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Share Holding Pattern

Share Holding Pattern

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Published by: Rajneesh Sehgal on Mar 27, 2012
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Form of Annual Return of a Company Having a Share Capital



REGISTRATION DETAILS CIN: U74210DL1991PLC042569 Registration Date 01.01.1991 State Code 55

Whether shares listed on Recognized

Stock Exchange (s)
If yes, Stock Exchange Code (Totals) N.A AGM Held YES Date of AGM: /Due Date






Town/City State Telephone Number: Fax Number:

42541234, 23541234 23552001 vinaykc@alankit.com

E-mail Address

00. 00. 00.CAPITAL STRUCTURE OF THE COMPANY (AMOUNT IN RS. 60. Issued Share Capital Breakup Type of Shares (i) Equity (ii) Preference Total Issued Capital Rs. 00. 59. Paid-Up Share Capital Breakup Type of Shares (i) Equity (ii) Preference Total Paid-up Capital Rs. Debentures Breakup Type of Debenture (i) Non Convertible (ii) Partly Convertible (iii) Fully Convertible Total Amount No. U74210DL1991PLC042569 III.000/Nominal value (in Rs) 10/NIL No.000 NIL 16. 00.000/- Nominal value (in Rs) 10/NIL . 00. 59. of Shares 1.) NIL NIL NIL No.000 NIL 15. Subscribed Share Capital Breakup Type of Shares (i) Equity (ii) Preference Total Subscribed Capital Rs.000 NIL 15. of Shares 1.) Authorised Share Capital Breakup Type of Shares (i) Equity (ii) Preference Total Authorised Capital Rs. 00. 00. of Debenture NIL NIL NIL NIL Nominal Value (in Rs. 90.000 Nominal value (in Rs) 10/NIL No. of Shares 1. of Shares 1. 90. 90. 59. 00.000 NIL 15.CIN NO.000/Nominal value (in Rs) 10/NIL No.

P. MANSAROVER APARTMENT. SECTOR-61 Town/City: NOIDA District : State : U. PHASE-IV.1965 Nationality Designation Date of Appointment Election Commission Identity Card No.1986 Nationality Designation Date of Appointment Election Commission Identity Card No.03. SFS FLATS. (Issued) – . (Issued) – Name Residential Address ANKIT AGARWAL 56.01.1994 of Ceasing --Date of Birth 28. DIRECTORS/MANAGER/SECRETARY/INFORMATION (PAST AND PRESENT) (Refer clause 6 of Part I of Schedule V) Name Residential Address ALOK KUMAR AGARWAL 56. Town/City: Delhi District : State : Delhi Pin Code: 110 052 INDIAN MANAGING DIRECTOR 06.04. ASHOK VIHAR.2010 Date of Ceasing --Date of Birth 19. Town/City: Delhi District : State : Delhi Pin Code: 110 052 INDIAN DIRECTOR 27.CIN NO. (Issued) Name ASHUTOSH AGARWAL Residential Address 34-A.01. Pin Code: 201301 INDIAN DIRECTOR 23.1958 Election Commission Identity Card No. U74210DL1991PLC042569 IV.01. PHASE-IV.2002 Date of Ceasing --Date of Birth Nationality Designation Date of Appointment 10. SFS FLATS.07. ASHOK VIHAR.

