Narayan Murthy

Founder of Infosys

 Born on august 20, 1946 in Kannada Madhva Brahmin family in Mysore.  Founder of Infosys.  Bachelor of Electrical Engineering From University Of Mysore.  Master’s in Technology from IIT Kanpur. Abhijeet .

. real time operating system for handling air cargo for Charles De Gaulle airport. Pune Abhijeet . Ahmedabad.  In 1972. joined System Research Institute.  In 1975. he went to Paris as a team member of a 400 terminal.CORPORATE PROFILE  He started his career as Head of the computer centre at IIM.

 Served as the founder CEO of Infosys for 21 years. Contd…. He than headed Patni Computer System Pvt. Ltd.  He also serves as the director on the Central board of RBI Abhijeet . . Mumbai  In 1981. he started Infosys with six other professionals.


PERSONAL LIFE  He married to Sudha Murthy on Feb 10.Rohan and Akshata Abhijeet. 1978  Sudha Murthy is well known an Indian social worker and accomplished author  They have two children . .

.ENTREPRENEURSHIP QUALITIES  Self leadership  Confidence  Communication  Knowledge  Respect  Vision  Attitude Pankita.

AWARDS  PADMA SHRI by Government of INDIA  In 2000  Civilian award by Government of India  PADMA VIBHUSHAN  In 2008  Second highest civilian award by Government of India Pankita. .


BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN THERE IS A WOMAN  In 1981 Murthy wanted to start Infosys  He had a vision but zero capital  Sudha Murhty gave him Rs 10. .000 which she had saved for their rainy days Pankita.

.Contd…….  She also took up a job as Senior Systems Analyst with Walchand group of Industries to support the house. “Sudha. Pankita.  She worked as a clerk-cum-cook-cumprogrammer. .  Even today. I stepped on your career to make mine. You are responsible for my success”. Murty use to say.

SWOT Analysis .

 Trained Indian personnel often speak very good English.  Low labor costs.  Workforce has high skills levels in Information Technology.  In a strong financial position Aureen.STRENGHTS. .

 Problems in securing United States Federal.  Competitors such as IBM and Accenture tend to dominate this space.WEAKNESS. . Aureen.  Much smaller than its global competitors.

.  Offshore services.which are strategies that Infosys offers.  New and emerging market in China .  Clients tend to focus upon cost reduction and outsourcing .  Alliance between Infosys and Schlumberger gives the IT company access to business in the gas and oil industries. Aureen.OPPORTUNITIES.

 Competitors .  Has to compete for skilled labor. .THREATS.China & Korea. Aureen.

Green Point Mortgage  Revenue .HOW HAS CRISIS AFFECTED INFOSYS. .Work on internal project .Went down by 6%  Recruitments .  Major clients .Low salary expectations Kevin.

Africa Bindhiya. Latin America.SWOT ANALYSIS. South of people. Strengths •Low salary expectations •Rupee depreciation •Increased market share Weaknesses • Stability •Leader but not the market creator Opportunities Threats •New markets in West •Growing expectations Asia. .


POSSIBLE OPTIONS.  Might See Salary Cuts  Single Digit Hikes  De-Risking investment portfolios from dollar Kevin . .

. Staggered Recruitment Infosys will honour 25.STRATEGY.000 job offers against TCS planning to hire 48.000 Looking to leverage their cash reserves for M & A opportunities Kevin.

 New organizational structure  Lower Price but Higher volume  Investment into surplus economies Kevin. .VENDOR CONSOLIDATION STRATEGY.

.  Optimized Recruitment  Lean Bench  Making Right bets on newer domain  Re jigging cash flow portfolio Kevin.. .Contd..


LONG TERM STRATEGIES. .  Global delivery model  Pricing  Exploring unchartered territories  Working on 15 verticals and horizontals and in 10 different locations in India and overseas  Creating capacity Bindhiya.

. HBUs and NGEs Bindhiya.Contd…  Annual strategy conference  Targeting 95% repeat business  Ethical Governance  Formation of IBUs.

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