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Auxiliary Views

Auxiliary View

Auxiliary Views are easily made. When more specific detail of a part is needed, go to the VIEWS toolbar, then click auxiliary view.


To make the view, click once to start your view plane, and again to end it. Once this is done, you will see a full colour, solid auxiliary view that you may move within limitations. Move the auxiliary view to where you want it and then click one more time to set it in place.
Click again here to finish

Click once here to start


After you set it in place, the auxiliary view will become a line drawing like the rest of the drafting, and can be manipulated as such.


If you want to change the properties of a line, click once on the line to activate it and then right click and pick properties.


Now you can change any of the lines properties. You can manipulate the lines colour, weight and style. By putting the cursor on WEIGHT, CATIA will show you what weight the line currently is.


Text can be manipulated in the same way. Just click on the word you want to manipulate, and under FONT you can change the words font, style and size.


Under FRAME AND POSITION you can change lines, anchor points, justification, reference, orientation and the angle of words,


Under GRAPHICS, as mentioned earlier, you can change the graphical representation of underlining.


To make a proper TITLE BLOCK, you can add proper line spacing as found in any drafting text. Once the lines are in, you can begin to fill it in by going to INSERT, ANNOTATIONS, TEXT STYLES, and then TEXT.

Click where you want the text to start, and a TEXT EDITOR box will appear. What you type there will appear in your title block. If it doesnt end up right where you want it, the 165 text can easily be moved.

If the text needs to be moved, as seen here, you can click on the edge of the displayed box, and by holding down the left mouse button, you will grab the edge of the box and manually move it by moving the mouse.

Here we have a finished title block. If there are changes that you wish to make at this point, just left click once on the word, go to edit (or right click) and enter properties to make the changes. 167