New Delhi-110055 56. SFS Flats. Jhandewalan Extension. New Delhi-110056 34A.IV. MOTI NAGAR Town/City: Delhi State : Delhi Nationality Designation Date of Appointment INDIAN COMPANY SECRETARY 01.IV.E-25. Sector-61. Ashok Vihar Phase.CIN NO. (Issued) – V.IV. 1 Name & Occupation of Allotees Alok Kumar Agarwal Address of the Allotee 56.01.IV. SFS Flats. SFS Flats. NO. Ashok Vihar Phase. New Delhi-110056 56.05. Ashok Vihar Phase. DDA Office Complex. Ashok Vihar Phase. Ashok Vihar Phase. DETAILS OF SHARES/DEBENTURES HELD AT DATE OF AGM Ledger Folio No. New Delhi-110056 Occupation of the Allottee Business Type of Share/ Debenture Equity Number of Shares Allotted 3634615 2 Alka Agarwal Business Equity 5580770 3 Pratishtha Agarwal Business Equity 23077 4 Ashutosh Agarwal Ankit Agarwal Business Equity 754615 5 Business Equity 5380385 6 Pratishtha Images Private Limited Business Equity 525000 7 Shanti Kumar Agarwal Business Equity 1538 Total 15900000 . New Delhi-110056 56.IV. U74210DL1991PLC042569 Name Residential Address VINAY KUMAR CHAWLA H. New Delhi-110056 234. Mansarover Apartments. SFS Flats.1980 Date of Ceasing --- Election Commission Identity Card No.2008 District: Pin Code: 110015 Date of Birth: 01. SFS Flats. Noida 56.

143. Companies (iii) Public Financial Institutions (iv) Nationalized / Other Banks (v) Mutual Funds (vi) Venture Capital (vii) Foreign Holdings (FIIS/FCs/FFIs NIRs/OCBs) (Not Mentioned Above) (viii) Bodies Corporate (ix) Directors/relatives of Directors (Other than those listed above) (x) Other top Shareholders NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 3.A.30% 96. the issue of all further certificates of shares and debentures.DETAILS OF SHARE/DEBENTURES TRANSFER SINCE DATE OF LAST AGM (Or in case of the first return at any time since the incorporation of the Company) Date of Previous AGM 30 09 2009 Date Month Year Date of Registration of Transfer of Shares Type of Transfer Number of Shares/ Debentures Transferred Ledger Folio of Transferor Transferor’s Name Ledger Folio of Transferee Transferee’s Name ------------------------------------------------------N. correctly and completely. debentures.69/- VIII. The whole of the amount of dividend remaining unpaid or unclaimed for a period of seven years from the date of transfer to the special account has been (b) (c) .CIN NO.) (Secured Loans including interest outstanding/accrued but not due for payment) Amount Rs 412.-------------------------------------------------------------- VII. U74210DL1991PLC042569 VI. INDEBTENESS OF THE COMPANY (Amount in Rs. Since the date of the last annual return the transfer of all shares.70% NIL We certify that (a) The return states the facts as they stood on the annual general meeting aforesaid. have been appropriately recorded in the books maintained for the purpose . (Central) & State(s) (ii) Govt. Equity Share Capital Breakup (Percentage of Total Equity) (i) Govt.

Ten Crores or more during the relevant period. NOT APPLICABLE The company did not have an average turnover of Rs. NOT APPLICABLE Since the date of the annual general meeting with reference to which the last annual return was submitted or since the date of incorporation of the company. NOT APPLICABLE Where the annual return discloses the fact that the number of members of the company exceeds fifty. or in the case of a first return. if it is first return. NOT APPLICABLE (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) Signed Managing Director: Director: Company Secretary: . since the date of the annual general meeting with reference to which the last return was submitted. the company did not hold twenty-five per cent or more of the paid-up share capital of one or more public companies. issued any invitation to the public to subscribe for any shares of debentures of the company . since the date of the incorporation of the company. no public company or deemed public company has or have held twenty-five per cent. and NOT APPLICABLE The private company did not accept or renew or invite deposit from the public. U74210DL1991PLC042569 transferred to the Investor Education & Protection Fund as required under sub-section (5) of section 205C : (d) The company has not. the excess consists wholly of persons who under sub-clause (1) section 3 are not to be included in the reckoning the number of fifty : NOT APPLICABLE Since the date of annual general meeting with reference to which the first return was submitted or in the case of a first return since the date of the incorporation of the private company.CIN NO. or more of its paid-up share capital.

CIN NO. U74210DL1991PLC042569 .

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