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22274142 Performance Management System Wipro vs Infosys

22274142 Performance Management System Wipro vs Infosys

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Published by Ankita Aggarwal

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Published by: Ankita Aggarwal on Mar 28, 2012
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• formation of various clubs HOW INFOSYS HELPS EMPLOYEES OVERCOME STRESS • organizing workshops • large projects broken down into smaller ones .

WORK CULTURE AT INFOSYS • work life is enriched by three factors -learning opportunity -financial benefit -emotional support (Infosys ensures that a good work life balance exists @ all times) .

2055cr.TRAINING AT INFOSYS • Infosys’ global education centre is the largest of its kind in the world • Spread over an area of 337 acres.1056 seats . (Rs. 350cr. on software development block and Rs. with a total investment of Rs. 1705cr. on education and training infrastructure) • main auditorium seating capacity .

Action learning. Development assignments.SUCCESSION PLANNING • Infosys Leadership Institute. Community empathy . Systemic process learning. Infosys Culture workshops. Development relationships. Feedback intensive programs. Mysore campus • three-tier mentoring process at Infosys • nine pillars for leadership development : 360 degree feedback. Leadership skills training.

Walk it as you talk it. Dole out cream and sugar. Send them to the showers. Spread the love .“. Give them a place to park it. Offer a swap.INCENTIVES • believes in Happy Productive Employees • types of incentives @ Infosys: -Send a handwritten note. Flex those hours. Help them connect. Elect them to the Wall of Fame. Remember the secret words. Give them a free pass. Create your own "Club Med. Reward effort as well as success.



Short shelf life. Critical Training • process training . Minor change.TRAINING • Wipro’s training model • rapid learning: -Frequent updates.


Wipro Leaders’ Program (WLP).DEVELOPMENT • leadership development framework • leadership lifecycle programs -Entry-level program (ELP). Business Leaders’ Program (BLP). Strategic Leaders’ Program (SLP) . New Leaders’ Program (NLP).


Enable online Reward and Recognition. training need identification. organizational development. Assess employee performance.PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL • Aims of performance appraisal: -feedback. validate selection. align employee objectives to the business goals. . facilitate communication.

PROMOTION • higher you go. heavier you get • bases of promotion: -seniority -merit .

COMPENSATION • PAYSCALE OF WIPRO Employee Class A+ Class A Class B+ Class B Class Technician Zero level No of Employee 128 1240 33000 22000 4000 3440 Salary (Rs/Month) 120000 150000 60000 40000 35000 10000 .

WELFARE ACTIVITIES • • • • • • • • Education Medical Housing Canteen Sports Recreation activities Club membership Insurance Policy .

SUCCESSION PLANNING • • • • reviewing talent planning the process clear focus training difference .

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