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Angga Reja Fadlie Jalan Abdi Praja no. 139 Balikpapan, 76115 Anggagaul12@gmail.

com Dear Mrs/Mr, From here, I wishes to nominated myself to be a participant of Jogjakarta International Model of United Nations (JOINMUN). Through this letter, I would like to explain my interest in this event.

My name is Angga, I am an International Relation student from University of Mulawarman Samarinda. I interested to be a participant in JOINMUN, because I think an International Relation Student like me should not only accepted theory from the campus, but also should be practiced. Also to add new social networking so we can have a link each other. This is my first Model United Nations that I will followed. I do not really know about MUN, so I hope that this my first MUN can be very meaningful for me and my future of course.

In this MUN I would like to choose China and Australia. Why did I choose those countries? Because China is the country that start the domination of world economic slowly but sure and it proved by many product of China that spread in whole world, such as electronic, food, textile industries, etc. Second choice is Australia. Australia is the one of the biggest country in the world and also good economic country too. I think I am good to be delegate for one of those countries, because I got enough knowledge about China and Australia from lecture in campus and another reference that can be trust. Also both of these countries are unique country, especially in socio culture and governance system. And depend on my choice, I can be deeply focused on studied both of that countries and of course that should help me at China and Australia class in lecture.

Finally, I consider myself a suitable candidate for this program. And when I accepted in JOINMUN, I will perform best in this my first MUN. I hope that I have convinced you of my motivation and you will grant me this opportunity.

Yours Faithfully, Angga Reza Fadlie