why HDFC is better …? 1. • Found to be sound mind by a court of competition jurisdiction. 4. Online accessibility : It makes the process faster and make the customer delighted. Found guilty of having knowingly participated in or connived at any fraud /dishonesty or misrepresentation against an insured. Huge branch network HDFC is having 450 branches in all over the country. • 20 . HDFC pacify the need of invertors up to healthy level and make the strong relationship with them. Investment returns: investment returns and business growth provided by HDFC is validated by bajaj Capital report. So that they could give the best customer service.

• Continuity of service throughout the period of insurance.Work of financial consultant: The FC is the interface between the customer and insurance company. 21 . l The agent should be able to accomplish the following service. • Assessing and analyzing the clients risk profile. • Finding the best product or products available in the market. • Negotiating the best deal available.

Sell at least 5 policies each month once after licensed with company. 3.Devote a time and energy during training.OBJECTIVE Recruitment of Financial consultant (FCs) of a excellent profile and their retention strategies and what are their benefit that company going to provided for retention of their FCs. 2.  Largest mutual life insurer in Europe.We look forward to a long term mutually beneficial relationship.  Financial Strength of the partners.Committed people who have the drive. determination and ability to become professional financial consultants.Ability to sell a range of financial products. 11 lakhs retail deposits customer base.  Brand value and the reputation of the partners standard life:  175 years experience in life insurance. (B) What do We Expect from financial Consultant ? 1. 22 . (C) Why should financial consultant choose HDFC standard life ? Brand value and the reputation of the partners (HDFC Limited) Market leader in housing finance: 15 lakhs home financed. (A) What type of people are we looking for ? 1.  Product innovation. 2.  Reputation for providing the higher standards of customer service.

Got the knowledge about. Some important steps to make effective telecalling:Open the call in a friendly and positive way. position and company name. Increase in confidence level. 23 .Strategies: Strategies Employed to achieve the target are as follows: Telecalling  Contacting the person directly (interview)  Collect references. Made more and more people aware about my companies Products (Policies) Taken some appointments for policies and got positive response from 8 persons with the help of my BDM. State the name. Clearly succinctly explain how the meeting will be benefiting the prospect. Check the prospect has time to speak. how to differentiate our product form that of LIC. State the reason for the call. Achievements: Recruited eight financial consultants for company.

• Respondents may not be at home and may have to re-contacted or replaced by others.Limitations:So though the study aim to achieve the above mentioned Objective in full earnest and accuracy. • Limited response from client. • Getting accurate response form the respondents due to their inherent problem is difficult. Some of the limitations are as follows: • To cover the various section for the society. 24 . • There is a time limitation it is not possible to study whole thing I covered some special aspect as well as some topics. it may be hampered due to certain limitation.

It shows the type of the sample design used. The extent of precision achieved and the method used for handling any special problem during the course of the study. Research methodology has following steps: Step: 1 Step: 2 Step: 3 Step: 4 Step: 5 Step: 6 Step: 7 Step: 8 To decide the objective of the study.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research can be defined as systematized effort to gain knowledge. Research methodology is a way to solve research problem along with the logic behind them. Research methodology means the method carried out to study the problem . To determine the source of data. which has their own pros and cons. To determine sample size and sample design. Thus when we talk of the research methodology we not only take of research method but also context of our research study and explain why we are using a particular method or techniques and why we are not using other so that research result are capable of being evaluated either by the researchers himself or by others. To design data collection form. To process and analyze the collected data. 25 . To prepare the research report. A research is carried out by different methodology. To design research design. To organize and conduct fieldwork. its size and the procedure used to dew sample.

In the process of field survey. In order the study the characteristics and variables. structure. Among the above mentioned types descriptive research design has been chosen. a questionnaire was developed and 26 . Step: 2 To decided the research design. What is research design ? Research design is a plan. There are three types of research design system. Descriptive research is to find ad efficient sales force. using field survey method .  To find retention strategies which provide to financial consultant. strategy of investigation conceived so as to obtain answer to research question and control variance.  Descriptive Research  Casual Research. There are two types of data sources: thus happen to be original in character.  Explanatory Research.  To find the prospective financial consultant for thee company.  To study about HDFC Standard life.Explanation Step: 1 To decide the objective of the study to be carried out. Data source are the data resources or collection of fresh and data to obtain results. Step: 3 To determine the source of data. of FC. cross sectional analysis was conducted by circulated to the respondents. which formed the basis for entire research.

