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Archdale Debating topics 2011

Round 1 Popular Culture Junior: Intermediate Senior. Round 2 Schools in Society Junior Intermediate Senior Round 3 Health and Wellbeing Junior Intermediate Senior Annual checkups by a doctor should be compulsory Only people over 25 should be allowed to have non-essential cosmetic surgery Governments should support safe injecting rooms for drug users Study notes should be allowed in all exams and assessments Schools should have access to their students' lockers Unvaccinated students should not be allowed to attend school Harry Potter is a good role model Individuals should be forced to use their true identity on social networking sites Lady Gaga is bad for womens equality

Round 4 The Media Junior Intermediate Senior Under 18s should not be allowed on reality tv shows The Media should not report celebrity drug problems News media should not pay people for their stories

Round 5 Current National issues Junior Intermediate. Australians should not be allowed to build houses in flood and bushfire prone areas. Emergency workers should be able to force people from their homes during national disasters Australia should stop putting asylum seekers in detention


Round 6 Gender Issues Junior Intermediate Senior Competition sport teams should be selected according to ability not gender We should stop sporting clubs from using cheeleaders Australian women should be allowed to serve on the front line

Round 7 Values and beliefs Junior Intermediate Senior Lying to children about the existence of Santa Claus should not be allowed Children who commit serious crimes should be publicly named Full face coverings should be banned in public in Australia

Round 8 Crime, Justice and the Law

Junior Intermediate Senior

Australia should allow the death penalty for terrorists Religious organizations should no longer be exempt from anti-discrimination laws The whereabouts of child sex offenders should be publicly known