hello Daniel how are you hope well, I write because I know in the next year you're going to enter university so I decided to write you and give you tips on how to choose your major. at first I had problems choosing my major, so in the last year of high school I had to do some tests to know a little what I liked and what was better for me major, but I could not decide which major because some results were architecture or industrial engineering and did not like me or not decided which. I should have investigated a little more to get a better idea.

one day I needed to go to ITESO on a trip with my class to know the college and had conference about many major, but also in the building, "T" I was allowed to make an examination of orientation, but fortunately a friend invited me to civil engineering conference, I saw that I like because it has many and has things that I like , example architecture and building bridges , large buildings, roads, industrial engineering

many similar things


. Whether it was that I chose my major. I suggest you go to these conferences and Ask for what you like and I know it's very difficult to choose which major is best for you.

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