“Good people go to heaven and enjoy, Bad people go to Hell and burn and those who lie on chat

sites are born as cockroaches in their next life.”
Once a Puppy and a Guppy met on a social networking site Puppy loved the fact that Guppy was small and petite Guppy loved the cuteness and lost eyes of the Puppy both swore it was their photo on their profile and changed their relationship status from ‘single’ to ‘in love’ They would chat endlessly sitting by their window in front of their laptops about all those things people chatted about in night in those chat sites of tiny bits of dresses and erotic present and future, promising all the delights of hell and heaven, with all honesty and sound effects…. Theirs was an E-Love so different Puppy and Guppy said often But we all know “True Love” is cursed don’t we! Slowly the questions of them meeting each other in real started popping up in their chats neither wanted it but knew they had to bring it up at some point! how awful.. Oh what a tragedy they never ever met and called it off But Puppy The Hippo knew only way Guppy would not take note of his size(or age),was if he wore his favourite black shirt and they met in dark And Guppy oh poor Guppy she knew Puppy would have died of shock if he had met Guppy the Shark. when an e-break happens,they say angels laugh …how cruel

and so a few days later (and with a very heavy heart) Puppy found a Caterpillar to chat with and Guppy found a Cub in-need and they chatted happily ever after(again) creating another e-love wave till chances of a real meeting ( or video chat) did them part Damn reality just when you think it doesn’t exist

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