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TWO-WAY MEMORANDTIM usFws/NJDEP Freshwater wetlands permit ApplicationReview (N.J.S.A. :7 A-r2.

Applicant: Municipality: O -.-i

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County: VLW f ts L o t ( s[)' O a r g :

ProjectReview Officer:

LURPFile No.:

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Individual Permrt Other:

Date Transmitted: +
Description/Comments :


927NorthMainSt.(BldgD), pleasanrville, 08232 NJ Tel. 609-646-93 Fax 609-646-0352 I 0;

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usFws No. 01 . F* : O t7{ Log.

Additional informationneeded site inspectionrequired(30-dayextension). / No Potential to.affect federally listed speciesor critical habitat no federal review required (40

cFR233.s 1(bX2)).

Potential to affect federaliy iisted speciesor critical habitat; federal review required. n Potentialto affect federallylisted species critical habitat,unlessthe following conditions or are implernented' ^ ff -t-

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Dare: Z 6l^t..n- Cl ?

Land UseResulation Prosramfecision: P. O.Box 439,Trenton, 08625-0439;Fax NJ 609-77:/-3656 Permit Approved Permrt Denied Comments/Conditions:
Permit Approved with Conditions FederalReview Reouired

rev. 3/23/01

Comments/ Conditions

DLUR FileNo. 1411-09-0001.2

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service(Service) has reviewedthe subjectNew JerseyFreshwater WetlandPermit applicationsubmittedby the Boro of FlorhamPark (applicant). The proposed projectsite is locatedon Block 1402,Lot 1.02; andBlock 770I,Lot 9, Boro of Florham Park, Morris County,New Jersey. The Servicenotes that the proposedproject site is located within the foraging range of a known maternity colony of the federally listed Indianabat (Myotis sodalis). Indiana bats are federally pursuant the Endangered listedas endangered to Species Act of 1973(87 Stat. 884; 16 U.S.C. 1531et seq.) (ESA). Indianabats hibernatein cavesand abandoned mine shafts from October through April. BetweenApril and August,Indiana bats inhabit floodplain, riparian, and upland forests,roosting under loose tree bark during the day, and foraging for flying insectsin and aroundthe tree canopyat night. During thesesummer months, numerousfemalesroost together in maternity colonies. Maternity coloniesusemultiple roosts in both living and deadtrees. From late August to rnid-November,Indiana bats congregatein the vicinity of their hibernacula, building up fat reserves hibernation(Harvey,1992). Protection of Indiana bats during all for phases their annuallife cycle is essentialto the long term conservationof this species. Threats of to the Indiana bat include disturbanceor killing of hibernating and maternity colonies; vandalism and improper gating of hibernacula;fragmentation, degradation,and destructionof forested summerhabitats; and use of pesticidesand other environmentalcontaminants. Pursuantto the procedures 22,1993 Memorandumof Agreementamongthe Service, outlined in the December and NJDEP, the Servicerequestsa tree clearing restriction from April 1 to September30 to EPA, protectthe Indiana bat. Piease contactCarlo Popolizioof the Service's New JerseyField Office at (609) 383-3938, you haveany question extension if 32, regarding aboverequests.Please the refer to control number 09-FA-0175. REFERENCE Harvey,M. J. 1992. Batsof the United States.ArkansasGameand Fish Commission,Little Rock, Arkansas.46 pp.

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501E. StateStreetP.O. Box 439 Trenton, 08625-0439 NJ Ey T*1::-- ,' ,/,'; ';-:'

State of New Jersey



(Complete sections rrvrrotherwise THEFOLLOWING: PLEASE PRINT TYPE OR all unless rvr uu wrrvnoted) rrutEu,, irtJi itri'i I ii ;t- i;: i'ii park Borough Frorham cro of 1. Appticant Name: CarlFlGanger. Director Communitv Jr.. o{ Services Email:C9?n9er@florhamparkbOrg$et Address: 1l1 RidgedaleAvenue State: NJ Zip: A7932 City:Borough Florham Park of
Cell Phone:

Daytime Phone: 973-410-5335 Ext.:

2. Agent Name: CraigS. DeWitt Address: BleekerStreet 27

State: NJ Zio:A7041

Firm: HatchMott MacDonald

Email:craig.dewitt@hatchmott.corn city:Millburn

Daytime Phone: 973-912-2519 Ext.


Cell Phone:

Name: Borouqhof FlorhamPark 3. Property Owner Address111 Ridoedale : Avenue

city: Borough FlorhamPark of

Florham ParkManganese (streeraooress): / Ridgedale Location 4. Proiect Name: Elm Street Avenue Treatment Facility Water Site and Main Transmission zip:07932 Municipality: county: Borouqh FlorharnPark Morris of Countv
Block(s): 1402,1701

't.02, Lot(s): I E (x):519036 : N ( y ) 7 111 3 4 Subwgtershed:Black {Hanover) Brook Check No:_

(feet)6 digitsonly: N.A.D.1983StatePlaneCoordinates

Waterway: Nearest HaSSOck BrOok Fee:$600.00 5 . Fees: Total

Watershed: WhippanyRiver Project $1,150.000.00 Cost:

'12-inch Description: proposedproiectinvolves 6 . Proiect well The approximalely 4,300 LF of and 16-inch watertransmission mainthat will connectto a new new manoane$e removaltreatment facilitv.
for: followdirections page5) 7. Application(s) Checkall that apply(Please on Application Type
Flood Hazard Area FHA Verification FHA lndividual Permit FHAGPI / ChanCleanw/o Sed Removal FHAGPI / Chan Cleanw/Sed Removal FHAGP2A/ Ao - Bank Restoration FHAGP2B Ao - Channel / Cleaninq FHAGP2C/ Ao - Road Crossino FHAGP2D/ Ao - WetlandsRestoration FHAGP2E/ Ao - LivestockFord FHAGP2F/ Ao - LivestockFence FHAGP2G / Ao - Livestock Waterlntake ScourProtection FHAGP3 / Bridqe/Culvert No Fee No Fee No Fee No Fee


Amt Paid

Application Type
Flood Hazard Area


Amt Paid

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FHAGP4/ StormwaterMaintenance FHAGPS Buildino / Relocation FHAGPO RebuildDamaqedHome / FHAGPT/ Residential Tidal FHA in FHAGPS UtilitvCrossinq<50acres / FHAGP9/ Road Crossino<S0acres FHAGPl0 / Stormwater Outfall<S0acres
Revision of a GP. lP or Verification

No Fee

No Fee



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Transferof an Aooroval

Stormwaler Review Fees

Fee for all StormwaterReviews Revised 1211812008