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Fragile Conflict Violent Developmental state Death Asset depletion Resources diverted from development to security Policy Questions

ons How to deliver development services? How to deliver humanitarian services? How to reduce violence? How to resolve conflict? Mass repression and death Policy Questions Regime Change? How to deliver through NGOs/CSOs? Non Violent Disruption of services Distrust Policy Questions Policy Questions How to deliver development services? How to resolve conflict Peacebuilding Focus on equity and identify issues Build capacity to deliver services and justice No Conflict Weak capacity to deliver development and justice and other services

Not Fragile Much conventional development thinking formulated for this space Less of a role for development in security or security in development?

Not a developmental state

Nonviolent repression Policy Questions Early warning and response Outsider brokering role in resolving conflict Watchdog for rights violations Support authentic CSOs

Conflict not overt, but present Potential for massive and rapid change Policy Questions Early warning Long term regime change strategy? Democracy building?

Not possible by definition; Non developmental state is fragile using Frances Stewart type definitions of fragility

Lawrence Haddad March 9 2012