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Nokia e71x User Guide

Nokia e71x User Guide

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Published by: alwaysanybody on Mar 27, 2012
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Your device can connect to personal and corporate email accounts. For more information,
see www.wireless.att.com/xpressmail for more information.

After successfully registering, your e-mail accounts appear in Menu> Messaging >

Register e-mail accounts

1.Select Menu> Messaging > Set up Em > Start > Get Xpress Mail.

2.Select OK.

3.Select Yes to continue the download.

4.Select Continue to complete the download.

5.Select OK to accept the license agreement.

6.Enter your 10-digit telephone number and select Options > Next.

7.Select your connection method.

8.Select your provider and select Next.

9.Enter your user name, password, and any requested account specific information, and
select Next.

10.Select Options > Done to complete the setup process.

Using Xpress Mail

Select Menu> Messaging> Messages and the e-mail box.

•Select Options > Receive to synchronize your e-mail.

• Select Options > New e-mail to compose a new e-mail.

•When you are finished composing your message, select Options > Send.

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