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As a result of the EPAct2005, the DOE issued a solicitation on August 8, 2006 inviting

submission of pre-applications for eligible projects that promoted President Bush’s AEI (the

“2006 Solicitation”).164

The DOE pre-application (the “Pre-Application”) required information

and documentation to be provided including: (a) the complete Pre-Application form; (b) a

business plan for the project;165

(c) a financing plan overview;166

(d) an explanation of the impact

that the loan guarantee would have on financing terms and structure; (e) a commitment letter

from an eligible lender;167

(f) an equity commitment letter from the project sponsor; (g) an

overview on the project eligibility under section 1703 of the EPAct2005; (h) an outline of

potential environmental impacts of the project and how they would be mitigated; (i) a description

of the anticipated air pollution and greenhouse gas reduction benefits; (j) a description of how

the project advances the AEI; and (k) an executive summary describing the key project features

and attributes. These items were required to be organized and submitted in three volumes which

would be reviewed by the CRB to determine if an invitation would be extended to submit a full

application to further the process.

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