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LAUSD hires more bureaucrats while cutting teachers & school personnel

School budgets have been cut to the bone and thousands of educators have lost their jobs since the economic crisis began, but during this same period, a select number of LAUSD departments have increased their staff by a significant percentage. The spike in hiring was revealed in an LAUSD report that looks at the change in central office assignments from 2007 to 2011. While it is true that many LAUSD downtown offices have cut employees, NO department should be adding staff while the employees who work with students every day are laid off. Who will have a greater impact on a childs educational program? A classroom teacher or a bureaucrat in the so-called Talent Management Division? There is also a troubling new LAUSD hiring trend: High-level employees are brought on board in grant-funded positions (which undercuts the outcry at their hiring) but then, when the grant funding runs out, they are quietly moved onto the regular LAUSD payroll, taking money that could go to schools. UTLA is in negotiations with LAUSD to try to stabilize schools and save jobs, but the trust level needed to reach a deal and bring it to our members is severely undercut by revelations like this. LAUSD must do more to show that it is making painful cuts across the board before asking employees to make even more sacrifices.

LAUSD staff increases: Whats wrong with this picture?

Figures reflect increases in the number of staff members (by department) in LAUSD central office assignments from 2007 to 2011. Talent Management Division* Superintendents Office Curriculum & Instruction School Operations Charter School Division Intensive Support & Intervention +44% +47% +72% +31% +38% +400%

*Yes, that is the real name of an LAUSD department!

Compare that to the 9,507 UTLA members who received layoff notices this year:
Teachers & HHS professionals 25% RIFd

LAUSD: Rethink your priorities. Rescind the RIFs!