post office agent and other in Bilaspur location. • Survey method. unemployed students. Reason for selecting primary data: In terms of primary data structure questionnaire was prepared to interview the professional. investment consultant. Also the secondary to data proved to be helping hand in framing up the industry scenario and also the relevant topics in the entire project report. • Telephonic interview. As for as the data collection method for this project is concerned. housewives. 27 . The method selected survey method. A survey can be conducted by:- • Personal interview. which have been gathered earlier for some other purpose.Primary Data: Primary data is that which is collected fresh and thus happen to be original in character. Among the above mentioned types of data was used for the study and analysis of the objective of this project. There are two types of mode to collect the data:- • Observation method. designing the data collection forms or survey forms is applicable to the project. Step 4: To design data collection. Analysis clearly reflected the views and preference regarding the perception of the people towards joining HDFC standard life. Secondary data: Secondary data is any data.

FIELD METHODOLOGY The methodology adopted in the field to collect the data represented diagrammatically below: Segmentation of People Meeting with People In of the Filling up questionnaire and Schedule 28 order to determine the willingness people to become FC for HDFC . study of people and convince them to join as FC for HDFC standard life. Step 5 To determine sample design sample size.Amongst the above method personal interview method was conducted to gather information in detail . Housewives. this method was chosen because along with the study of projects primary objective i. investment consultant. Sample size specification 155 which include professionals. unemployed student.e. post office agent.

unemployed students. Response to the parameter like professional. investment consultant.SLIC in Bilaspur. data collected by surveying is treated as analysis. housewives. Willingness to be FC for HDFC Professional Working employees House wives Students Investment consultants Post office agents Others Total Yes 2 2 2 3 2 3 14 No 28 33 18 22 18 12 131 Total 30 35 20 25 20 15 10 155 PROFESSIONALS yes No 29 . post office agent.

Working Employees yes No House wives yes No 30 .

Stude nt yes No Investment Consultant yes No 31 .

Post Office Agent yes No Total yes No 32 .

Educated customers are now vending towards private insurance Companies. 4. 33 . consultant and other people who are engaged in investment investment for business that is because they want to diversity their portfolio. 5. tax planner want a corporate age3ncy rather than to be a financial consultant. packages and services provided by various new insurance 7.  Reason for not joining HDFC SLIC.Some customer are like to join HDFC as FCs because it is a Part-time. due to which new insurance companies are facing trouble in capturing market share.  Associated with an other company.Customer don’t want to join as financial consultant because it’s on commission basis the4y want job on salary basis. 8- If the customers are joining HDFC the segment is more of tax consultant. 3.  Private Player. due to the attractive companies.HDFC SLIC is having good retention strategies for their financial consultant.FINDINGS 1.  Lack of awareness. 2.HDFC is too selective in making a FC rather than to appoint any one like LIC.  Do not have time  Low sales.Customers are less aware about the private insurance company in market.Many professions like CA.LIC has created a branded image in 3-4 decades. 9. 6.

Customers are less aware about the private insurance companies. The Private players are on the way. The conclusion drawn. Customers are more brand oriented rather than product oriented. Customers like to invest in other investment zones due to the hectic rules and regulations associated with. 34 . different number of policies for differed class and age group of customers.e. which will give them a fruitful return in short period of time ? Life insurance Corporation has completed more than three decades and that’s where counts. Private Players in order to encase maximum number of customers are introducing new and innovative scheme for their FC.CONCLUSION After collection of data interpretation is done on that basis conclusion is drawn. each policy which the customer is going to purchase will have a future set of action and benefits. Conclusion prefer government insurance company other than private insurance companies due to its reliability. The central problem with the insurance companies is having that they are trying to convince customers for a product which do not have any present relevance. i. Customers do not feel secure with private insurance companies. entering into a contract with insurance companies. Due to which most of the people like to invest in those securities or investment. Customers don’t want commission base job. but they need a lot of time investment for creating a favorable brand image. inters of brand name.

35 .  The insurance companies should try to nurture their brand name timely and attractive facility provide to customer.SUGGESTIONS  Customers should be made aware of the brand name of Insurance company through advertisement.  The fear in the customer mind should be removed by company.

