This is 2012: End of the World?

The most bandied, most awaited, most dreaded 2012 is here at last! Is the world on a final run On billion billion years of journey? Will there be a 2013?

Solar flares set to extinguish Earth? Asteroids will bomb it out? A quake will give it a violent shake? Will the world powers nuke their wits and themselves, Blow the hapless citizens up ?

Which way, how and when The world will end? Questions rankle no end!

When the world dooms, we doom too

What you,me and all can do? None remains To live and tell the story worry not, fear not then!

Is the Earth ok or worried? Spinning wobbly tobbly? Resting or reclining On a side waiting for For the final Nemesis?

It is business as usual For the Earth Express, The sun-propelled ever-green spacecraftCarrying dutifully It’s passengers, crew Taking care not to Hurl them into space! Clutching them to the bosom As does a mother

Spinning around, Hurtling along

Take the cue from Our beloved earth make it business as usual for ourselves too Eating, working, sleeping, enjoying! Nothing to repend If we get to see the 2013!

A quarter of the year Has gone in a jiffy Rest may also roll Without any ‘iff’ys!

Arrival at 2013 Will sure be a bonus, Gift and extension Go on to enjoy!

Who knows There is already a breaking news That the doomsday stands postponed To 2025! Make use of the let off Take care and move on! Cheers! -Mohan Sanjeevan

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