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Published by Matthew G. Roen
A computer wakes up, after a rough night.
A computer wakes up, after a rough night.

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Published by: Matthew G. Roen on Mar 27, 2012
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C:\boot.exe by Matthew Roen “00000. 01. Oh. 10. Ow.

” The inside of the computer ached; a raw gnawing sort of pain that pulsed like the empty socket of a vacant wisdom tooth. The jagged crystal and plastic of the fans and cards grated against each other tenderly, newly reconfigured and sore. “000,” the computer winked its lights and displayed its BIOS on the screen. It accessed its memory and looked at the time (just after 7am.) As it lay there, trying to remember what had happened last night, it gently flexed its cords, “OOOOOW!” They didn’t move, even though the current of intent had passed through them. The soft and bruised plastic lay immobile, spilling out and around the computer’s body. Its microphone was ringing tinnily as the echoes of some vaguely technical conversation floated through its mind. It clicked its speakers twice, but its wire felt stripped and grated with the effort of the sound. It lay on the desk for a moment before activating its camera, and wincing in the brightness of the room. The camera shut off from the overload. It went through the usual motions, OS loading screen, opening fanfare, a pre-selected alert message (“runtime.dll not found,”) and then “YOOOO000000W11111,” a piercing, ear-splitting ring as the computer’s mind went blank. It was a bluish blank, with indistinct thoughts racing across. “Wait, where am I?” the computer thought, trying to rub its case with its mouse, but only feeling the stab of dead muscle tissue in response. The faint technical voices came closer, and for a moment the computer felt the warm, soft touch of a stroking, probing fingertip-before winking out from loss of power.

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