WELCOME SHOWERS The outbound crawl Gears into a run The four-wheeled Power-chariot Exits the

last of the city – Hitting the life-line of the nation The Highway!

The city speeds past melting way behind as a dot The four-lane wonder SUPER POWERING INDIA Stretches and stretches ahead With the mind galloping in front >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

For once the landscape seems out of india Catapulting into a posh-western country Poverty, penury, rape, murder and theft

All go into hiding beaten into oblivion

Living the illusionary moments The power-chariot goes into an overdrive Sun is out blazing in all splendour Air whizzes past bathing the interiors blissfully cooling the charioters relegating A.C. to a superfluous feature The chariot flies past >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Yahoo! Song and whistle let themselves out ZIP ZAP ZOOM, ZIP ZAP ZOOM Aha! the blue sky turns murky and gloomy Pregnant clouds Shroud the sky Signalling an imminent delivery!

The first droplet flies down blowing the first kiss! Kisses galore droplets swell and it is rain! rain! rain! all around!

Soft hissing sound flows honey into the ears Dancing down shower takes delight to the eyes The earth-kissing smell sweeps fragrance into the nostrils Song and whistle Remerge staging an encore!

The power-chariot enters the first of the town

With showers Ushering in the charioter ME! -Mohan Sanjeevan

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