Intw Location Candidate Name Joining Location Source 1 Kumar Bangalore bangalore Agency 2 Ramana murthy bangalore bangalore Agency

Source name Referral Employee # (If Source is 'ERP/Referral') Contact NoEmail Address Wenger&watson inc 7.4E+09 kumar.peoplesofthrms@gma Wenger&watson inc 8.87E+09 ramanal.psoft@gmail.com Source name Referral Employee # Wenger &watson inc


Job Code Applicant Code Candidate Name Interview Location Location Joining Source 4 GBS-0419159 C10783321MANASA KATAMANENI Bangalore Bangalore Agency

8 LPA ECTC 30% HIKE 30% hike ContactNo Email Address Skill Sub Skill Experience Current Org 9.3 YRS ramanal.com 3.manasa@gmail.3 YRS Skill Tech Intw Tech Current Org ode of EmploymentDate 1 Time CTC M C Mahindra Satyam 4.Sub Skill Exp kumar.61E+09 katamaneni.com 3.psoft@gmail.peoplesofthrms@gmail.1 LPA Info-log Solutions 3.com 4 yrs SAP APO Intelligroup Pvt Ltd .

NP 20 days 30 days .

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