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Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research MIM -1st Year.

Sem II, End Term Exam

Time: 2 Hours.
N. B.



't- -It -Q o j f)

Marks: 50.

1. Question No.-1 is compulsory. 2. Attempt any 2 questions out of remaining.

Q. 1:- Write Short Notes on any Four.

a) Manufacturing Process - The Factories Act, 1948. b) Transfer. c) Job Evaluation. d) F.ine,the Payment of Wages Act. e) Obligations of an Apprentice. f) Personnel Policy. ......Marks: 20

2:- "As spelt in its Preamble, the objectives of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 is to investigate & settle industrial disputes" - Comment. ...... Marks: 15

Q.3:- Explain the procedure of "registration" of a trade union, under the Trade Unions Act, 1926 & state the role it should play in the present business scenario .

......Marks: 15

What is Human Resource Management? the HR Manager to be successful.

State the qualities to be possessed by ......Marks: 15


Explain the Concept "Recruitment", State the 'Internal & External' sources of recruitment & which is the best one, provide with reasons. ......Marks: 15

What are the main features of The Factories Act 1947?' Explain The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act. VRS d and Demotions Section II 1. Explain with examples wherever possible. Assessment Promotions Morale b. Describe the principles and steps you will used in designing a compensation structure? 2.Prin. N. 6. 1946 and Industrial Disputes Act its application 4. minimum 7. will you develop a scientific selection process Management and Review System across Describe a Performance Why all levels in an organization. Maternity Benefit b. What the objectives of the laws related to payment bonus and payment of gratuity? of wages. payment of 6. 5. Explain the principles of Natural Justice and how is it used in a domestic inquiry? 5. 1.2009 SUBJECT Time: 3Hrs Marks: 100 : PERSONNEL LAW & MANAGE~NT Answer any Six questions (Three in Section I and Three All questions cany equal marks. Short Notes (Answer any two) a.4. WelingkarInstitute Of Management Development & Research Semester End Examination of 2008-09 MIM-I1nd Scm Date : 22. Occupier d.. L. Short Notes (Answer any two) a. c. . Explain a scientific method 4. What would you include in your HR Reference Manual and why? 3. What are the causes of grievances and describe the procedure to handle a grievance wages. 3. How of Job Evaluation. What is a strike and a lockout? How is a dispute resolved under The 1947 2. Retrenchment Compensation e. is induction important? Explain? Centre " 7. Apprentice i 'j 1 I . Notice of Change c. in Section II).

April 2008 Personnel Law & Management Course: MIM . Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research Matunga.400 019 First Year Second Semester End Examination . 3) Describe the process for conducting a Performance Appraisal. 1) What is a dispute and how is it resolved under the Industrial Disputes Ad? OR An employee has stabbed another employee on the shop floor and when questioned by the supervisor he threw a paperweight at his laptop and destroyed it. Mumbai .Sem. N.1 Prin. Selection 4. in light of this approach how would you justify the various functions in a manufacturing company for a steel plant set up in the interiors ofMaharashtra near Nagpur? 2) How is business planning connected to Manpower Planning? Explain by a model. Outplacement 5. Pay for performance 1 . II Time: 3 hours SECTION I Attempt any THREE questions from each section. 4) What are the main features of a Career Plan? 5) How would you develop an induction program for new entrants? 6) What is the process of recruitment and selection? How will you make it objective? 7) Short notes: answer any TWO 1. 5) What are the main features of Payment of Bonus Act and Payment of Wages Act? 6) Short notes: Answer any TWO 1) Strikes and Lock outs 2) Maternity Benefits 3) Grievance 4) Layoff and Retrenchment 5) Trade Union Date : 27/04/2008 Marks: 100 SECTION II 1) Organizations focus on the core of their business and many HR functions are outsourced. VRS 3. L. 3) What are the key features of the Industrial Employment Standing Orders Act. Promotions 2. What action will you take against such an employee and why? 2) Describe the main features of the Factories Act. 4) Explain the main features of the Gratuity Act and Minimum Wages Act.

How is Campus Recruitment planned and why is Interviewing treated as an art in this crucial selection process.4.1946. N. Marks 50 Explain with the steps you will 2.2007 Date: 18. Mumbai-400 019 Semester End Examination for AprillMay.Prin. Maternity Benefit f. Talent Retention 4. a procedure to resolve an industrial dispute in factory? 3. Explain. Welingkar Institute of Management Dev & Research Matunga. "Punishment adopt. Short Notes (Answer any three) a. Notice of Change e. Explain the principles of Natural Justice and how is it used in a domestic inquiry? 6. Performance Counseling 3. Gratuity c. rewards awards and pay that they receive. bonus. Strategy to attract talent at campuses 2. . Describe the main features of the Industrial Employment 7. Describe a Performance Management and Review System across all levels in an organization. Lay-off d.2007 Marks :100 MIM-Sem-II Time : 3 hours Sub: Personnel Law & Management Marks 50 All your employees are confident about your scientific approach to management issues but they are confused about the recognition system. Short Notes (Answer any two) 1. What are the main features of the Trade Unions Act? 5. L. should be proportionate to the misconduct committed". Promotions and Demotions Section II 1. What are the main features of the Factories Act? 4. explain the compensation structure of your company. with reasons? Describe the principles and steps you will use in designing an induction program for SBU Heads? What would you include in your HR Reference Manual and why? Elaborate HAY MSL's method of Job Evaluation. incentives. Apprentice b. What is. Bonus Standing Orders Act .

15 marks 1.J MAl\AGEMENT AND LAW Date: 141/04/2006 Time: "_Z~hrs. Describe in brief .April 2006 PERSONNEl. Shops and Estb. 10 marks 4. Define the term "Manufacturing Process". Describe the provisions for Health.B Write a) b) c) short notes on any two: Trade Unions Act. 15 marks 4.ingkar Institute of Mllnal!Cment.. Monotony. What are the objectives of the Industrial Disputes Act? Define "Industry". What role can induction play in retention and to what extent? Discuss. Stress..Attempt any two questions from each section I sub section Section I . Highlight the important provisions of the Contract Labour Act. "Closure" and 'Retrenchment". 10 marks 3. Attrition is a major problem in IT. How wou1d it differ from other industries? What would be the parameters to judge the effectiveness of the process 10 marks SECTIONll-B Answer any two of the following: 1) Trade Unionism in IT 2) Team work vIs Individualism 3) Personnel Management VIs HRlvI 10 marks End .A l.Wel. Describe an effective Selection process in IT. 15 marks 3. What special concessions / regulations are applicable to Woman and children if employed in a factory. Development & Research Course: MIM -11 M1U'ks: 70 Mark!! End Semester Examinatinn . Act. Note:·· . the steps to be taken in conducting a Domestic Enquiry. Distinguish between Model Standing Orders and Certified Standing Orders. "Workman".. 15 marks Section 1. Describe the salient provisions of the Bombay.. Safety and Welfare under this Act. "Factory" under the Factories Act. Name the relevant authorities under the Act for settlement of disputes. Payment of Gratuity Act Payment of Bonus Act 10 marks d) ESIC Act Section II . Mention 5 Misconducts specified in the Model Standing Orders. Is training and development key motivator in IT. "Lay-off'. and Boredom are common problems in IT Are there any unique features of work in this industry which cause the same? If yes what are they? Suggest measures at individual! team I organizational level to combat this. 10 marks 2. \Vhy and howv Is there any impact of Training and Development on Employee Retention? Discuss.A 1.

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