Sunrise industry: Life insurance in India has a huge potential for growth Statistics reveal that only 25% of the insurable population in India is insured and those insured are in need of still higher insurance cover. Strong Partnership: 36 . FCs can work full time depending on their convenience its like no other job however. as to how you can help analyses their financial needs. unlimited earning potential and the opportunity to be part of world class sales team. the time. You will makes presentation.BENEFITS OF BEING A FINANCIAL CONSULTANT ARE AS FOLLOWS: Financial consultant. the right way to start career: As a financial consultant the role will be to identify prospective customer. Easy way to start on career: Zero investment: There is no start-up capital. The over 100% growth displayed by private life insurers indicates this hu7ge untapped potential. Be an own boss with a flexible working environment. Flexible work timings. provide customize financial solution to cater to their respective needs and conduct reviews on regular basis to keep customers on thank. part time or full time: FCs can work whenever he likes and from whereeve4r he like.

Disha training: This is a professional sales skill program eased by us to one selling skills. After the IRDA license. fit for this dynamic world of financial products and markets. first step towards a successful career as a FC. 37 . prepares for career as FCs and enables to pass the IRDA examination. As Indies most respected private life insurance company 2004. We have been rated by business world magazine. HDFC standard life insurance has one of the highest brand recall of around 80% PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS AND CONTINUID GUIDANCE: At HDFC standard training is an inherent element of our support system for FCs. Those program enable to understand customer need and provide need based insurance solution.. Basic Training and Induction: Independence of work experience. We have grown over 130% in the last and more than 8 Lakhs policy holder. Some of our training and support initiative are as: IRDA Training: Online training of 100 hrs. UNMATCHED SUPPORT: Marketing activity support to make task easier. this training will give perfect knowledge about the insurance industry along with comprehensive knowledge about the insurance along with comprehensive knowledge abut HDFC SLIC Product. Advance Training: Once Fc have settled down as a FC professional we will continuously upgrade capability and knowledge through sophisticated training program.A powerful brand – HDFC Standard Life Insurance: We were the first private life insurance company to be granted a license by IRDA. A huge step from an amateur to a true finance professional.

I am carrying a study on “prospecting. …………. QUESIONNARIRES: Dear Respondent. and Raipur City” in this regard I will like to spare some time to answer few adjustment. Identifying. QUESTIONNAIRE 38 . This study is conducted for just academic purpose having no commercial relevance. Advertising and communication support throughout the year. Bilashpur.hours information support. Information provided by you will be confidential..  24. and Recruiting certified financial consultant for HDFC SLIC-A ” study in Drug. to help track the performance and income.  Customer friendly broachers and sales aid to help in selling insurance solutions to customers. I am an MBA student doing a “HDFC standard life insurance company”.

8 Yes Yes Yes (b) No (b) No (b) No (c) Insufficient Information. WANT AND DEMAND ? Ans: Q. colleagues if any ………etc.4 Ans: (a) basis ? (E. how many years ? Do you have experience in selling financial product ? e. relative.10 In which of the financial market you have invested your money ? Ans: (a) Share (b) Mutual fund (c) Insurance. Q.2: Do you know about the working of financial Consultant of “HDFC SLIC” ? Do you currently have an agency of any life insurance Company ? What would be the size of your social contact base who knows you on first name Q.g : Friendly.5 Q.3 Q. credit card.1: Do you know about HDFC SLIC ? Ans: (a) Ans: (a) Q.Q. family.g. 39 . Q.) Ans: Mention in appropriate nos. 7 Do you have any sales experience ? If yes. insurance etc ? If yes how many years ? (If yes to question 6) Ans: (a) Yes ( ) (b) No ( ) Q. 9 What do you think ? in today’s scenario life insurance Is NEED.6 How many members of your family are dependent on the income earner of the family ? Do you have an idea about financial market ? Yes Yes (b) No (b) No Ans: (a) Ans: (a) Q.

11 Are you interested in getting the opportunity of earning some additional income as being financial consultant of “HDFC SLIC” and why ? Ans: (a) Yes (b) No Your Signature. ABBREVIATIONS 40 .Q.

LA. 8.Financial Consultant. BIBLIOGRAPHY 41 .Sales Development Manager. 3.CI.BDM.Sum Assured.No.TERM.Business Development Manager. 7.HDFC.ADB.Housing Development Finance Corporation.SDM. 2. 4. 9.Accidental Death Benefit.FC.CFC. 11.SA. of Years.Certified Financial Consultant.1. 10. 5.SLIC.Critical Illness.Life Assured. 6.Standard Life Insurance Company.

 Book of license training programme for insurance advisers.Reference: To obtain more information regarding present study and to subordinate it with theoretical proof following references were made. 42 . Books Referred:  Personal management.

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